So long Monday! It’s #TroutTuesday! And better than the news that Monday is over is the news that Redband rainbow trout and other fish may get a little more protection in Washington State with action scheduled by the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission this weekend, January 9 - 10 on 2015-16 sportfishing rules that include a Columbia River Basin Stream Strategy. Meanwhile, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists are working with partners to fill information gaps about redbands in Lake Roosevelt, the Spokane River, and other waterways, to better manage these unique fish.

Photo credit: Jim Cummins

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Does Lauren still coach you? Or are you taking a break from having a coach?

im taking a break! i wanted to just let me body adjust to the new wnti anxiety/depression medication and relieve as much stress as possible, so i didnt want to count everything I eat, and I wanted to introduce hot yoga and running into my routine because those are both very theraputic for me. But next time I prep or want to count macros again, yes!


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& if you try to say anything different, u*wnties will take a flight to the wikipedia page & list all their olympic medals & wwcs, therefore your point is automatically dead just like sweden should be.

some dumb shit commented on that john video about the us system saying that they had 3 stars and its like i know but you’re missing the point like so bad

they just dont understand and its infuriating and then they go making stupid ass arguments that don’t make sense at all