AU where a reserved little Texan boy becomes a t.v. star. He fidgets in interviews, reveals very little about himself, gets bashful when people ask him to sing, and is too self-aware to really let his personality shine. Sometimes it peeks through, and when it does those moments are absolute gems.

But then that boy grows up a little, learns a few things about life, feels more comfortable in his own skin. He becomes this unstoppable force, dancing when he feels like it, singing in front of people any chance he can get, sharing himself with everyone who needs a part of him to be a part of them too. 

He hugs with his whole body, and smiles this genuine, soul melting smile, loves you without even knowing your name. 

He realizes it’s okay to be him, because him is a good person to be. 

AU where that boy goes from this to this without ever looking back.