And I think the older group, they kind of missed something, and that’s that none of us consider ourselves to be professional journalists.

Gluttony Is The New Black interviewing We Listen For You, in her brilliant occasional outtake column Get To Know Your Neighbors, discussing blogging becoming a thing.

I’ve often thought this myself (but nobody is interviewing me), and that is: let the kids fucking write, or not, or post pictures, or not, or waste space, or make perfectly good use of it. Like the scribblers and doodlers of yesterday are todays artists, so will the so called delusional self curating blogs of today be the journalists/art directors of tomorrow. If you’re a journalist (what does that even mean anymore?) and you’re threatened by tumblr, you need to look around, and check the industry crumbling for it’s own shame above you, not kick the inspired to express themselves up-and-comers below. 

Take a listen to the b-side off of Conveyor’s upcoming 7", out on May 15th.  The track premiered today on We Listen For You, who describe it as follows:

“Maine” begins with whimsical chimes that seem to double and triple forming layers with the band holding a croon overtop.  Just when you think the track is going to be full on ambient, the song takes a left turn and kicks into this blissful acoustic guitar and harmony based piece of gold.  Conveyor has been mentioned over and over on WLFY because of their playfulness and ability to keep the listener on their toes without sacrificing their general approach to songwriting that makes them unique.

You can pre-order the limited edition 7" on white vinyl for only $5 here.