Watch your mouth, sweetheart (Negan x Reader) Public humiliation ;)

“Hell yeah! 😙❤ Thank you!! Okay, so I’d love a reader insert where the you is a shitty mood b/c of Negan taking half her group’s stuff, so she decided to mouth off and be sarcastic. And so Negan decides to humiliate her in front of everyone by punishing her and she’s of course incidently turned on by this??? I hope that’s not a weird request hahaha” - @wizardwaffles


From where you stood as look out, you could see the various vans and cars and trucks rolling in to collect supplies again. You were a valued member of your group, a part of the inner circle of leaders trusted with its future, you couldn’t let your stronghold be subjected to brutes and their requests.

“Hold my gun” You demanded angrily to a friend who was also standing watch.

You swung your leg over the wall and began to descend the metal rungs, your boots making a deep clanking sounds as the clattered amongst the fixed and rusting metal strips. You reached the bottom and cracked your now frozen, from the metal, fingers.

From at the front of the gates was a knock which resounded through every street in the compound. An awful threatening whining of the metal gate as it was hit with Lucille, a barbed wire covered baseball bat wielded by Negan, the man you were forced to pay tribute too. He was well groomed considering the surrounding world and maybe if he wasn’t taking all of your peoples shit you’d’ve found him a slight bit attractive.

“Little pig, Little Pig, Let me come in “ You heard him call slowly and precisely, enjoying the fear he knew everyone on your side of the gate was registering.

It hadn’t even been a week yet, “Your early” You announced, striding confidently to the gate. If the man intimidated you, which he did, you wouldn’t let it show for the benefit of our people, they needed to respect you.

“I missed you” He replied with a smirk, He was inside the gates now and his vans and cars followed, parking somewhere behind you so as to collect the offerings easier. Your people were beggining to flood out of their doors and gather at his attention in a surrounding half circle.

“Flattered.” You replied in a voice dripping with a mixture of sarcasm and pure disgust.

He chuckled, swinging Lucille upwards and in a circle to rest on his shoulder. “So what’ve you got for me this week, sweetheart?”

“Less than usual, based on your shitty time keeping methods “ You answer, showing him no fear as your glaring eyes met his mocking ones. More people were coming to gather and the exchange between the two of you was loud and easily audible. The situation was growing increasingly hostile and it was uncomfortable to all who watched, they began to distance themselves from the two of you. In truth you were just scared and voicing what you knew the entire group wanted to say.

He snorted. “Dwight ? You heard the mouth on this bitch ?” He announced in rage, “Its almost as if she’s not lucky as fuck enough already that we haven’t fucking killed her or taken her as a saviour.”

He pulls you close so the two of you are face to face and his intense eyes stare you into submission. “Listen, doll. I know you and the rest of your bunch of pussies group have trouble understanding the threat you are fucking facing here, but let me enlighten your dumb as shit mouth. We expect more. We will get more. You will find us some fucking more. Its pretty damn simple, you give or we take. And if you cant pay up ? You will pay me, personally, understand ?“

You nod, still not breaking an expression past hatred on your face.

His voice is raised now so the rest of the groups can hear him, “Now me and (y/n) have just had a fucking spectacular chat about your future payments and she, has promised, that you sorry fucks will provide DOUBLE this amount of shit for next week ! What a kind and considerate person !”

Your group exchanges uncertain looks and mumble to each other in disbelief at your betrayal and disloyalty, You turn in utter disgust, “NO I D-” There is a hard slap across your jaw, followed by a hard, crippling grip on your collarbone, making your cry out as it pushes you to your knees.

You splutter, spitting out a slight glimmer of blood. The hit must’ve unearthed it and you cough to try to bring up the rest. You are in someways glad your head is bowed so you can not see what you imagine the disgusted look of your people is like, its bad enough Negan put the words in your mouth but to then be forced to your knees.

He crouched, using Lucille to balance himself as he spoke to you very slowly and patronisingly. “Your the leader here, huh” The grin was back, he was enjoying himself again now, “ What have you seen these people live through ? I bet the fucking worship you ! Down on your knees now? I’m not going to turn you into a martyr for them “ His tongue rested against his teeth as he whistled even when he spoke.

“The name of the game is breaking you in front of them. Ill slide my dick down your throat and you’ll thank me for it, then they’ll fall in line” He finished.

Words did not escape your mouth. You were beginning to panic, your people would think you were weak but you couldn’t say anything. A slight flustered crimson was flooding your face at the implications of what he might do and the sheer embarrasement of public humiliation in front of your people.

“What? No answer ?” He mocked, standing back up to his feet and over exaggerating a listening motion with his hand to his ear. “ Well… You didn’t really think you were going to get through this without getting punished, now did you?” He smirked.

Your very heart shuddered and fell to a million pieces but you were determined not to cry. “You see, right now it would be too damn easy to kill you” He shrugged, swinging Lucille gently. “That and Lucille has taken a liking to you” He winked. Suddenly he had lurched forwards again and was back down at your level. “You’ve taken a liking to her too, right doll?” He provoked.

You nodded timidly in reply, trying desperately to stay on his good side. Your reputation didn’t even matter anymore you already felt humiliated.

“Good” He grined widely, showing teeth, “ So why don’t you show your accpreci-fucking-ation to my dirty little girl” He suggested, spinning Lucille around and gripping her just under the barbed wire, pointing the long handle at your face. “Suck it” He demanded.

“Wh-wha?” You splutter out. Your eyes darting in disbelief at the words he is saying, the white hot glares of your people pulsating through every thought in your head.

“Suck it” was not a fucking question, sweetheart” he grins sadistically, this time forwarding the hilt of Lucille so it drags down your bottom lip, making you pout. The cold air has hit your teeth and dried out your mouth. Realisation hit you that there was no way out of it, other than to do as he said.

“Please !” you begged, your eyes raw and puffy, “please not in front of my people “

He chuckled and announced again, “ She’s just offered to take me someplace more fucking private” He was announcing this to your gathered group who were watching as you begged him on his knees, the hilt of his weapon in your mouth against your choice. “While I am damn flattered by the offering of your personal company”, he winked, “ I think I, and the rest of these sad shits would prefer to see how much of a length your throat can take right fucking here.”

With the end of these words, he thrust Lucille deep down into your throat. Gagging and choking on its length, tears swarming to your eyes and you struggled to capacitate for its surprising size. Saliva and bile were frothing at your lips as you whined around the handle of Lucille. You looked up to see Negans grin at your work

“ That’s a good fucking mouth you got there” He smirked, running a hand through your hair, “ bet you love the fact your people can see what a whore you can be with it” You were choking undoubtedly, but his words ? They spread a deep red blush across your cheeks.

“See ! Everyone feast your fucking eyes on my dirty girl ! look at her taking Lucille down her throat like that ” He mocked you in front of the group, you could hear a few of the members of his group laughing and some of your own muttering in disbelief of the disgrace youd made of yourself.

He dragged Lucille out of your throat with a pull, bringing up the excess saliva she had supressed and you fell down onto your hands and knees to cough it all up and breathe again finally. You were so wet and so flustered by his compliments and the stimulation to your mouth, and you were sure your people noticed just as much as he had.

“Next time Lucille fucks your mouth in public” He spat with a cruel and sadistic smirk, “Ill allow you to grind against my boot knowing how much you obviously enjoyed it this time”

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wizardwaffles  asked:

@intuitively, who asked for tips to character development: when I'm creating a character, I do like to do the basic outline that was mentioned but I also love to come up with everyday or crazy scenarios for my characters and see how they'd adjust to them even if said scenarios never make it in my story. That may seem boring but it actually helps me because I can factor in quirks for them in how they'd react to different problems. I think quirks are amazing to individualize characters.

That doesn’t sound boring, that sounds awesome!

wizardwaffles  asked:

I just wanted to say I really like your blog and it's awesome to find somebody else who likes Armie Hammer. C:

Aww thanks boo! I like your blog too! :D Oh gosh, I feel bad about all the Armie Hammer on my blog lately but…..
IT’S TIME HE GETS SOME ATTENTION!!! He’s an amazing actor, really great to look at, and just hilarious in general. Look at him photobombing Meryl Streep like the huge goofball that he is:

 But anyways, I’m super glad to see him getting more love on tumblr! Happy blogging, can’t wait to see your posts on my dash<3

wizardwaffles  asked:

Can I love you? You're like the only tumblr famous person that's so nice to all his or her followers. So let's get some love up in here for iwantcupcakes.

Aww, thank you.

It takes me years to answer messages and I’m about as Tumblr famous as a canker sore but still, thanks so much.

llamosa replied to your post “Alright lads whats a good 8tracks alternative for hosting fanmixes…”

spotify, hypster, apple music etc but it this is about the quota once you hit it just get a vpn and set it to canada

wizardwaffles replied to your post “Alright lads whats a good 8tracks alternative for hosting fanmixes…”


It’s looking like Spotify is closest to the thing I want, i.e. user generated playlists made in the spirit of mixtapes. I’m a little bit bothered that I have to download the platform for desktop, but otherwise it seems to work fine for me on mobile. Mind you, I haven’t tried uploading one of my own playlists yet.

Also, am I getting something wrong here, or can you only ever play playlists on shuffle on the mobile vers? Weird, haha.

Anyhow, ty y’all!

feelmedreaming replied to your post: You know, Exton is not that weird of a name.

It feels weird rolling off our tongues, but after repeating the name for a while it definitely has a pretty cute ring to it. At least they didn’t name him Blue Ivy, right.

My personal preference was on a Hebrew name. I thought there was a very good chance considering. But really, it could’ve been weirder.  Or in the opposite end, it could’ve been lame, like “Mark” or a name that every other person has.

I think “Ivy Blue” was better.  And in this case, “Elias Exton” would’ve been more … normal?

But this is Robert Downey Jr. we’re talking about. Nothing is normal.

wizardwaffles replied to your post: You know, Exton is not that weird of a name.

Exie is freaking adorable and I love the name.

Or they could even go with “Eli” as a nickname, after his second name.

wizardwaffles replied to your post: 3 a.m. thoughts: “Who do I have to fuck to get…

You care because you are drunk. And if you aren’t drunk, come to my house so I can make you drunk and we can talk about this. Drunk. Yep. Hope you like beers. And strangers!

I like all of these things. 

Because I mean, c'mon.

bellatrixed replied to your post3 a.m. thoughts: “Who do I have to fuck to get…

who do i have to fuck to be cast as the love interest of both brothers in this movie

Me. Because I will write it and it will win all the awards ever. 

This is a foolproof plan, Valerie.

wizardwaffles replied to your post: It’s fucking hot and my dash is full of stuff I…

But soon there will be birthday!

I think it’s gonna be too hot for birthday. I kinda don’t want to do anything. I was gonna make me and zaf a fancy picnic but it’s over 90 and we don’t have AC and I kinda just never and to stand up again.

I got an oil cruet, some wine glasses and a proper picnic basket but that was a bit ago. I spent too much at LeakyCon once I finished working for my pass so that is sort of a gift but I don’t think I’m actually getting anything tomorrow.

Other than numerically closer to death.