Who is the strongest fighter in the world?

(This will be frequently updated. The more we raise, the more we’ll be able to hammer out the finer details like location, ticket prices, and the date of the tournament. Most recent update 6/26/15)

Fans of Dragon Ball will recognize the Tenkaichi Budokai (or World Martial Arts Tournament) as the pinnacle of martial arts display.

The goal of this project is to attempt to re-create the Tournament in a real-life setting, bringing fighters from all around the world (hopefully) to compete on a large, raised, open platform tournament.  The tournament will ideally consist of an application round, a series of preliminary matches, and the main 8-man tournament. The rule-set will have to be modified from the original rules in the series, but will be as close as possible, given any legal limitations and will probably be very close to Unified MMA rules.

The application round will most likely be paper and video-based.

The preliminary matches will be in a tournament format, with 1 minute rounds decided by Knockout, Ring-Out, Submission, or Judges decision. The rings in the prelims will be much smaller, so ring outs will be easier to obtain. The fights in the preliminary rounds will be fast-paced. There’s no room in these fights for stalling. It’s one round to give everything you’ve got.

The final 8-man tournament will be similar to the prelim rounds, but on a much larger stage and with NO time limits.

Exactly What is the Money Being Raised For?

The minimum $20,000 goal listed for the creation of the project will take care of the rental of the grounds for 1 to 3 days (depending on how large the tournament is), the acquistion of seating, audio and lighting equipment, payment of officials and tournament workers, video equipment for the creation of the Tournament DVD, promotion of the event (in the form of a website, radio spots, and other ads), and prize money for the winning participant.  

A very small to medium venue ranges from $500 to $5,000 to rent.  Tournament officials, medics, security and audio/visual technicians will be anywhere from $2,000-5,000.  Advertising will be $1,000-3,000. I would like the prize money for the winner of the tournament to be at least $20,000, but that will depend on how much we raise and the ticket sales.

Tickets prices will be determined as we get closer to the event and are able to determine what type of venue we can obtain.

The more that is raised, the better the event and the prizes will be for the winner and runners-up.   Everyone who makes it to the final 8-man tournament will receive at least a medal and a bid for immediate entry into the next tournament.

Long-Term Goals of the Project

Hopefully, upon the success of the tournament, we will immediately begin planning the next one (to be held the following year), with the goal of seeking out stronger and stronger fighters to determine the strongest fighter in the world and increasing the prizes available to the fighters. The eventual goal is to create a promotion that will fairly compensate its fighters, while providing top-notch, action-packed matches for all in attendance and viewing at home (via DVD, streaming, or otherwise.) The promotion will ideally hold small local events to continue to provide fighters with opportunities to fight and one massive tournament once a year.

There are many fighters who put a lot of work into their craft and fight hard for the fans, but aren’t able to train as they’d like, due to monetary issues. One of the long-term goals of this promotion is to fix that problem. One of the ideas to solve this issue is to give 80% of DVD/Streaming profit to the fighters of that event.  The ideas for creating a figher and fan oriented promotion will be added as we go.

We Want to Give Back

At least 10% of the profit made from the ticket sales, DVD/Streaming sales, and sponsorships of the tournament will go to help the homeless and those affected with PTSD, particularly veterans.

We need your help to get started!

WMAT Update

Tournament location has not yet been decided. Have not yet calculated all of the ticket costs. Currently fleshing out all of the details. Will keep everyone updated as we begin to raise money and solidify the specifics of the tournament.

The tournament will mostly likely have an application process, where potential fighters will send in a resume of sorts listing martial arts and fight experience, as well as a short bio. After all fighters are accepted, short preliminary rounds will be held to determine the 8 fighters entered into the main tournament.

The rules of the tournament will likely be in line with unified MMA rules, but due to the mat being open and raised, will include ring out as a way to lose the match. The ring will be larger than an MMA cage or a boxing ring and therefore ring out will be much harder to achieve and will force the fighters to the center of the ring to avoid losing by ring out.