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10x14 “The Executioner’s Song”
“Well if you guys would excuse me, I think I am going to sleep for about 4 days…”

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, who felt shivers running down her spine when Dean walked out of the kitchen. That look in his eyes is terrifying, because it reminds so much of the expression on his face after the massacre in 10x09 “The Things We Left Behind”. Sam might have told Dean that Dean not going crazy after killing Cain was a sign of hope and Dean said that he agreed it might be. Ultimately though, both of them knew perfectly well that things are far from anywhere in the ballpark of okay as Sam’s words to Cas a few minutes later reveal. And Dean? He tries to keep up appearance as long as he faces them, After that… Well, you see it. What do you think is going through his head here? After he killed Abaddon he admitted to Crowley that there was “this whole other thing” and “that he couldn’t turn it off”. That was Abaddon, a Knight. How much worse do you think this is going to be when you kill The Father of Murder?


“So what are your names?” you asked them.

“Uh I’m Sam and this is my brother Dean. You’ve probably heard of us” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, Winchesters. Famous among the hunters” Dean said with a chuckle of his own.

And you felt all color drain from your face. Your blood run cold and your heart stop beating. Your breathing became slow and heavy.

You had to leave.


“Uh I will uhm- It was great meeting you guys. Sam. Dean. But I uh have actually a job to do and yeah” you laughed nervously, rubbing the back of your neck.

“Wait you didn’t tell us your name” Sam spoke up, a small smile gracing his lips.

A smile that you immediately felt yourself captivated by.

“Uh it’s uh…” your mind went completely blank when you had to answer. You rubbed your arm nervously, not realizing how the sleeve of your shirt went slightly up.

“It’s-” you started speaking again only to be cut off by Dean.

“(Y/f/n) (Y/l/n)” he breathed out almost in disbelief and you immediately felt your eyes widen and as he walked towards you and grabbed your hand to reveal his name written on your wrist.

You swallowed the lump in your throat but did not say a word as you saw your name written on his own wrist. You opened your mouth to speak but you could not utter a word as you saw him back away from you.

You could actually understand him at this point. He had just found his soulmate, his other half, the one he was meant to be with but at the same time someone that… his brother was meant to be with as well.

“(Y/n)?” Sam breathed out from next to you and you turned your head to look at him stare at you in disbelief, his eyes almost tearing up.

“Hey Sammy” you waved at him and as you raised your hand, the sleeve fell slightly down and revealed Sam’s name written on your left wrist.

Sam smiled more as he slowly moved the sleeve of his jacket to the side and showed your his left wrist as well. Your name written there.

Supernatural Reality- Part 3

This is the third part of the Supernatural Reality series, inspired by impalalalalardis-1067. ( but-deans-back-tho, there’s no smut yet, but there will be!)

Part 1 Part 2 (Read these first!)

Summary: Cas tells the reader how she got here in the first place, but why she was leaving Dean remains a mystery for now. In the meantime, the reader can’t help but feel something for Dean, even without her memories.

Word Count: 2128

Warnings: None

A/N: For anyone interested, this will definitely have a few more parts. The next one will definitely be smutty because I can’t help myself.

“I was trying to leave you? Why?” You were barely keeping your head above water here. So, Supernatural was not actually your favorite television show, it was reality. Not only that, but you had met the Winchesters and gotten involved with Dean. And now you were trying to leave him and go back to the world where Dean was just a character played by Jensen Ackles.

If you woke up right now in a psychiatric hospital where you were being hunted by a wraith, you wouldn’t be a bit surprised. 

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“Wait wait wait- Wait a second!” Dean raised his hands in front of him to stop Sam from keeping on talking. Sam pursed his lips in a thin line, the worst thought krept up his mind.

Was Dean going to say that he knew you were not interested for Sam? That you saw him as only a brohter- which would not be suprriing after so many years of being with them, anyway. Or worst, was he going to say that you had somebody already? The thought alon made Sam shudder in fear.

It was true, while he had not admitted it to anybody else but Dean, now anyway, that over the course of time he had started to develope feelings for you. Just like the older Winchester, Sam had also known you ever since you were little and since you had the same age it was much easier for you to bond with him. You practically grew up with them, seeing as you were a family friend, but also went on hunts together and Sam clearly remembers you always being there for him when he needed you. You were the shoulder he always needed to lean when things got to much for him to handle and he couldn’t help but realize that slowly but surely he had started to develope feelings for you.

So here he was, talking about his feelings to his brother that knew all-too-well, actually mostly because he had gotten to spend a lot of time with you lately (even if that was something that made Sam just slightly jealous- ok a lot). But that was just another reason why he was talking with Dean. He needed everything to be clear so that he could finally make a move.

Easier said than done he kept thinking to himself.

“Come again?” Dean looked at his brother with a raised eyebrow.

Sam let out a somewhat relived sigh, although Dean had not told him clearly that you were not with someone.

“I kinda- I mean- I actualy-” he let out a somewhat frustrated sigh, runnign a hand theough his hair “I like (Y/n). Like, a LOT. And- I want to make a move- to, you know, maybe ask her out. But-” he felt a lump form on his throat “-I wanted to know if she’s with someone-” he emphasized on the word, looking closely at Dean for a reaction. None yet.

“And seeing as you are really close- awfully close lately, I thought that maybe you knew something” slight venom dripped from Sam’s voice at the word as he could not help but feel left out at you being so close with Dean and not him.

It had not been happening for very long. You would not spend all your time with Sam like you used to for all those years but instead when he was there you’d avoid eye-contact with him, mumble a few things and not saying much, blushing even sometimes and above all (what hurt him the most) was how you’d come up with such weak excuses and hurry out of the room. And even worse? None of that happened with Dean. You;d always be talking and talking with him, and being really close to him (gosh did that hurt Sam) and when he came into the room you’d automatically change the subject, all the while avoiding him let’s not forget.

“You. Like. Her? Like really really like her? In the- I wanna slam you against the wall and kiss you till you cannot breath and then-”

“Yes!” Sam exclaimed, raising his hands to stop him from continuing “Yes in that… way.” he cleared his throat, avoiding eye-contact with Dean as a small blush rose up his cheeks. He could not help it.

Just like he could not help the images that flashed through his mind at that moment.

He shifted on his chair as he waited for Dean to say something.

“You’re kidding me right?”

That certainly caught Sam off-guard.


“You’re kidding me. You must be kidding me. That’s (Y/n) we’re talking about here!” Dean exclaimed as if what he meant was the most obviosu thing in the world.

“Uh… yeah? I- I really don’t see your point Dean” Sam sighed.

“You don’t- You don’t see my point?! What the hell?!” he all-bu-shrieked “That’s (Y/n), Sam! You cannot have freaking feelings for her! She’s like a sister to us! You are not supposed to want to- to bang her damn it! You are supposed to be the one to stay up till late at night with me when she is on a date, wanting to ask her questions as she tried to sneak back into the bunker after the dude has dropped her off. You are not supposed to be that dude man!”

“Wait-” Sam raised a hand, a small smile started to spread on his lips “This is not because of what I am supposed to be, is it?” he looked at Dean with a knowing look (and a relived one at that) “It is because of what you are supposed to be to her- what you are actually acting like. Like her brother. I am right, aren’t I?”

“…No” it was not convincing at all “Alright maybe but that is not the point. You-”

“No, you Dean. You are starting to act overprotective all of a sudden. You are acting like her lder brother that wants to protect her but- I would never do something to hurt her Dean and you know it. Dean come on- You know how much I care about her. All I need- all I need is some help to just make this damn move a-and just a way to tell her how I feel, that’s all.”

“As if you need it” Dean mumbed mostly to himslf, making Sam frown for a second.


“Just shut up” Dean snapped, looking at him with a dead serious face “I ain’t gonna be there to give you every little piece of advice on how to get her, you won’t need to even try. Trust me, I know more than you do.” Sam wanted but did not have time to question it as Dean kept going. HE took the last few steps forward and stood right directly in front of him, pointing a finger “But mind my words Samuel, that girl is family and you sure as hell be sure that if you do the least bit of thing to hurt her I am going to hunt down your ass and make you pay for it. And I am not kidding and you know it” he-all-but-glared at him.

“I-” Sam could not say more.

“Hey guys!” your voice was heard through the bunker and Sam instatnly froze, the butterflies erupting in his stomach that was into a knot.

Dean looked at him with a smirk. He patted him on the shoulder whispering “Good luck” and leaving his side in an instant.

But his next words to you actually made Sam’s eyes widen.

“Hey (Y/n), Sammy’s got something to tell you”

Oh boy.