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This is the Synapse, the college of nursing’s official choral and yeah, kulang kame dito concerning na ako lang ang 1st year sa picture na ito. This Picture was taken when we had our last practice of “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisis” for the seniors’ graduation/pinning ceremony and yeah, I really love this group because I get to share my passion of singing with them. Though I’m not as good of a singer compared to most of the people here, I’m still very thankful because without this group, I wouldn’t be who the person I am today as much as singing is concerned. Thank you, Synpase and yes graduating seniors of batch 12-13, we will keep the song going and thriving. 

*capslock para intense

A Dean’s List is a category of students in a college or university who achieve high grades during their stay in an academic term or academic year.

Seriously, I tried so hard to be on the list. I told myself to never expect that I’ll be in it, positivity was always been my bestfriend. Good thing God is with me. I thank him for all the struggles and pain he put me through. I learn greatest lessons from it.

I remember how my Dad keep on reminding me that “whenever I want something, I have to asked guidance from the almighty God first, if he’ll give it to me then I deserved it. If not, then accept it.”

This one, I know I deserved it. I work so hard for it. My kind hearted professors, they’re the reason behind my success aside from my ever supportive family. They’re the coolest.

Never in my wildest dream to be one of the Dean’s lister in my school. It’s like what they call, “SUNTOK SA BUWAN”, but thank God he made it possible.

Magsukol Ya Allah. :) To those people who never doubted my capabilities, to my friends whos always there for me, to all my kind-hearted professors, to my ever supportive family & most especially to my Lola & Papsycola, THIS IS FOR YOU! Alhamdulillah I made it to the Dean’s list. :)

See you soon, WMSU ♥

Chos? Sure daw se? Heheheheheh!!!

Anyways, the interview started yesterday, and of course, since I was very (very) excited, I went early.. I think. Then, as we’ve waited for the interview to start for about a half-day long, a woman got out of the faculty room, she gave us our numbers and told us to go back tomorrow. WOW -.- So, I woke early up this morning, knowing that it’s better to go early at WMSU which was kinda useless when I arrived, we still followed the numbering and I was #43 *sigh. Then again, I’ve waited for another 4-5 hours, good thing Athena was with me. WHAT A RELIEF!!! She’s really a big help. Teeheeeee! Then when my number was called, I entered the faculty room and I was soooooooooo nervous, that I had problems in breathing and my hands sweated like a pig. HAHAHHA. And shockingly, the interview went well and smooth. reaaaaaaal well. B-) Thank God for that. :3 I was really anxious because I might be asked questions about Biology, because I tend to go blank whenever I’m nervous. But she just asked me a few personal questions. Maybe it’s because of my “decent” CET Result and my HS rating. ;) I hope, reaaaaaaaaally hope that I would be able to finish BS Biology *fingers crossed*. Lord, I really need your guidance. (//-)/\

Finally, makaka-enroll na rin kame bukas!!!

Kadamihan ng mga arki students, bukas na talaga magsisimula sa pag-eenroll. HAHA! Buti na man nakompleto na yung mga grades namin kani sa mga major subjects. Yehey!

Masaya ngayon, maiinis bukas dahil sa napakahabang pila sa cashier…

How I celebrated my Valentines Day

Two days before Valentines, I happened to remember how I celebrated my Valentines with my ex boyfie. We went to Butterfly Garden, then dinner at Chowking. Our first ever date actually. My first ever actually date. Flashbacks, how I hate it so much. So yeah, yesterday I have no plans with Valentines Day since I am single and contented plus it’s never allowed in our religion to be celebrating it.

Oky here’s the story. Yesterday we watched movie with my guy friends. Asawako, Fiance, Powgii, Nenel, Best, Jumong & Throy. Yeah I’m the only girl. We watched Mama in Asawako’s crib. Good thing gang rape isn’t included in the plan. Hahaha. Anyways, I think that movie is overrated. It’s not frightening at all. Seriously. Except for Best who’s so scared of horror movies. Loll.

I had so much fun, having this guy buds make me feel so contented already. I don’t think I still need boyfriend at all when I have this few but true guys in my life. They never made me feel less alone. They’re always there for me, especially Asawako. He can’t leave the school without talking to me. He make it a point to be with me before the day ends. Which I really appreciate. Carry my bag. Asked me how my day was. Although there was never a day he never insult me with my height, weight, blah blah blah.

And just a while ago, they told me to stop wearing male outfits. How can you have a lovelife if you keep on dressing like that acoording to Powgii. Haha. I lolled. They’re so eager to find me a boyfriend.

My life would be so boring without this boys. They’re awesome and I love them so.

Apat na taong samahan

Sa wakas natapos narin ang Midterm namin. Makakahinga narin ako ng maluwag. Halos hindi ako matulog para lang igugul ang lahat ng oras ko sa pag-aaral. Graduating kasi ako, natatakot akong magkaproblema. Ayoko na kasing magbigay pa ng sakit ng ulo sa mga magulang ko. Sapat na yung sermon sakin tungkol sa pera, ayoko ng lumampas pa don.

Tapos narin kaming mag pictorial. Taray! Parang model lang nuh? Para sa yearbook namin at TOR yan. Nakakaeksayt isipin na ilang buwan na lang magmamartsa narin ako, pero sa twing iisipin kong iiwanan ko na yung mga kaklase ko na hindi makakasama sa graduation day nalulungkot ako. Mamimiss ko sila. Kahit kasi puro sakit ng ulo yung binigay nila sakin, naramdaman ko talaga kung gaano nila ako kamahal sa pamamagitan ng pagpapakita sakin ng sobra sobrang respeto.

Hinding-hindi ko kakalimutan ang mga taong to na kahit minsan eh pinasama ang loob ko, pinainit ang ulo ko, pinaiyak ako eh ni minsan hindi kinalimutang mag tanim ng ngiti sa mga labi ko sa mga panahong kinaylangan ko ng taong dadamay sakin. Hinding hindi ako mapapagod intindhin sila hanggat kaya ko. Sila ang nagturo sakin na hindi mo kaylangan tumulong sa iba at mag aantay ng kapalit. Ngiti pa lang nila, o kaya yung salitang “salamat” na manggagaling sa kanila sapat na para masabi mong naging importante ka sa kanila.

Hindi ko alam kung anong mangyayari samin pagkagraduate namin. Maghihiwa-hiwalay na kami. Hindi ko na sila makikita parati. Pero alam ko, isang tawag ko lang sa mga to. Darating at darating ang mga to. Gusto kong sulitin ang mga panahon na kasama sila. Minsan maiisip ko na lang, ayoko ng magkalovelife kasi sobra sobra na sila sakin. Tama ng sila yung inspirasyon ko. Masaya nako.

Ilang buwan na lang mamaalam nako sa kanila. Iniisip ko pa lang yun, kulang na lang maiyak na ako. Ayokong mawalay muna sa kanila. Mamimiss ko ang mga pangugulit nila sakin. Ang mga pang-aasar. At higit sa lahat ang mga paglalambing nila sakin. Habang buhay kong pasasalamatan ang mga taong to na minsan dumating sa buhay ko at binago ang buhay ko.

Salamat 4c. Mahal na mahal ko kayo!