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spotify, hypster, apple music etc but it this is about the quota once you hit it just get a vpn and set it to canada

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It’s looking like Spotify is closest to the thing I want, i.e. user generated playlists made in the spirit of mixtapes. I’m a little bit bothered that I have to download the platform for desktop, but otherwise it seems to work fine for me on mobile. Mind you, I haven’t tried uploading one of my own playlists yet.

Also, am I getting something wrong here, or can you only ever play playlists on shuffle on the mobile vers? Weird, haha.

Anyhow, ty y’all!

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@intuitively, who asked for tips to character development: when I'm creating a character, I do like to do the basic outline that was mentioned but I also love to come up with everyday or crazy scenarios for my characters and see how they'd adjust to them even if said scenarios never make it in my story. That may seem boring but it actually helps me because I can factor in quirks for them in how they'd react to different problems. I think quirks are amazing to individualize characters.

That doesn’t sound boring, that sounds awesome!

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i thought we all agreed he was a cat… corgis are available though hmm

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I just wanted to say I really like your blog and it's awesome to find somebody else who likes Armie Hammer. C:

Aww thanks boo! I like your blog too! :D Oh gosh, I feel bad about all the Armie Hammer on my blog lately but…..
IT’S TIME HE GETS SOME ATTENTION!!! He’s an amazing actor, really great to look at, and just hilarious in general. Look at him photobombing Meryl Streep like the huge goofball that he is:

 But anyways, I’m super glad to see him getting more love on tumblr! Happy blogging, can’t wait to see your posts on my dash<3

Dear followers.

You will probably see quite a few posts involving me bitching about the college application process. I really hope you stick with me through this, because Merlin knows I need you to keep me from going insane.

On that note, are any of you applying yourselves?

Or my followers who are already in/out of school, where did you go? Would you recommend it for a dork like me?

so today I picked up The Original Frankenstein at a used bookstore and I’M SO EXCITED TO READ IT but I’m sick and I’m too loopy to absorb it sobsob

it’s got a version of the text transcribed from Mary Shelley’s original manuscript from the Bodleian, and then another version that shows Percy’s additions/changes

apparently in addition to flowering up the language significantly, Percy developed the humanization of the Monster and stuff so

this just sounds real neat! some (stupid) scholars argue that Percy basically wrote the novel, which is BS, but I think this shows that it was basically Mary’s baby, but he did have some influence on it - and while it’s still HER novel, there’s something really cute about the idea of them writing it, to some degree, together

if I were more alert I’d make some observation about the creation of the novel by a couple, but mainly by the woman, and the weird birth motifs in the novel but for now you’ll have to make the connection yourself

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Can I love you? You're like the only tumblr famous person that's so nice to all his or her followers. So let's get some love up in here for iwantcupcakes.

Aww, thank you.

It takes me years to answer messages and I’m about as Tumblr famous as a canker sore but still, thanks so much.

Hey guys! 

Wanna help me graduate high school?

I’ve been working on a short film for the better part of a month now and it’s time to edit dis thing.

I’d love you forever if you considered sending me a video of yourself.

Basically I just need people to say the line “We can be kinder." Nothing dramatic, just sincere. This film is about putting an end to unkind words and bullying, so I want everything to ring true.

If you can speak a language other than English, I’d love for you to say it in your native tongue!

And if anyone has anything else to say about the subject of bullying or any advice to those being bullied, feel free to say it.