Life is fluid. Some 90% of what we are is made up of water. Without this precious liquid we are nothing. We cease to exist. We’re dead. This water’s carried around in thin-skinned sacks. We must be insane to race recklessly about in a world filled with so many sharp and pointed daggers. ( Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir )

❝ playboy. ❞ – taekai

Kim Jongin, your typical playboy, took an interest in bartender Lee Taemin. Not wanting to give up his playboy ways, he adds Taemin to the list. Everything went well for Kim Jongin, until Taemin decided to dump him for another guy – which drives Kim Jongin insane.

“Why am I so obsessed with him…”

“I just want to hold him, to touch him, to love him”


The Force is strong in my family. 

My father has it… 

I have it… 

my sister has it… 

you have that power, too.