wo w

on the fifteenth of april, 2017, harry styles invented:

  • lip syncing
  • dancing
  • twirling
  • smiling
  • dimples
  • comedy
  • acting
  • mick jagger
  • shimmying
  • accents
  • music
  • singing
  • performing
  • piano
  • guitar
  • clothing
  • suits
  • plaid
  • laughing
  • prayer hands
  • sending kisses with your palms
  • television
  • saturday night live

man i love in stb when bones is talking about spock’s vulcan anatomy saving him because it just wouldn’t be star trek without vulcan anatomy making one immune to certain effects or survive injuries that would have killed a human. just vulcan anatomy is such a great excuse. didn’t pass out like the rest of the crew? vulcan anatomy. didn’t get shot in the heart? vulcan anatomy. 14 inch dick? vulcan anatomy

wow i just got sad over not experiencing 3x01 last clip live.,…. i hope everyone went wild when it happened