Terrible Things 《Stiles Stilinksi》

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Word Count: 2589

Warning: major feels

Inspired by Terrible Things by Mayday Parade


By the time I was your age, I’d give anything. To fall in love truly, was all I could think. That’s when I met your mother, the girl of my dreams. The most beautiful woman that I’d ever seen.

Sammy threw his backpack by his bedroom door and flopped onto his bed. He screamed into the pillow, catching his father attention. “What’s up Sammy?” Stiles asked his little boy. “I fwll wn luve wt tis irl.” Sammy said, muffled by the pillow. “I’m not like Scott so you’re going to have to pick your head up and tell me normally.” Stiles said, shaking his head. Sighing, Sammy sat up on his bed and looked up at his dad.

Stiles Stilinski was his role model. He had to be his father and mother rolled into one. They never talked much about Sam’s mom. Stiles chooses not too, it hurts to much. “Now what is it?” Stiles pat Sammy’s back, trying to get him to talk.

“I really like this girl at school, but I don’t know if she likes me back.” Sammy said, slightly embarrassed. Stiles looked at the floor, quickly feeling the emptiness in his heart. He’s tried. Oh how hard he’s tried to get over it. But he can’t. She’s been the light in his eyes since he was a freshman in High School. But at last. The bright eyed beauty The one who made him laugh, cry, and smile all at once. The one who he would call and talk about his sad days or even psychotic ones. The one who Sammy would call mom.

His Y/N.

“Sammy. I want to tell you a story.” Stiles began. “This one starts back in middle school. We had just gotten out of elementary school and I felt sick because I thought it would be terrible.” Stiles said. He began to slightly smile, remembering every little detail of the day. “She sat there. All quiet and untouched by the world. Like something out of a daydream.”


“I feel sick.“12 year old Stiles said, holding his stomach and looking around at the massive students walking the hall. "Well don’t barf on me. Turn your head to the side.” Scott said, slightly shoving Stiles. “I got to get going. See you at lunch.” Scott said and walked away from his friend. Huffing, Stiles began his journey to Algebra. He dreaded the moment he would walk in, and the whole class start the lesson on the first day of school.

Upon entering, practically everyone was there due to the fact it was a freshman class and they didn’t want to be caught in a brawl with an upper classman. Stiles scanned the room for an open seat, and saw one by this one girl facing out the window. His walk was short to the seat and he took it before anyone else could.

The noise the chair made, had caught the girls attention, making her turn to look at the small boy. Stiles felt her gaze and looked up. Their eyes caught each others and neither could bare to turn away. The girl gave Stiles a small smile and broke the contact to look down to hide her blush.

Stiles leaned over to take a better look at her. “Hi. M-My name is Stiles.” He said, slightly stuttering. The girl looked up and gave him another smile. “Y/N.” She whispered, and Stiles couldn’t be more happier that she had talked to him.

She said, “Boy, can I tell you a wonderful thing? I can’t help but notice you staring at me. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I really believe. I can tell by your eyes that you’re in love with me.”

“So you mean to tell me that you got bit by a hairy man-beast thing!?” Y/N shouts, moving her hands around in mock jester. “What? Are unicorns real too!?” She yells. “Calm down.” Stiles said, pulling her arms down by her side and hugging her to keep her still. Y/N huffed, but eventually relaxed in Stiles’s arms. “Why do you think Derek Hale did this?” Y/N asked. She had completely missed the talk with Scott and Stiles about this, so now they have to repeat it to her.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen him ever where. and He’s been in the woods every time I go.” Scott said, placing his head in his hands as he sits on his bed. “Scott know that me and Stiles will be here there everything. If you ever need us we are just one click away.” Y/N name says, placing a helping hand on his shoulder. “I know you are.” Scott said, slightly smiling at his best friends. “Love you.” Y/N said and quickly hugged Scott.

She got up and walked out his room, hand-in-hand with Stiles. “Want me to take you home?” Stiles asked. Though she only lived a few blocks away from Scott’s, she still loved how Stiles would take her home. “Yeah.” She smiled as him and squeezed his hand, as they left the house. Both were in deep thought and just enjoying each other’s company. They started going out at the end of 7th grade. Their 3rd year coming up. And they couldn’t be more happier.

As Y/N’s house came into view, Stiles began to walk closer to Y/N. Liking how her tiny figure fit into his and her body warmth radiated onto to him. They walked up to the front door and Stiles kissed her temple as she turned to look at him. “See you at school tomorrow?” Y/N asked. Stiles smiled and nodded. They both leaned in and gave their goodbye kiss. Though this one was different. It wasn’t the same as the ones they used to share. This one made Y/N’s stomach flutter even more and had Stiles blush deep red.

“Bye.” Stiles whispered and turned around to leave. Just before Y/N opened the door or Stiles reached the last step, they both turned around. “Y/N?” “Stiles?” They smiled at each other, than looked down at the ground. “I love you.” Y/N was the first to say it. Stiles looked up, a twinkle in his that made him look even more so the Stiles she fell in love with. “I love you too, Y/N.” He answered, making Y/N blush more so than she already was.

With one last rushed kiss, they turned and went to bed. Both having dreams about the other.

Now, most of the time we’d have to much to drink. And we’d laugh at the stars and we’d share everything. Too young to notice and too dumb to care. Love was a story that couldn’t compare.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Sheriff Stilinksi waved to his favorite girl, after his wife. Y/N had spent the night after going out with both Stiles and his father. Sheriff said he wanted to treat his son and his girlfriend out to dinner. “Morning.” Y/N smiled at him. She was wearing one of Stiles’s sweaters and her leggings. She quickly walked back up the stares and to Stiles’s room. She placed the mug of coffee she had on his desk, then quickly jumped on him. “Stiles!” Y/N whined. “Wake up, Human!” All of her friends were some supernatural being but her Stiles is as normal as her. So she likes to call him human just to tease.

Stiles rolled over and pulled Y/N with him, making a roaring noise. Y/N ended up under Stiles and he snuggled his head into her boobs. She stuck her finger in her mouth and pulled it out with a pop. She than reached down and stuck it in Stile’s ear. “Y/N!” Stiles screamed and tried wiping the spit from his ear. While he grossing out, Y/N got up and placed a quick kiss on Stiles’s lips. “Got you up.” She said smiling at him. “Come on. You have to practice for the game later.” Y/N said and got up and out of the bed. Stiles groaned and fell back down.

“But I want to cuddle.” He whined and stretched his arms out for her. “Fine. But you still have to get up.” Y/N giggled and climbed in bed with Stiles. “Later. I’m still tired now.” Stiles said and puller her closer to him. Y/N curled up into his side and let the tiredness consume her again.

Y/N woke up an hour later when something wet touched her ear. “Really Stiles!!” She screamed and yanked her boyfriends hand away from her. Stiles began to laugh, then went down to kiss her. “Got you up.” He said mocking her. Y/N laughed and kissed him. Sighing she got out of the comfy bed and went to get the coffee mug from his desk. She looked at the board and colored yarn Stiles had.

In the middle was the word Benefactor. Y/N reached for the eraser and quickly wiped it away, smiling that all the killing was over. “It’s over.” Stiles whispered in her ear. He wrapped his arms around her stomach and kissed her should. “Stiles with our friends being nothing but supernatural creatures, I’m pretty sure it won’t ever be over.”

I said, “Girl, can I tell you a wonderful thing? I made you a present with paper and string. Open with care now, I’m asking you, please. You know that I love you, will you marry me?

"Why would you ever think that Stiles Stilinski!? Have the last four years meant nothing to you! Do you really think I’m capable of such a thing!?” Y/N screamed at Stiles. She was bawling her eyes out and wondering how Stiles had the nerve to believe she would ever cheat on him. “Y/N please stop yelling.” Stiles said, chocking on the tears that were pouring from his own eyes. “Stiles, why would you take the bait and think I would ever cheat on you. Even more so with the one guy I know you despise.” Y/N continued to cry, and fell to the cold ground.

“Please look at me. I’m begging you.” Stiles walked up to Y/N and took her in his arms. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you. Y/N I trust you with my heart. You’ve had since we were in middle school. Since the first day we made eye contact. I can’t bare to loose you. You have always been there. So please don’t let my stupidity get in the way of what we have.” Stiles said, hiccupping. Y/N was now silently crying.

“Look. I know we aren’t old enough and I know you want to wait. But at least let me give you this.” Stiles pulled out a black box from his pocket. “It’s a promise ring. Please promise me that when the day comes and you’re ready you will give me the honors to get down on one knee and do this properly.” Stiles said, trying to clean his nose the best he can. Y/N opens the box and starts to choke on tears again.

“Stiles.” Y/N chocked out. “Shh. Just promise me.” Stiles said pressing a kiss to her head. He felt her nod and he sighed in content.

She said, “Boy, can I tell you a terrible thing? It seems that I’m sick and I only got weeks. Please, don’t be sad now. I really believe you were the greatest thing that ever happen to me.”

“Please tell me she is fine, Deaton!” Stiles screamed at him. His eyes were blood shot and he was a wreck. “Stiles she’s fine. But I don’t think for long.” Deaton sighed. “For long. What do you mean for long?” Stiles asked panicked. “What Theo injected into her, wasn’t for her.” He said and walked around the bed to study Y/N. “Than who was it for!?” Stiles asked. “Stiles calm down.” Scott said and put a hand on his shoulder. “No, I don’t want to calm down! I want to know I’ll have my Y/N. She promised. She promised me.” Stiles said, grabbing Y/N’s hand and holding it to his forehead.

“The injection was placed a little under her stomach. The right spot where a womb would be.” Deaton said, quickly looking down, waiting for Stiles sad questioning. “Womb?” Stiles said and looked up. He stood up and looked down at Y/N’s stomach. “You mean she’s pregnant?” Stiles said, more tearing forming in his eyes. “2 months.” Deaton added. “2 months pregnant? We’re having a baby.” Stiles said, feeling slightly better. “You will but the way her health is, she won’t survive child birth.” This caused Stiles to have another mental break down. This one lasting longer than the last.

“I’m going to kill that bastard!” Stiles said and walked out the room. Scott, Liam and Lydia all had to hold him back from leaving. “Stiles we think it’s better if you stay. It would be better if Y/N sees you first and hears the news from you.” Lydia tells him. “Please leave me.” Stiles said. Everyone walks out, while Stiles just sits and messages Y/N belly. “We’re going to be OK.” He whispers to her belly. “I got you.”

So. So Slow I fell to the ground on my knees.

:9 Months Later:

“She’s going into labor! We have to get this baby out fast, before both of them die.” Melissa yelled and quickly got ready for the birth. “Stiles-” Y/N stops to scream. “I know I won’t make this. But please promise me that you will move on. Be happy again.” She said, too sad to even think about the pain anymore. “Y/N I-I ca-can’t. I won’t.” Stiles said crying. “Stiles, promise me.” Y/N pulled the ring Stiles gave her and handed it to him. “Please promise me.” Y/N said, crying. Stiles took the ring and began to cry with her.

With one final push, the sound of a baby’s cry was heard around the room. “Stiles do you want to cut the cord?” Melissa asked. Stiles walked over and did what he was told. The nurse took the baby away, and Stiles rushed over to Y/N’s side. “Is he beautiful? Does he look like you?” She asked, her eyes getting droopier. “He looks like you. I don’t think I’d want him to look like me.” Stiles said grabbing Y/N’s hand.

“I love you Stiles Stilinski. Since Middle School.” Y/N said. She closed her eyes and let out a breath. Stiles let the waters go and they wouldn’t stop. He felt numb. The thing he loved most was just ripped from him. And it hurt him so damn much. “I love you too, Y/N Stilinski.”


So don’t fall in love. There’s just too much to loose. If you’re given the choice, then I beg you to choose to walk away, don’t let her get to you. I can’t bare to see the same happen to you.” Stiles said crying as his little cries with him. The both hug each other. One feeling the emptiness only a mother could fill. The other just knowing he lost everything in one moment. “Now son, I’m only telling you this. Because Life can do terrible things.