In1984, Georgeann Wells became the first woman to dunk. The African American all-star originates from Columbus, Ohio. She stood six foot seven in height and was a four year letterman at West Virginia University. While attending the university, she was raw with her blockage game averaging a record of 436 blocked shots!  The year 2006, Candace Parker of Tennessee was recognized as the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game, which she executed by dunking twice in one game. Queens Crown Yourself!


The 2013 WNBA Draft was one to remember! Not only was the best female baller of our time drafted to greatness but these ladies slayed in their various ensembles. Hands down Brittney Griner won Best Dressed!

Now before you say “Oh you’re just saying that cause she’s Brittney freakin Griner!” Ummm NO! You would be wrong. When I tell you I’ve been waiting on the day to see BG in a killer tailored suit, I got what I wanted. She did NOT disappoint at all. You don’t see most NBA players dressing this badd.

I honestly thought, wow she must have called up the infamous athlete stylist Rachel Johnson. On the contrary, she served thanks to Kellen Richards, a stylist for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Oh and let’s not forget those fierce nails. I definitely look forward to what BG has in store for us her rookie year fashion wise….

I’m thinking Russell Westbrook of the WNBA!! Wondering if she got advice from her dude RG3 to have her socks game so tight. I see you B! 

Onto my runner ups…

I was really diggin the sophisticated androgynous swag at the draft this year. ^^Loved Layshia Clarendon’s outfit! I just felt like it was too weekend at the Hamptons/Kentucky Derby for the draft though. However she and Tayler Hill were my top two after BG.

 Oh and I looooove the new WNBA logo!!




Remember a few weeks ago when I posted that video of me talking shit to two WNBA players (inc. this year’s overall #2 pick Elena Delle Donne?) We had a free throw showdown and…

Yeah, don’t talk shit to WNBA players.

(Sidebar: I’ve been playing music supervisor for these videos recently. Do you know how awesome it is to be using Amil on a video in 2013?)

Tina Thompson

There are so many emotions and thoughts running through me right now.

I’ve been watching Seattle women’s basketball since we had the Seattle Reign. My memory may be foggy (I mean, I was only 4 when the team folded), but I do know one thing: women’s basketball is deeply engrained into who I am.

I’ve grown up never questioning the athleticism, talent, ability, power, determination, beauty, or potential of female athletes.
I’ve also grown up telling people off for degrading female athletes.

There has never been a time in my immediately available memory that I did not know who Tina Thompson is.
With Seattle strong in my veins, I must admit I could never let myself be a fan of a competitor, let alone a competitor of her stature.

But when she joined the Seattle Storm roster, I was ecstatic.
I was going to get to watch Tina Thompson in that jersey I’d practically grown up worshiping.

I could go on and on about this wonderful woman, but I’ll keep it short.

Thank you for all you have done for the WNBA, all you have done for Seattle, and all you have done for a little girl growing up in a small suburban town.

Current 2014 WNBA Draft Order

Round 1 
1. Connecticut 
2. Tulsa 
3. San Antonio 
4. New York 
5. Indiana 
6. Washington 
7. Seattle 
8. Atlanta 
9. Indiana (from Phoenix 3/11/14) 
10. Chicago 
11. Los Angeles 
12. Minnesota 

Round 2 
13. Tulsa (from Connecticut 6/20/13) 
14. New York 
15. Minnesota (from Tulsa 3/1/13) 
16. San Antonio 
17. Phoenix (from Indiana 3/11/14) 
18. Atlanta (from Washington 3/12/14) 
19. Seattle 
20. Atlanta 
21. Phoenix 
22. Chicago 
23. Los Angeles 
24. Minnesota 

Round 3 
25. Connecticut 
26. New York 
27. Tulsa 
28. San Antonio 
29. Indiana 
30. Washington 
31. Seattle 
32. Washington (from Atlanta 3/12/14) 
33. Phoenix 
34. Chicago 
35. Los Angeles 
36. Minnesota