You once told me that you hated dancing. You said it with so much vehemence that I never pushed it. It was one of those things that I told myself I’d set aside to keep you.

But one night, a year after we’d met, I’d grown tired of watching all the other lovers laughing and swaying on the dance floor, and although I never said a word, you could tell. You turned to me, meekly, you took my hand in yours, and you said, with a strain in your voice, “Would you like to dance?”

That was when I knew. You were it for me. You were it.

—  d.e.m. // “Dancing”
I’d give up a lot of things just to hug you once more.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 67
“Your embrace”
Stop and Go

Wearing a nervous smile
I sit at the bus stop
Watching the clouds change shape
Waiting for you

My hands are sticky with cotton candy
My jeans faded and torn
I have letters in my bag from years ago
Signed ‘all my love’
I wonder now where did it all go?

I keep failing at fighting
The urge to check my phone
Praying somehow I’m reading the time wrong
My bottom lip trembles
Despite me telling myself
You could still show

It’s getting dark now and I have to leave soon
I know our last conversation wasn’t the best
But I didn’t expect you’d let me go without a goodbye
5 more minutes, I tell myself

Where are you?
The bus will be here shortly
And I can leave without
Seeing you again if I have to
But it would be the biggest lie
To claim I want to, that I’m not
Hoping you prove my doubts wrong

And so the bus comes and goes
I stay right here but you don’t show
It’s a new day now but at least I know
From now on there is no more looking for you or hope

Collaboration by me and the wonderful @creatingnikki
I got me a mouthful of loose teeth again, grinning all bloody in the smudged mirror; I shove them back in with shaky fingers and then clench my jaw shut until I feel the roots stabbing up in my gums, pain throbbing till I can hear it in my ears - a pulse, a beat - I am alive, warm salty blood still flows, spilling from the corners of my lips, Jackson Pollock-ing the white canvas of the sink as it drips. I have an ocean in my mouth and I can’t fight the tide anymore, I open up and it starts to pour out - teeth flying like projectiles, cracking the mirror, my face all crooked and screwed up, splintering with every tooth that pings into my reflection. Shards start falling to the ground, I jump back with bare feet trying to evade further injury, backing away, running, running backwards from the crimson crime scene before me, I can’t see what’s behind me - there’s something behind me!! I feel it looming, I just know, but I’d rather back into the unknown than face that horror show one moment longer - suddenly I lose my footing and I’m falling, stomach flying into my toothless mouth - I’m headed straight down an endless cliff waiting for the impact to splat but instead I am awakened - sat straight up in bed with sheets covered in sweat, I lift my hand to my mouth; my teeth still intact.
—  “Nightmares & Dreamscapes” // © @rarasworldbro

The word fire, is one of the many ways I would describe myself. Since I quickly react to things in a dramatic way, and when I react it causes harm for the people around myself. You think I can only light a match up but my potential can lead up to burning the whole forest down. Why don’t we show this world what we’re made up of, and light up this world on fire?

Sunshine and Showers


Rainy days with sunshine,

Brings to mind, Disney time,

Of rabbit’s tales,

Woodland creatures from Dell’s,

Uplifting feelings of what the future may entail.

Songs run through your mind,

Of da da da Little April Showers.

Sunshine on a rainy day,

Makes your soul, makes your soul,

Slip slip away.

Puts a curve on your lips,

While your thoughts meander and sway,

Because a rainy day,

With the sun shining,

Is a day of life in the making.

Life giving water and life giving sun,

With the possibility of rainbows…….

- Lisa Lopresti

taking yourself out for dinner. sketches in the margins of your notebook. being lovers for the first time. wild and free like a wildfire. little poems. dyeing your hair a crazy colour. long road trips. bright lens flares and neon lights. watching disney movies late at night. cities during the day time. buildings overgrown with vines. vintage champagne. standing at crossroads. falling in love. unwrapping presents. staying out till late just celebrating life. inhaling every moment.
—  name aesthetics: Ciara //requested by anonymous
Message in a bottle

Far away from the world,
In my made-do bed, I curled,
Eyes hazy,
Mind lazy,
I wake up to the sounds of waves,
Crashing against the ship’s hull in raves.

This voyage has gone on since as far as I can remember,
I muffle my eyes, waking up from my slumber,
Away from the realities of life,
I breathe in a deep sigh of relief,

I put on my clothes and go out on the deck,
Cool breeze greets me, as on my cheeks raindrops peck,
Looking out at the sea,
From the worries of life I flee,

I can hear the captain’s voice,
Muffled in between the sounds of the water,
Breakfast’s ready, come and eat and don’t make much noise,
Sounds are coming from the rooms, of laughter,
I make my way to the lowest deck,
Looking out into the horizon, my breakfast I take,

Coming to a seat by the rails,
I begin to eat, as the Captain adjusts ship’s sails,
Something passes by in my line of vision,
Curious to find, I alter my position,
Astonished to actually believe what I was seeing,
A glistening green bottle with a cork, there below me, swimming,

I couldn’t reach out to grab it,
So before the deck was lit,
I jump into the water, quiet as a mouse,
Reaching the bottle, a roll of parchment inside,
Securing the bottle in my pocket I climb back up on the side,

Sneaking back to my cabin,
I closed the door in quick anticipation,
Changing my clothes and drying my skin,
I looked at the bottle with the parchment in fascination,
Uncorking it to take out the parchment,
I reached my desk switching on the lamp filament,
I read the message in the bottle,
A letter of sorts to her loved one, whom she lost to the great battle,
The one that was fought at sea,
Her lover, a navy marine, since then on a missing spree.

- AA

I’m an independent woman

I fight for my rights

I say the word panties

And don’t think to blush

I like to make a fuss

Love to scream and shout

Bring up a ruckus 

Bang the drums

I could wear lipstick

Bright smackin’ red

But I don’t want to

So I don’t

I wear cute dresses

Show off my legs

While I kick pigs to the curb

I’m an independent woman

I love how I look

I’m beautiful

In every picture ever took

I’m an independent woman

I fight for me

And other girls

Who aren’t yet free

Beast of Burden 🦄

Good to see you smile
Hope you are doing fine
You don’t have to drop any colours this time
I am only here to see you smile
My unicorn of the divine
Apricot smiles having the elixir of life
Helping the lost find their way
I have nothing to say
Maybe this beast of burden
Will try again
At Hell’s gateway

Dirty ink

A good pure heart,

but a drop of your dirty ink has soiled it.

You can never remove what is a part of you

or what has become.

You can only learn to live with it.

And living with this scar in my heart,

I am not living,

but simply just existing.

The scar taking control of my life

or what could’ve been. 

So this is what the room looks like
without the furniture. It’s a stark,
clear realisation of how much a home
is a lie, a story we tell ourselves.
Somewhere out there a carful of things
is meandering towards this empty box,
ready to reclaim the territory, to crowd
the walls with this new wallpaper.
What tales of power will they tell themselves?
—  change & stasis 9/31
You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else. You are a rare breed, sparking and gleaming in a world that does not yet understand what it means to love ferociously. You deserve to find someone who does not ask you to lessen your roar, who is in awe of the magnitude by which your passion burns. You deserve to find someone who will only ever want to add to your fire, someone who will use their own matchstick heart to encourage your passion, to magnify your flame. Until then, use the world as your kindling, use experience as your coal. Grow your love like a wildfire, and never back down from its heat; never let them dim its light.