wk crew


NOTE: I’M GOTTA- Anywho, dis my N E W zoo au. Ill do the next gen later! And maybe even Ocs or some WK fans/tumblr users! Or even characters from another show (Odd S, Word G, im lookin at you [ = w = ])

Ok so here’s what goes down
The WK crew (villains included) now own a zoo! Well, Paisley is the big boss but they all take good care of it. They don’t take care of just ANY wild animals. They save and protect umm…“Special” animals. They treat them well! They would get a call of a weird looking “animal” that seems hurt, and they will fly/drive there and take care of the situation. Some of these animals seem smaller and/or bigger than normal.

For example= Brown bat Pavers. She is smol, but WAAYY bigger than a normal brown bat. (Smol Pavers, Tol Rex)

Some of these creatures even have powers!………..mainly the aqua creatures.

Thats all for now. Ill draw pics and character bio later! Pls enjoy. Plz mention/credit me if you use this au anywhere.



Chris - Head Keeper, Land Trainor

Martin - Head Aquarist, Water Trainor

Aviva - Head Veterinary/Lab doctor,

Koki - Educator, Tour Guide, Greeter

Jimmy Z - Call reciver, Helicopter, Truck driver

Zach - Registrar, General Curator, Finance Manager/Director

Donita - Gift shop manager, Show performer, Clothes designer, Party planner

Dabio - Greeter, Security Staff

Gourmand - Feeding Staff, Chef (works in the food court), Security staff

Paisley - Company Owner, Operations Director/Manager

Rex - Repair man



Chris - Tropical Mermaid

Martin - Artic Mermaid

Aviva - Electric eel

Koki - Orca

Jimmy Z - Fire Mermaid

Zach - Diving Bell Spider

Donita - Octowoman

Dabio - Whale Shark

Gourmand - Coconut Crab

Paisley - Stingray

Rex - Dolphin

((Theres a big greenish blue turtle swimming in there somewhere…theres also some stress balls thrown in there…))



Chris - Deer

Martin - Male Harpy (Crowned Eagle)

Aviva - Cheetah

Koki - Alligator

Jimmy Z - Crocodile

Zach - Panther

Donita - Red Fox

Dabio - Spectacled Bear

Gourmand - Brown Bear

Paisley - Little Brown (grey) Bat

Rex - Megabat/Fruit Bat