Most musicians give up after hearing hard criticism or some hater telling you, “you suck”. Very few musicians will turn around and take that negativity and turn it in to motivation. A lot of musicians will give up after a couple of years pass by and still no record deal. Fame and fortune is some thing every body wants but no one understands you have to grind to get it, nothing in this life is given. But there is one artist that understands the game and knows patience is the key to unlocking this door so many people try to open every single day. Juno Leslie is a upcoming artist thats been on his grind since before high school. Juno has come a long way from recording in his moms garage with a Rock Band mic to 100s of fans tweeting his lyrics and requesting his music. Its insane how an artist can have so much recognition and respect amongst other musicians with no mixtape or album. After the world heard Juno Leslie’s latest single “Tonight” fans are now demanding a mixtape they are hungry for more but the question is will Juno give the public food for hunger ? Im sure he has something up his sleeve.