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“It’s not what it looks like.” + “I need to leave.”

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You liked to believe that at some point in your relationship, the feelings between you and your idol boyfriend of two years were completely out in the open and equal. You liked to fantasize and, ultimately, think your daydreams were real, when it came to how much Namjoon loved you. Never doubting this relationship wasn’t easy, it was almost impossible not to feel insecure when you were deemed not ‘good enough’ by his millions of fans before you even had the chance to show them.

The only thing that made you go out with a smile on your face, nevertheless was it fake or genuine, and ignore all the hateful comments delivered to you by any and all social network, sometimes even right to your face, was the thought that, once you returned home, you’d find your boyfriend, the love of your life, in your bed. Even if his fans’ love was something you could never count on, his adoration for you was placed on a very high pedestal. 

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beckology  asked:

oh my God iogmg o h my God this hojfjk whtis this whole time i was looking at rolo and i didnt even re gister he has a nose like when he's facing forward i thought his nose wknj wa s s literally part of his bang skjnkfjdnk jkds i thought his nose was a bang i thought he was just an emo no nose boy i am a fool