See you soon, WMSU ♥

Chos? Sure daw se? Heheheheheh!!!

Anyways, the interview started yesterday, and of course, since I was very (very) excited, I went early.. I think. Then, as we’ve waited for the interview to start for about a half-day long, a woman got out of the faculty room, she gave us our numbers and told us to go back tomorrow. WOW -.- So, I woke early up this morning, knowing that it’s better to go early at WMSU which was kinda useless when I arrived, we still followed the numbering and I was #43 *sigh. Then again, I’ve waited for another 4-5 hours, good thing Athena was with me. WHAT A RELIEF!!! She’s really a big help. Teeheeeee! Then when my number was called, I entered the faculty room and I was soooooooooo nervous, that I had problems in breathing and my hands sweated like a pig. HAHAHHA. And shockingly, the interview went well and smooth. reaaaaaaal well. B-) Thank God for that. :3 I was really anxious because I might be asked questions about Biology, because I tend to go blank whenever I’m nervous. But she just asked me a few personal questions. Maybe it’s because of my “decent” CET Result and my HS rating. ;) I hope, reaaaaaaaaally hope that I would be able to finish BS Biology *fingers crossed*. Lord, I really need your guidance. (//-)/\

With My bestest friends. We have gone a long way and all of us had taken different paths. I miss them so much. We have watched each other grow from awkward adolescents to independent college freshmens. We know each others darkest and deepest thoughts, we laugh a lot, talk about anything and everything under the sun and we have been there for each other through the good times and the really terrible ones. :“) 

(L-R Julie, Me, Chesylyn, and Llean at the back)

I love you guys! To infinity and beyond! <3