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56 and 72 with Bucky please

Bucky x Reader

Prompt: in which Bucky gives you a hard time sparring with him.

Genre: fluff/humor

A/N: The wait is over. Here’s your request, dear annon! Writing action scenes is so fucking hard! Omg! But I hope you get the stills.

Sorry for any typos, I’m on the phone📱😛

Never Again!

Training sessions were hard for you as a new agent who’s just joined the Avengers. Not that you didn’t train in the academy you studied in. But here, people were made of steel. The Avengers trained so fucking hard, any chance they got. You left like living with wrestlers.

Every morning you wkae up at 5 am. Your routine starting from that time. Steve took you under his wing and you jogged with him for two hours, then gym and sparring.

This morning you knew you were scheduled to train with the Winter Soldier himself. He’d grown close to you. After her came out of his cocoon, he and you hit it off really well and starting hanging out often. So when Steve said last night that you’re supposed to be training with Bucky, you didn’t see why you should say no.

But fuck, it was huge mistake. You underestimated Bucky and his skills. You thought he’d take it easy one you, but you took his friendship for granted. He made you run extra, he made you lift extra weights and you were clearly dreading sparring with him.

Before getting into the ring, you quickly excused yourself to the kitchen to refill your bottle. He knew he was being hard on you, which only made him chuckle devilishly. He was having fun, watching you huff and pant. Begging him to have some mercy on you.

While it was ten minutes up and you still didn’t show up at the gym, Bucky thought you’d escaped. So he made a bee line to the kitchen and just as you were about to leave:

“I fucking knew it, you’ll try to escape, Y/N.” Bucky smirked, grabbing the hem of your shirt and pulling you back.

“No!” You cried out. “Bucky please let me go, I’m tired!”

“No, not for at least another hour. We’re practicing and Steve ordered me to teach you my tricks. You don’t wanna defy Captain’s orders, now do you?” He cooed at the end and you pouted, jutting your bottom lip out.

“But what’s wrong with my style? I trained with Steve and he never had a problem with it.” You ask

“Well, there’s nothing wrong in learning new techniques, right?”


“Now, are you coming or do I have to throw you over my shoulder. ‘Cause, you know I’ll do it, if I have to.”

“Oh really?”

To prove his point, he did exactly what he needed to. He crouched down, wrapped his arms around your knees and picked you with such force that you ended up over his shoulder. Metal arm rested on your lower back and the other one down on his side as he turned around, ignoring your curses and protests of putting you down.

With a shit eating grin on his lips, he threw you down on the mattress of the ring. You landed on your butt with a huge bounce. Bucky’s hands on his hips as he looked proud of his little victory.

You cursed at him before getting up, and pat your hands on your leggings, dusting off the dirt and glare at him, “Okay, but only one hour and that’s it! And after this we’re never training with each other ever again!” You scold him, pointing your finger at him.

“Aw, you’re breaking my heart, doll.” He cooed at you, taking his stance. Arms forward, slightly bend along with his knees and palms in a fist. You roll your eyes, imitating his position.

He goes for the first move, aiming his fist at your face. You gasp and duck down, sliding a leg so that he’d trip. Of course, he knew the same old tactic. He’s watched you do that a million times when you’re fighting the enemies.

“Pause!” He yelled and you stopped. “See, that’s where you go wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, because you’re still defending. But that’s a known move. Now, I’ll make the same move again and you’ll defend it.” He said, but before you could argue, he added: “In a different style.”

He fisted at your face again, this time you put your palms forward, diverting his arm and kicked at his abdomen, effectively backing him a few steps. He looked slightly proud as he smirked and nodded, in approval.

Fifteen minutes in and you’re already worn out. You lay down on the ring floor and huff, “Go easy on me, Soldier.”

“This is easy, doll. We haven’t even been so much as to 10% on the difficulty level.” He told you and put his hand forward.

“What percent am I on?” You ask, grunting as you grabbed his extended hand and swiftly got back on your feet and wipe the sweat forming on your forehead.

“Maybe 4%?”

“Wow, that’s accurate.” You scoff.

“Now, we’re gonna learn how to do the rainbow style flip.”

“What the hell is that?” You ask, folding your arms across your chest.

“I’ll show you.” He smirked, a devilish glint in his eyes. “Are you ready?

No, I’m not at all ready! I don’t even know what to do!” You start to panic, taking a few steps back and making a run for it. Bucky lunges forward, grabs you by your waist, so your back is against his chest. He lifts you up, bending backwards (damn he’s flexible) and as he mention the name ‘rainbow’, he makes you do a 180° up in the air and practically throws you down with a harsh bounce.

“FUCK!” You yelp. Your ass is surely bruised with the number of times you’ve landed on it.

“Oops!” Bucky giggles.

“I told you I didn’t know this style! Bucky, what the fuck is wrong with you? I could have broken my arm! OR MY FUCKING NECK!”

“Y/N, you’ve not broken anything. You’re fine! Stop yelling!” Bucky scoffs.

“I AM NOT YELLING, YOU ARE!” You shout in an even higher tone than before. “THAT’S IT! I’m telling Steve never to set me up with you for training again!” You grumble and pick up all your stuff and walk out of the gym.

But as you go, you could only hear Bucky laughing his ass off before you slam the door shut.


“Waking up is knowing who you really are”