At night when I’m alone in my room I look out the window listen to music and think. It’s crazy where life brings us right. Who would of thought 3 years ago when I graduated not knowing where I would be in life today I would be here. Crazy. 21 in LA with my boyfriend was a big chance I took. But who said I wasn’t a chance thrower. I mean look I took a chance at #itworks and #joined the company. I will say tho that I miss my bestfriend my family my mom aunts cousins brothers uncles step dad all of you. People say Darius & I have #big #dreams & that we aren’t being realistic but you think #kanye or #wizkhalifs or shit #TUPAC didn’t hear all of that? What about their managers? I mean look at #barackobama. Instead of saying we aren’t being realistic why don’t say #damn you’re an #inspiration for actually following your dreams. People are scared to take a leap of faith. Somebody once asked me well you say you want to be a millionaire one day what would you do with that. I answer “well what would I be without it?, I don’t want to be on the street. Even middle class. Because yes I want to spoil my kids and put them in private school and them walk in to class and say "you know who her/his parents are”. That’s my dreams. I want that Benz & that Royce & that big house with the #infinity pool. call me #materialistic. But let’s be real who doesn’t #dream about that? You can say #money doesn’t buy happiness. But being broke ain’t making me happy either. I want to see my mom travel to Italy & my step dad go to Sinaloa & my aunt have her dream wedding & Darius parents retire & travel & my little brother go to #bishopgorman & my other brother own his own gaming company. I want to see Taelyr have her salon & my uncle be a big huge wedding planner with my aunt. See my #cousin go to school for make up & be a big ass MUA. I’ll never understand why people try to limit their dreams. Give me a year & you all will see all this come true. To you who follow me & don’t think much of my post right now just remember this you will say one day “ I remember when she would post a video or status or picture & talk about her dreams and now it’s her reality !” Thank you it works 😘❤️ by bonafidemgmt http://j.mp/1S6qSeD