anonymous asked:

What's one of your favourite artists here on tumblr?

There’s a lis of artists here, and on other sites  i adore so much. In fact, most of the blogs i follow (over 2000) are all from artists. I love to see a good piece of art, whether it’s style or just the humor within.

I could list a few, but i wanna stress that i will forget a few and that some are NSFW. I adore all artists in different ways. List is in no particular order.

NSFW blogs are bolded.

@heckatoasty, @nijisuu, @dragonfairy77, @marmadoodles, @hashburrowns, @lylagames, @zazuo, @yvoi, @hickeybickeyboo, @bearfrickker, @wkdart, @wuffinarts, @manalon, @matsuku, @marshmalowl, @thearkhamknightt, @pocket-the-time-lord, @staufe, @juuichithebiggaybear, @juuichi-da-bear, @dingostuff, @dulynotedart, @genchiart, @opferziege, @scpkid, @cowboydan13, @crazy-go-lucky, @frostadflakes, @rrowdybeastart, @dead-stray-cat, @ben-bendraws, @lock-wolf, @curritos, @richardmeow, @linkfrompennysylvania, @outsidewolves, @greenendorf, @dangerouspancakes, @tairupanda, @scribblekruff, @jjcc52, @calzoners, @geromonkey, @penciels, @kosukeweibersel, @wafflethemighty, @n0ox, @chisana-suzu, @yogurtmoos and many more..

I missed a lot, i’m sure of it, but i always try to like their art and reblog if i can. I hope you all can take a look at these artists and maybe follow, like or reblog a few. They’re all really amazing. Even those i’ve missed (sorry, some of you know i like your art, shoot a message if i forgot you ALSO IF YOUR BLOG IS NSFW AND I FORGOT)

But here is a small portion of it all.