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um . but when they first got the lyrics to wmyb u know louis sarcastically would serenade harry all the time like 'the way that you flip ur(ridiculous curly hair) gets me overwhelmed' and he would be playing but he meant it tho

and harry could tell he meant it because the serenades got much less silly the more he did it

light up my world

December 4: Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Harry takes Niall to a Christmas light show

“It’s cold as balls out here, Haz. Can’t we go get hot chocolate or something?”

By Harry’s unimpressed scowl, Niall can tell that his idea has no chance of coming to fruition. He’s shivering down to his bones; his knee aches and his face is probably a bright red. The coat he’d grabbed as Harry dragged him out the door has not been protecting him at all from the biting December wind and Niall just wants to go home. Or at least go sit in the car where he can crank the heat up and not feel like he’s becoming a human icicle.

The pond doesn’t even look appealing at the moment, and that’s basically what they’ve come to see. Niall knows eventually there’s going to be some lights going on and off, knows that’s the point of a light show so of course the pond isn’t meant to be interesting on its own, but that doesn’t really stop the bitter hatred from rising in his miserably cold heart as he stares down at the water.

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a truly underrated moment was at apple music festival when harry told the audience “don’t pretend you don’t know the words” like !!!!! he’s literally calling out fakes that no doubt pretended not to know the lyrics to wmyb because they’re 2 cool for boy bands. they definitely didn’t expect harry styles to call them out for it