Theo Katzman - Brooklyn

I think you guys will really like this. Very fresh sound. It’s alternative. My brother used to go to high school with him and he used to be apart of My Dear Disco/Ella Riot before leaving at a couple years of it. He’s trying to make it solo now and I see good things in this guys future! Also he’s apparently very good friends with Darren Criss! 


French native, Vitalic, or by birthname Pascal Arbez, is really poping up in the electroinic scene. His music is definitely fun to dance to, and has a darker, more european feel to it for sure. Check out his new song “Stamina” off his new EP Rave Ages.


Hey everyone! I hope all your summers are going fantastically and that you are enjoying this wonderful Monday off! 

Resident blogger Jason here aka DJ Chthulu aka DJ Sexbomb aka DJ Jazzy Jay with some AWESOME summer music. 

Why should summer vacation mean no more music? I stumbled upon this group in a store I believe and loaded it onto my shazam.

(Which by the way, is an app you should download if you do not have! It’s a must have for any smart phone. Basically if you hear any studio version of a song you use the shazam app to listen to the song and it will make a record of the song so that you can go later on to download or listen to it). 

The group is called Karmin, and they are kind of a Pop/hip hop sound. They have their own genre called Swag pop (it’s really just pop…). It’s made up of Rapper/singer Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. 

Get ready guys, I think this group is going to BLOW up (not literally, God forbid). They were musical guests on SNL this month and on Ellen as well! Their current single out right now is “Brokenhearted.” Now Brokenhearted is the song that I shazamed. But after listening to more of their music, their lesser known single from last year is really my favorite, “Crash Your Party.” It has that upbeat jam that I think just gets everyone out and excited for summer. Cheesy, I know, but I still enjoy it and thought you Top 40 fans would enjoy it as well! I think the reason I enjoy them is because their Top 40 isn’t a Ke$ha sound or some Britney Spears. They put their own little spin on it with the rap. I guess that’s why they call it swag pop. haha. 

That’s it for this week’s music find! Please feel free to submit to our askbox if you have any cool finds or suggestions for posts! 



Party on Fifth Ave - Mac Millar

I don’t know about you guys. But I can’t stop listening to this. 

Weekly Electronic (DanceThink) - Ella Riot formerly known as My Dear Disco

This week’s “Weekly” is featuring an Electronic band and one of my favorites! 

I found out about this band in 2007. My brother’s high school friend was in the original seven member group. I got their first CD, DanceThink LP, and fell in love. They combine electronic, pop and rock all into their own genre they like to call “DanceThink.”

It almost sounds like awesome pop video game music! Check out my favorite song by them, For Your Love, the beginning sounding like something out of Mario Bros. 

Now I know some people are turned off by the following, but I highly recommend checking out their studio albums on iTunes, which I do enjoy more than their live YouTube performances. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see them live, but their music lives on! The lead female singer always sang in a megaphone!

They call their genre, DanceThink because their music “stimulates the brain and your feet.” Basically, dance while drunk and get crazy. 

In 2011, they changed their name to Ella Riot to avoid confusion with a band named My Disco. 

Unfortunately, after only one 5 song EP, LoveChild, they disbanded. It breaks my heart to know my favorite band is gone, but I hope they’ll come back! Check out their tunes on Spotify or YouTube! 

My favorite tracks from their first album, DanceThink LP, are “For Your Love”, “White Lies” (long version) and “Amsterdam”. 

From LoveChild, I really love “Clubbin” and “It Could Be." 

Clubbin rocks out with some awesome Electric Bagpipe. 

CHECK OUT ELLA RIOT. Lemme know what you thought! 

Weekly Pop - Sia

Recap: In case you missed the last post. The new “Weekly” posts will feature a lesser known artist of a particular genre each week. Today’s post! Pop!

Okay, so we all know who Ke$ha and Lady Gaga are. And being a pop fan, it’s hard to say, “I like pop,” without people assuming you have the same love for Ke dollarsign ha and Gaga as every 14 year old girl in America. 

But today, while browsing Barnes and Noble, I noticed my ears pricking up to some catch pop/dance music playing in the store. I used my Shazam app and found out it was an Australian singer Sia! 

I went back to my dorm and listened to a whole album and fell in love. The songs played in the store were from Sia’s fourth and most recent studio album from 2010, We Are Born.  She’s been big in Australia, but I guess is starting to branch into America and the rest of the world!

We Are Born debuted at number 2 on the Australian Albums Chart and was Sia’s first top 10 release in her home country. The album won Best Pop Release and Best Independent Release at the 2010 ARIA Music Awards (Australia Recording Industry Association Music Awards).

The album has a distinctive knack to make you want to bob your head back and forth and do the “Monkey dance” from the Johnny Bravo intro. 

THE Madonna even co-wrote a song for the album. The sound of the album almost sounds like an electronic folk behind the dance tone of it. My favorite and most recomendable tracks from the album are “Bring Night” and “Stop Trying.”

DEFINITELY check this album out! I found the album on Spotify, but you can also check out some samples at the iTunes store and it is of course on YouTube.

Click here to listen to Bring Night.

Click here to listen to Stop Trying

Thanks for reading this weeks Weekly Pop! 

See you at the next post! 


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So my co DJ Lauren (also Street Team member) has got me hooked on this artist, and this song! She has a very Amy Winehouse sound but with a bit more of a hip hop vibe. I absolutely love it. 

Rock Steady by No Doubt
Before Gwen Stefani was designing clothes with her Harajuku entourage, she was the super hot lead singer of ska-pop band No Doubt. Rock Steady, released in 2001, is No Doubt’s fifth (and latest) album. The band realizes their rock star potential by blending hip hop, dance hall, and ska influences together to create seamless pop-rock masterpieces.  Now is a good time to reacquaint yourself with everyone’s favorite ska-poppers since they are back together in the studio recording their newest project! Rock Steady really highlights the band’s maturity and is chock full of memorable singles. Who doesn’t get excited over “Hey Baby”’s bratty lyrics? And remember how artsy the video for “Hella Good” was? But don’t just stick to the stuff you remember from the radio! Explore the rest of the album to hear just how good No Doubt can really be.  Recommended tracks: “Don’t Let Me Down,” “In My Head,” and “Underneath It All”