Scandal - Mellivia Is a Bad Idea
  • Scandal - Mellivia Is a Bad Idea
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@eaudrey35 reblogged:  Olivia should never ever b working with r for Mellie.  This would never happen n real life.  What blk wm u know gone work for a white wm after said white wm has called u a whore, slut, prostitute, none I know.  Yet, Shonda Rhimes stupid thinking thinks this is showing some kind of girl power when it’s just degrading Olivia Pope again.  Mellivia is so toxic on every level.

anonymous asked:

At the panel today, SA said he has no clue who's in the grave. That's extremely hard to believe. Aren't they filming the ep the death happens? If not in 4x18, they will have read 4x19, which I'm assuming the funeral is in. And didn't MG and WM visit the set in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, presumably to give the cast the news?

I think it’s safe to say we can trust nothing any of them say from here on out. 😂 At least not as pertains to this. It’s too big of a plot, too spoilery. The best course of action? Flat denial, across the board. 

That’s what I’d do, if I was on a show that had this big a secret to keep. And if I was a showrunner of such a show, I would tell all my actors to do it too. Looking to SA, KC, EBR, DR, JB, WM, MG or anyone else to give away anything about this storyline. Asking them questions is only going to result in more denials and send people panicking into inboxes across Tumblr. 

The good news is it’s getting close and so sitting back and just riding it out isn’t going to be too bad. In a few months, one way or another, we’ll know. And we have our theories to keep us warm. 

secret confession time:

i’m a brd main who fucking hates big pulls


brd single target dmg is fun. it’s managing buffs, managing dots, managing all our off-gcd skills, managing procs, managing CDs, managing songs, managing TP, and with HW giving us WM and iron jaws also significantly complicating the best way to weave everything together and making dodging less effortless than before, it becomes a very engaging juggling act and very rewarding to pull off well.

brd multi-target dmg? is pressing the same three buttons over and over and at least 80% of the time also glaring balefully at the tank who read the reddit/forums meta on the best way to SR expert roulette, saw that the recommended DPS makeup was BRD + caster, and, never looking into the reason why that’s recommended, thus concluded that getting BRD + noncaster in roulette was like having half a speedrun and thus is good enough when in actuality what you got is more like a booster rocket with no payload (insofar as SRs go)

so yeah


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