Hirose Tomoki 「candy lights」Short PV!! 

Theme song for the movie 「探偵は、今夜も憂鬱な夢を見る。」(Tonight, the detective will see another depressing dream)  

“why does fucking EVERYTHING have to come with kale now?” billie wrapped the rest of their sandwich up again, grimacing. “honestly, i just feel like eating or drinking one fucking thing without the taste of death and rust in my mouth, is that too much to ask? these guys have me thinking so.” they shook their head, outrage dominating their features. “i don’t even know what they’re trying to PROVE. like, i ordered a juice yesterday. A JUICE. and it came with kale. it was disgusting, honestly. i feel like it’s the kardashians’ fault. it always is their fault with these healthy food trends.”