A Classified Summer - Part Eight

Summery: When you’re shipped off to stay with your Aunt Pepper and the Avengers in New York for the summer you weren’t sure what to expect but falling in love with Spider-Man wasn’t one of them

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,408

Warnings: like one swear?, injuries


Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

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“HE DID WHAT?” Wanda bellowed.

“Wanda please be quiet,” you pleaded at the witch who jumped up from your bed in shock.

“Okay sorry but what?”

“It just sort of happened.”

“And then he said…”

“’I’ll meet you tonight in your room.’”

Wanda stood in the middle of your room grinning at you. “I told you so.”

“You told me no such thing!”

Right after your rendezvous with Peter you sought out Wanda immediately to tell her all the details. You were surprised she hadn’t read your wild thoughts the minute you stepped into the room.

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(I like you Billy and the Teen Titians drabbles) Maybe the teen titans found out that their social intern/mother hen is accually Captain Marrvel?

“Come on Gar! lucky charms isn’t a meal” Billy stood in the door way between the kitchen and the living room in Titan Tower hands on hips. “Billy you’re like at the worst at being a kid, how is it you’re younger than me and you eat healthy? unnatural” Billy rolled his eyes “if I make you scrambled eggs will you eat them?”


“me too!” Wally blurted “hey can I get some?” Jackson asked, “Batson if you’re taking orders an egg white omelet would not be objected to” Damian said not looking up from his phone. Billy sighed and turned to go into the kitchen. It was Sunday morning in the tower, Damian, Gar, Jackson and Wally were hanging out in boxers and t-shirts, while Kori wore purple pajama. Jon was at home on the farm and no one was quite sure where Raven was. 

What happened next happened very quickly. There was a deafening roar and as Billy turned he saw the wall had been ripped away the sky peaking through the smoke. Kori was already half way in the air her hands and eyes glowing when a blast of energy flew through the gaping hole in the wall and struck her in the chest. Kori went flying across the room slamming into the wall mounted TV and flopping to the floor out cold. 

Wally was half way to his feet when a burst of semi-automatic gun fire exploded through the smoke. Wally twisted falling over the couch his t-shirt in shreds, blood everywhere. A figure strode out of the smoke and into the room. Jackson crossed the space between them in two steps and swung. The figure easily blocked Jacksons blows before landing a punch that doubled Aqualad over and  a knee to the face that knocked him out. Gar leaped at him transforming into a snake in midair. The figure grabbed him and the sound of electricity filled the air, an moment later Gar was back in human form, the ends of his green hair smoking, flat on his back. 

The figure stepped into the light, It was Deathstroke the Terminator. “Hello Titans, really you kids should learn to take better care of yourselves” Whatever life lessons Slade Wilson wanted to impart were cut short and Damian leaped at him. Damian’s sword was out and for the first time Deathstroke was taken aback. His stumbled backward barely managing to block Damian’s sword stroke with his blade. Steel rang off steel as they fought around the room. Damian held nothing back his attacks were ferocious and Wilson struggled to keep up. 

Billy saw the problem before either of the fighters. Damian was better, but he was fighting a man twice his size, to fight hard enough to stagger Wilson Damian was using more energy. Billy watched the sweat build on his friend’s face, heard the grunts, watched his movements slow little by little. Soon enough it was Wlison on the attack and Damian on defense. In a dramatic swing Deathstroke knocked the sword from Damian’s hands sending it spinning across the room, before Damian could react Wilson kicked him in the gut sending him sailing into a book shelf. 

Deathstroke stalked across the room sword at the ready toward Damian’s limp form. “You leave him alone!” Billy stood shaking in the doorway of the kitchen having not moved since the attack started. “Oh and who are you? some fan who stopped buy for an autograph?” Wilson turned his sword pointed at Billy. “Maybe this will teach them, kid’s shouldn’t be in this game” He lifted his sword high. Billy closed his eyes, he briefly wondered if Deathstroke thought he was scared. He was but not of Slade Wilson, once he did what he was going to do everything would change. Wilson swung the blade down and Billy opened his eyes and his mouth 


Captain Marvel held Deathstroke’s sword by the blade. “You should be careful with this thing, you’ll end up putting out your other eye” he crushed the blade. Wilson stepped back and drew a Pistol and fired it directly into Captain Marvel’s face as he stepped backward. In a blur Captain Marvel crossed the space between them grabbing the gun and destroying it. “Can’t blame a guy for trying can you?” Wilson said. “I can, and I do” Marvel reached out and flicked Deathstroke’s chest sending him flying out of the tower and about a mile out into San Francisco Bay. He quickly checked on the Titans. Most of them were just stunned and a little bruised. Wally’s speed and taking most of the momentum out of the bullets and they hadn’t gone much deeper than skin level. Damian already had the first aid kit and was using forceps to pull the bullets out of the shallow cuts as they closed up. 

“Um any one else wondering where Captain Marvel came from?” Gar said rubbing his head. “I mean not that I’m not happy to see you big red cheese but… what does the League have this place bugged?” Damian looked up and made eye contact with Marvel, “You want to tell them or should I?” Captain Marvel let out a sigh. “Shazam”

everyone but Damian jumped at the lighting. When the smoke cleared Billy stood staring at his shoes. “so um hi guys?” there was an explosion of questions and exclamation, Billy just looked at his feet and Damian rolled his eyes. 

Ain’t that some shit?

Eric Frein, a white man, lied in wait, ambushed and fired on two state troopers, killed one of them and wounded the other, and yet somehow the police managed arrest him —even though he was armed when they finally found him. After a seven week long manhunt, the police allowed Frein to surrender peaceably and took him into custody without murdering him. And remember, the police found a journal of Frein’s where he described in detail how he ambushed the troopers

Now compare and contrast that to Darren Wilson murdering a completely UNARMED 18yr old black kid who had his hands raised in surrender and presented no threat to Wlison

2014 America, where white cop killers get more rights and better treatment than unarmed black people