Most musicians give up after hearing hard criticism or some hater telling you, “you suck”. Very few musicians will turn around and take that negativity and turn it in to motivation. A lot of musicians will give up after a couple of years pass by and still no record deal. Fame and fortune is some thing every body wants but no one understands you have to grind to get it, nothing in this life is given. But there is one artist that understands the game and knows patience is the key to unlocking this door so many people try to open every single day. Juno Leslie is a upcoming artist thats been on his grind since before high school. Juno has come a long way from recording in his moms garage with a Rock Band mic to 100s of fans tweeting his lyrics and requesting his music. Its insane how an artist can have so much recognition and respect amongst other musicians with no mixtape or album. After the world heard Juno Leslie’s latest single “Tonight” fans are now demanding a mixtape they are hungry for more but the question is will Juno give the public food for hunger ? Im sure he has something up his sleeve.

Currently listening to what may just well be my album of the year.

‘Departure Songs’ by Australian post-rock band We Lost The Sea is out next Thursday and it’s an absolutely phenomenal record.

The band were kind enough to allow me to download it before its release date so I could enjoy it while I was away from home next week. Since I downloaded it, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

I’ve followed and supported these guys for a few years now and they’re all absolutely incredible musicians, producing some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. Moving, epic and uniquely ambitious, Departure Songs is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, full of raw emotion and talent I’ve never encountered before in such a spectacularly well orchestrated fashion. Forged from the greatest hardship of all, We Lost The Sea have matured into a remarkable band.

I strongly recommend this album to all of you and for you to support We Lost The Sea. :)


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Spoiler Warning: Me talking about the end of Hedwig

I don’t know if he still does it the same, but the one thing that stands out to me about Hedwig, my experience with it, is the fucking silence between Wicked Little Town reprise and Midnight Radio. It is the most beautiful accumulation of everything.

First of all, the lighting. THE LIGHTING. NO WONDER THIS SHOW GOT A TONY FOR LIGHTING HOLY SHIT. It’s big and beautiful and crazy for the whole show. Rainbow colored and hectic. During WLT reprise, the colors are so artificial and blue. They’re over the top, and they work so well for that scene. But then Tommy descends, and when (gender neutral “they” because it’s not really Hedwig but it’s not Tommy either) they step off the platform the lighting stops. It’s so raw. The stage seems like it’s being lit by one normal, yellow-hued light off of stage left. It’s one fucking light, one simple light offstage after all of the chaos and beauty that the lighting did on WLT. I could talk about the lighting in this show for fucking ever. It’s literally stripped down to the bone, just like Hansel is at this point in the show. The extravagant mask that was Hedwig has been torn off, the repressed delusion that is Tommy has been stolen, and all that’s left is little Hansel there. Broken. Raw. And the lights feel the same there. It’s not even normal theatre lighting. It’s literally like somebody left a flood lamp on in the wings. It’s so fucking raw.

When I saw the show, Darren made that silence loud. The audience just sits there for a moment, realizing along with Hansel what just happened. realizing that oh, they’re not okay. I just saw somebody completely break down. This isn’t fun and games anymore. You sit there and this weight just settles on your chest and you feel so bad. You want to take Hansel and tell them it’s going to be okay. You want to help them, and they just stare at you, looking for help but you’re fucking helpless. You’ve seen this person you’ve come to kinda love get torn open and it just hurts you.

He stood there, looking so fucking small and he just said in the tiniest broken voice “I…”

And it killed me. It fucking killed me. It was a bullet through the heart. You have the raw power of this lack of lighting, you’re still a little amped up from Lament/Exquisite Corpse/WLT, and you’re watching this beautiful complicated creature fall apart in front of you and they’re speechless. It’s a one-woman show (basically) and for the first time she’s fucking speechless. God and Darren acted it beautifully, Hansel looked so fucking sad and broken and LOST. they looked so lost and confused and it hurt to see.

The thing that gets me is that little broken “I…” That Darren did. (All the Hedwigs are different, so I’m going to specifically talk about the characterization of Darren’s Hediwg) She spends the whole fucking show trying to show the audience that she’s fine. She has the power, the control. She doesn’t NEED anyone or anything. But at the same time she’s also seeking the audience’s approval. And in that silence, in her truly weakest moment, she tries to excuse herself, but she just can’t anymore. She can’t keep trying. She’s done. She can’t do it anymore. “Suddenly I’m…” What? What can she pretend to be now? We’ve seen everything. We’ve seen all of her wounds and scars. We’ve seen everything she hides within herself and she can’t pretend to be anyone else anymore.
“I…” This is it. This is Hansel. This is what’s behind the spectacle that is Hedwig, the phenomena that is Tommy. This is all that is left.

Due to editing reasons I am taking down Wicked Little Town series (just for a while so I can go through and do MASS editing)

See I do not have a beta and realized as I started writing chapter 4 I have been fucking up the tense. Also I’m going to change the plot a bit but do not worry, it’ll be back up in a jiffy.

Be Aware of The Direction of the 50 Day Moving Average

t is funny to hear the “fanboys” of any stock who defend the “great company” during horrific, equity destroying declines. Recently, some of the best examples are coal companies (I had people asking me where to buy WLT the entire way from 80 or so down to the day of their bankruptcy) the 3D printing stocks, Alibaba and of course.. TWTR

I post this only to reiterate a point I make so often.. The direction of the 50 day moving average is more important than one or two closes above or below it. Look below at the chart of TWTR, as Trump would say “it’s a disaster!” When the 50 DMA is declining, there is simply no reason to buy.

anonymous asked:

opinions on the tape digg's vocals you've heard so far?

they vary majorly from song to song. I have yet to hear to EC or Angry Inch, so I cant comment. It basically goes like this:when he’s singing as Hedwig, it’s gorgeous. When he sings as Tommy? I want to pull my hair out. That being said, his WLT is one of my favorites- probably cause it sound the least like he’s trying to do some weird voice and is just singing. I love Taye’s voice, I do not like Taye’s voice when he’s doing weird impressions of what he thinks other characters should like. I should mention again that his WLT is fucking stunning. 

Which Coal Miners Will Live to Dig Another Day?

Walter Energy Inc. (WLT) filed a notice Friday morning that the New York Stock Exchange has notified the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the NYSE’s intention to remove Walter Energy stock from listing and registration on the NYSE at the opening of business on August 10th. The company’s stock currently trades on the OTC Pink market under the ticker symbol WLTGQ. Coal miner Alpha Natural Resources Inc. (ANR) is reportedly preparing a bankruptcy filing for as soon as next Monday.

Two down apparently, and who knows how many more to go. Arch Coal Inc. (ACI) traded around $0.19 a share early Friday morning in a 52-week range of $0.17 to $3.35. Yesterday Arch reported an adjusted diluted second-quarter loss per share of $0.73 and a net loss of $168 million, and regardless of the company’s brave words about “navigating this challenging market,” Arch could be next in line at the bankruptcy window.

The two major issues facing the industry are potential killers: oversupply and regulations limiting power plant emissions. The murder weapon is natural gas. As a fuel for power generation, natural gas continues to grow while coal continues to sink. When Peabody Energy Corp. (BTU) reported earnings earlier this week the company observed:

By 2017, Peabody expects that approximately 55 gigawatts of U.S. coal-fueled generation will retire, with the majority occurring in 2015, and that 250 gigawatts of coal-fueled generation will remain online.  While total U.S. utility coal demand is expected to decline approximately 30 to 50 million tons between 2014 and 2017 on lower assumed natural gas prices, PRB [Powder River Basin] and Illinois Basin demand is expected to more than overcome 2015 declines by 2017 as these regions retain a fundamental delivered cost advantage over other U.S. coal basins.

Peabody believes it can continue to compete on price by boosting volumes of its cheaper-to-produce PRB coal. And Alliance Resource Partners LP (ARLP) is also looking to boost production at its Illinois Basin mines. Appalachian mines will pay the price. As Bloomberg News put it today in a story about Alpha, some mines must die for others to live. And some companies will also die.

CONSOL Energy Inc. (CNX) is the largest coal producer by market cap, but its survival plan is based on becoming a natural gas producer. So far that has been only a partial success because natural gas prices are so low. Replacing one low-priced commodity with another equally low-priced commodity is not usually a formula for a quick turnaround, though it could be a good long-term strategy.

Alliance, which is organized as an MLP, announced an increase of $0.05 per common unit to bring its cash distribution to $2.70 per common unit, a yield of more than 11%. Nearly 90% of Alliance’s second quarter production came from the Illinois Basin. Alliance believes that market demand is beginning to stabilize and that recent market weakness is resulting in lower production across the industry. Alliance could be a survivor.

Westmoreland Coal Co. (WLB) is under pressure from an activist investor to sell the company immediately for a price of more than $31 a share, about double today’s trading level. That might happen, but it won’t happen immediately.

Cloud Peak Energy Inc. (CLD) reported an adjusted second-quarter loss of $0.28, far better than analysts expected. Analysts at Cowen say that even though it is in better shape than many peers, Cloud Peak is not “immune” from existing market conditions. The company’s position in the PRB works in its favor. But being the best house in a bad neighborhood is not usually a formula for long term success.

Peabody is a likely survivor and so is CONSOL. Cloud Peak and Westmoreland have market caps of around $200 million and $280 million, respectively. Either or both could be an acquisition target at the right price (but probably not $31 a share). And as long as it can maintain its cash distributions, Alliance will keep investors happy.

But bringing supply into line with demand will inevitably mean reductions in supply as coal-fired generation gives way to natural gas and renewables. For now finding that balance appears to have led Alpha, Walter, and (perhaps soon) Arch to a date with the bankruptcy court.

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