When Muse Meets Mun pt. 3

While the little human typed furiously at her portable console - a “laptop” she called it - Optimus gave a faint smile as he began an entry of his own to his personal logs…

With the help of Magical Anon’s, I was given the rare opportunity to become acquainted with a being known as my “Mun”. From what I can gather she, like many others, control mech and femme such as myself, giving us life and thought. I cannot express how disturbing this is to me… But, there are many things I have come to realize I will never fully understand. 

Cricket, as she calls herself, is very much human in her actions and appearance;  young, vibrant, promising as are the others I have had the honor of interacting with. However, I find her alignment to our cause to the point of receiving her own Autobrand of sorts an poor choice, I cannot say I do not admire her tenacity. I can only hope it does not end poorly for her in the future. The stress she puts upon herself is worrisome, though I feel our stressors are worlds apart. Her spark is strong, if not fragile as all her race, and I can only wish her well in her endeavors…

To this extent… I am aware our time has come to and end. 

A quick, regret-filled glance was cast to the little human at his pedes. She seemed unaware she was leaning against him…

Anonymous Magic does not last forever. I can only hope that she returns to us and stays well in her time-

The grey wisps of Anon!Magic that had brought the young girl into his sight clouded at the edge of his vision, causing him to react with a start. “Cric-” his call died in his vocalizer as he looked down, once again, alone. A deep rumble sounded from his engines as he cast a cursory glance about him then returned to his entry  the cursor still flashing as it awaited his next keystroke. There was little left to say, and with a bittersweet smile, he logged the entry away. 

“Til we meet again, little one…”

When Muse Meets Mun

Optimus had spent the past few klicks seeking out the human that had suddenly appeared at his side, which was something humans certainly didn’t do. A female, he’d gathered that much, though the hair coloration was reminiscent of the boy Vincent, and far shorter than he’d seen previously. The Munday M!A had said something about being a Mun; what was that? Mundane perhaps?

At the sound of metal clattering to the Bases’ floor, his optics flicked to see the cause of the disturbance and a human frozen in place. She was small, just as the children were, though based on his calculations from the space between them, she was closer to Jacks’ height. “I mean you no harm,” he rumbled quietly as he took a knee, still staring at the form in front of him with curiosity. “I a-”

“You’re Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots and last of the Primes,” the girl spoke in a single breath, matching the cyan gaze with irrational fear. “Y-You’re my Muse,” she added in a voice that was no more than a squeak, when the massive form lowered further.

“…And you are a Mun,” Optimus concluded.

When Muse Meets Mun pt. 2

The solar cycle had been quiet, for the most part, leaving the Prime a moment now to reflect and play ‘catch up’ with what had happened elsewhere. His peaceful moment was shattered by an almost incoherent stream of chatter that caused him to blink a few times before glancing downward.

“… And the TEXTURES. I mean c'mon! HOW!? I can’t… shit… I didn’t even… And I’m supposed to be on the road to making THAT?! I couldn’t… I can’t even make a half-decent square in Maya for fucks’ sake… BUT THE CHARACTERS~ HIS HAIR…. THE PARTICLE EFFECTS!! You could SEE the VEINS in his hands and detail on their NAILS! FUCK! You don’t understand… It was amaz…ing…”

An awkward silence fell between the Muse and his Mun. A curious look was cast at the sudden drop of excited and sweeping arm movements as she had attempted to get her feelings across - not to mention the course language. The longer he watched the human, the more intriguing she proved to be, and it caused a smile to tug at his lips. 

“…H-Hi…” the girl sputtered, swaying a bit in an attempt to make up her mind whether to run, or stay. “…It’s… I… Movies…”

Optimus’ grin grew slightly. “I see.”

The redhead faltered, swallowing visibly as she clasped her hands behind her back. 

“Please,” the Autobot began with a tilt to his helm, “Continue.”