“Well, to me, [their] relationship seems like [that between] a plane and an airport. The character Leslie Cheung is to me like a plane. His nature is going to land sometimes and going to take off sometimes.”

“And the character of Tony Leung seems to me just like an airport. But sometimes, when this airport refuses to be an airport anymore and the plane has no place to land, this is the end of the relationship.”

Wong Kar-Wai, on Happy Together


-I hope you can see just how much more beautiful this life has become as we chose to do it side by side. I’m so lucky to do it all with you, i love you.


“Writing is about ideas, techniques and most of all, discipline.  The pressure of putting the first word on a blank sheet of paper is agonizing. It’s almost like being caught in a corner. It’s embarrassing. That’s why I always admire good writers. It seems easy for you, at least from my perspective. For me, it’s like hell, and you know very well that there’s no one to help you except yourself. It’s many days, or many months, or even many years of solitude. That’s why I prefer filmmaking. At least, you’re not the only one who’s suffering!”

– Wong Kar-wai talking with John Powers 

Stills from In the Mood for Love (2000, dir. Wong Kar-wai)


Barry Jenkins on Wong Kar-wai


Moonlight and Wong Kar-Wai


Fallen Angels alternate ending