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This is the Synapse, the college of nursing’s official choral and yeah, kulang kame dito concerning na ako lang ang 1st year sa picture na ito. This Picture was taken when we had our last practice of “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisis” for the seniors’ graduation/pinning ceremony and yeah, I really love this group because I get to share my passion of singing with them. Though I’m not as good of a singer compared to most of the people here, I’m still very thankful because without this group, I wouldn’t be who the person I am today as much as singing is concerned. Thank you, Synpase and yes graduating seniors of batch 12-13, we will keep the song going and thriving. 

See you soon, WMSU ♥

Chos? Sure daw se? Heheheheheh!!!

Anyways, the interview started yesterday, and of course, since I was very (very) excited, I went early.. I think. Then, as we’ve waited for the interview to start for about a half-day long, a woman got out of the faculty room, she gave us our numbers and told us to go back tomorrow. WOW -.- So, I woke early up this morning, knowing that it’s better to go early at WMSU which was kinda useless when I arrived, we still followed the numbering and I was #43 *sigh. Then again, I’ve waited for another 4-5 hours, good thing Athena was with me. WHAT A RELIEF!!! She’s really a big help. Teeheeeee! Then when my number was called, I entered the faculty room and I was soooooooooo nervous, that I had problems in breathing and my hands sweated like a pig. HAHAHHA. And shockingly, the interview went well and smooth. reaaaaaaal well. B-) Thank God for that. :3 I was really anxious because I might be asked questions about Biology, because I tend to go blank whenever I’m nervous. But she just asked me a few personal questions. Maybe it’s because of my “decent” CET Result and my HS rating. ;) I hope, reaaaaaaaaally hope that I would be able to finish BS Biology *fingers crossed*. Lord, I really need your guidance. (//-)/\

With My bestest friends. We have gone a long way and all of us had taken different paths. I miss them so much. We have watched each other grow from awkward adolescents to independent college freshmens. We know each others darkest and deepest thoughts, we laugh a lot, talk about anything and everything under the sun and we have been there for each other through the good times and the really terrible ones. :“) 

(L-R Julie, Me, Chesylyn, and Llean at the back)

I love you guys! To infinity and beyond! <3