Effective visual experiment by Mark Payne combines 360 degree photography with 3D graphics rendering:

HyperBubbles came about after a recent trip to an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne. I took some 360º photos (on the new Samsung 360º camera - it’s so fun) at different exposures to then later create a set of HDRI’s for use as a lighting method in 3D. As I was walking around the space I came across this broken curved safety mirror which was just hanging there, I love how it distorted reality & looked like a bubble just floating in the space. That mental image I think stuck with me when I got home and into my play time. 

I started to play with putting mirrored spheres into a sphered HDRI world, the results visually were confusing. When I showed my co-workers the next day they were tilting their heads due to not being sure of what they were looking at, I knew I had to go and explore this bubble world more. 

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Frozen Elsa & Anna ~ Disney AU Part 3

When the castle is accidentally set ablaze by Daenerys, she is named a monster and a witch. Running away and hiding in the mountains. Her sister, Sansa, embarks on a journey to return her home and stop the fire burning their kingdom.  

So you’ve been eating healthy for a week or two, you’re feeling great, you’re motivated, you’re strong. And then, you’re driving to the gym, and all of a sudden–you’re starving. All you want is an ice cream cone. Or you’ve had a shitty day, and the only thing that will make you feel better is a fried chicken sandwich.

This is the moment you’ve been dreading, the moment you think you may fall off the wagon. Not while Girl Meets Strong is around! With these five tips you can empower yourself to stay on track and keep eating healthy. Don’t thank us, thank yourself!

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Sif/Steve for @ageisia

Personal Trainer AU where Steve is Sif’s new personal trainer and she is constantly taking the goals he sets for her and blowing them out of the water.  It’s been a long time since he himself has been challenged at his job.  He’s starting to think that Sif should be the one training him and not the other way around.  

For the prompt:  Sif and Steve! I kind of figure that, during Steve’s formative years, most of the women around him were bigger and stronger, so he had some fantasies that involved being manhandled by his partner. After the serum that seemed like it wasn’t an option… until he met Sif.

I know this isn’t canon super-serum Steve like you asked for, but I couldn’t get graphics that worked for that and I’m sorry.  :(  I hope this will work for you though…  <3