The most effective propaganda is found not in the Sun or on Fox News - but beneath a liberal halo. When the New York Times published claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, its fake evidence was believed, because it wasn’t Fox News; it was the New York Times. The same is true of the Washington Post and the Guardian, both of which have played a critical role in conditioning their readers to accept a new and dangerous cold war. All three liberal newspapers have misrepresented events in Ukraine as a malign act by Russia - when, in fact, the fascist led coup in Ukraine was the work of the United States, aided by Germany and NATO.
—  John Pilger, ‘War by media and the triumph of propaganda’

Why is Faslane so close to a major population centre when every other country sites reasons for not having WMD close to cities as an unsafe and unnecessary risk?
The Americans wanted it there. It was near deep waters, has good transport links and it was next to their naval base at the Holy Loch.(1959-92). Scotland’s interests having been regarded as of zero consequence when the key decisions were taken. Keeping in with America was more important to Harold Macmillan, Prime minister, than the people of Scotland.
Basically Scotland and its people are the necessary sacrifice in protecting the British establishment.
(Trident missiles are rented and collected from the US navy, their targeting and communications systems depend on US software and satellites, maintained by the US and their arming and firing systems are made in the US - all paid for by you - Who controls Trident?)


The end of the world looks like this.

This is test footage from 1966 of a “salvo launch” of Minuteman ICBMs. Each one of these rockets could have carried three warheads, each with an explosive yield of 300 to 500 kilotons of TNT. 


The final scene from the 1995 film “Trinity and Beyond: the Atomic Bomb Movie”

It’s hard to believe that this is actually real, declassified footage. It looks like straight out of some Mad Max type B-movie, which proves again that reality is a fucking hell lot scarier than fiction can be.

If you haven’t seen the movie, give it a shot.
It has lots of visual A-Bomb mushroom porn, but the original footage, remastered with then state-of-the-art technology, various interviews (with Edward Teller, the “father” of the H-bomb, to name one) and William Shatner as narrator make it worth watching the one and a half hours. And you get the famous Truman “I am not an atomic playboy” speech.

It’s shortcomings are leaning a bit too much on the visual rather than the documentary side, and some technical inaccuracies. The sole focus of the movie is the cold war conflict between the United States, Russia and stops with China entering the stage in 1964. Even though the nuclear program of Great Britain is mentioned in one sentence, the fact that by 1995 the cold war was over and the face of the nuclear threat had already significantly shifted is completely left out.