wknd beats

I’m almost certain M83’s Midnight City is the most played song of the decade, and I’m certainly not complaining. It’s near impossible to get tired of that fantastic song. Anthony Gonzalez created something timeless and classic with the dreamy electronic pop song. But I also much relish the fresh twist on the tune that SAINT WKND, formerly known as WKND, has put on the much ubiquitously loved song. The German producer, who already proved his mettle many times over with so many splendid remixes in the past, gives Midnight City a more lustrous future bass sheen that’s more of an atmospheric, gliding experience. While the original might be the perfect pensive night time soundtrack, I have an intense urge to listen to SAINT WKND’s version at sunrise, as the world, emerging from its shadows, starts to sparkle in the rays of our rising sun and city lights lurk faintly in the distance.

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