“My greatest accomplishment is the work that I have done for the LBGT organizations on campus. By getting involved in those, I have been able to make the Western community more inclusive. I advise anyone when coming to WMU to make a difference and follow your dreams. By doing that I really feel that college will change your life.”

Wake Me Up → Treegan (Past)

When Keegan woke up that morning, he didn’t think his head could hurt anymore than it did. He felt a throbbing and pounding constant pain and it knew it had to do with all the alcohol he had consumed the night before. He and Troian had gone out to a club for the first time in a while and needless to say they had a generous amount of alcohol. He stirred from sleep pretty early that morning and he knew what he had to do. He felt nauseous immediately and when he glanced over at Troian who was still sound asleep, he was extremely jealous, not having the same luck. She had drank a lot too and he knew it’d probably bite her in the ass eventually, but right now he couldn’t focus on anything besides the fact that he needed to get to the toilet as soon as possible.

Rolling out of bed, he clutched at his stomach and made his way to the bathroom, hunching over the toilet bowl and releasing the contents of his stomach. He was constantly throwing up for the next five minutes and he didn’t think he could feel any more awful in that moment. “Fuck,” he groaned, running a hand through his hair as he spit into the toilet. Finally when he felt like he was done, he flushed the toilet and pulled himself up off the floor, leaning on the sink to brush his teeth and wash his face. Once he was finished, he made his way back into the bedroom to see Troian still sleeping. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep right now, so he pulled on his boxers and made his way into the kitchen to start making Troian some breakfast.

Even if both of them probably weren’t in the mood to eat at all, he knew that it’d help and having something besides alcohol in their stomachs would be a plus. Deciding on eggs and pancakes, along with bacon for himself, Keegan started getting everything together while holding his head, the pounding not stopping in the slightest. 

wake me up [caleb + seb]

Monday mornings, Seb was used to waking up early. So much so that he’d even wake up when he didn’t have to. Typically he’d just close his eyes and lull back to sleep, able to ignore the 7 am sunshine but today he didn’t–today his eyes opened and met the skin of Caleb’s back and he couldn’t bring himself to go back to sleep and pull away.

For a second he just looked, watching as his shoulder rose and fell with his breath. He blinked at him, sleep in his eyes, just watching Caleb and listening to his breath, soft snores making him fall harder and deeper and more, so much that he wasn’t even sure if there was more he could feel.

But there was, indeed. Slowly Seb shifted to spoon himself behind the baseball player, nosing the back of his neck gently. His hand brushed Caleb’s bicep before crossing down to lie gently on Caleb’s tummy.

His lips brushed Caleb’s neck daintily, before getting a touch more eager, mouthing  the crook of his neck and shoulder as his hand pulled Caleb’s hip into him, smelling and tasting the sweet salt of his skin.

Looky here! Another wonderous event to attend at WMU! “Are you of a non-binary gender persuasion? Do you have something you want to say into a microphone? WMU Womyn’s Equality has one. Poems, songs, incoherent yelling about society’s rampant cissexism - whatever you want.” -Makenzie Marts. Please everyone come out and support this wonderful kick start to The Vagina Monologues (which will be February 20th and 21st). It’ll be a great time filled with great people!

This poster used to read “I shouldn’t have to carry a weapon to feel safe” now these posters all around campus are torn and graffitied. This is sadly symbolic of the issue these posters were raising awareness about. I shouldn’t have to worry about my safety on campus solely because of my femininity.