A Sunset w/ Izaya Ch. 4: Get Rid of Izaya Orihara, Pt. 5

The Large Banquet Hall

“Now then, continuing on….The president of the Adamura group, Jingorou Adamura, will give a speech.”

Matching the chairman’s words, Jingorou Adamura walked onto the platform.

His gait is rather strong as though not feeling the years affecting him, giving the impression of the ruler of the town.

-Hmph, he is completely bluffing.

From the corner of the assembly hall Munenori Kiyojima only gives the form of an applause but sends a cold stare.

Waiting for his turn after this, he plans on making a speech to hint at the secret of the Adamura tunnel.

If he does that then the people with good intuition in the assembly hall would catch on.

Then he can leak out the evidence around the area.

Kiyojima chuckled in his mind thinking of the sight of Adamura’s flustered face.

“Now then with the redevelopment operations continuing, I first want to give my thanks. To the residents of this town and to the politicians who brought new winds to this city.”

-Saying such insincere things.

Since it is his last speech Adamura continues listening while thinking ill of him.

Then at the edge of Kiyojima’s field of vision he saw a black shadow crawl in.

When he briefly looked over he sees a man in black clothes sitting in a wheelchair accompanied by an elderly man and two kids in the corner of the party hall.

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