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Hey ! Thanks again for the Captain Carrot fanart :D You think you could draw Rincewind some day ? (once again, if you're not too busy)

You betcha! (his hat only says WIZZ because he’s always whizzing away)

Being one of the Avengers would include :

- You being the youngest on the team and everyone seeing you as a younger sibling .

-Going on morning runs with Steve and Sam, Pietro sometimes comes too only to wizz pass you every few seconds shouting ‘’On your left ! ‘’

-Having weekly shawarma nights 

-You and Pietro pranking Tony until one day Bruce opens the door you had rigged with a bucket of iced water  which resulted in an angry Hulk chasing you around Avengers Tower.

-Going drinking with Thor which always ends up with him supporting a half unconsious you back to the Tower.

-Watching the movies on Steves ‘’things I missed out on’’ list with him.

-The twins teaching you Sokovian, Pietro supposedly teaching you words like ‘’thank you ‘’ when he was actually teaching you to swear.

-Training with Natasha 

-Teasing Wanda about her crush on Vision, you tried to set them up once but both of them being telepaths they saw right through it. 

-Babysitting Clints kids for him 

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The cover of the single features a photograph of a page from a magazine folded into the shape of a speed wrap. No drugs are shown on the sleeve. The inside booklet features a series of origami-style diagrams showing how to fold a piece of paper to make a speed wrap. Again, drugs are neither mentioned nor shown. However, under pressure from retailers and Island Records, a new, plain white sleeve has been printed.

The press denounced the cover as a “sick drugs stunt,” and the Daily Mirror ran a campaign to ban the single claiming the band were “offering teenage fans a DIY guide on hiding illegal drugs.”

 - Melody Maker, 1995

Bob Odenkirk: ‘All people are sad clowns. That’s the key to comedy’
The actor and comedian, 54, who made his name in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, on the joy of being older, why he’s way too responsible and what he owes Monty Python
By Rebecca Nicholson

“There are plenty of fuck-ups in showbiz. It would never happen to me, because I’m too old to buy into that shit. I’m very aware that when I’m being celebrated it’s as a commodity, not as a human being. For younger people who have a touch of fame, they can’t tell the difference. They think their actual self is being celebrated, and that’s not the case.”

I freaking love him

You know what I REALLY like about Big Hero Six?

It’s that Fred wasn’t a genius like the rest of the main characters and was still treated like human being and not some dumb loser who’s unworthy of life and friends just because he’s not conventionally smart.