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Inevitable Conversations

The early Fall day was quite nice. Elena plaited her hair into a long braid, Glitch trailing along behind her as the cat followed her outside for a bit of air.

The spot she chose in the courtyard was against a wall, which allowed her to see, but not necessarily be interacted with, unless someone chose to do so. Glitch hopped up on the bench next to her, climbing into her lap and purring affectionately.

Chuckling a little, Lea pet the cat, face quirking as she looked over a bit of information for a new potion.


Jarvis moved his bag as the professor moves the tables in the room, clearing a space for wands practice. The professor moved among the students pairing off the students at random regardless of House, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

Jarvis looked over at the boy that the teacher had paired him off with, noting that the dark eyed boy was a Hufflepuff. Adopting a smile he extends a hand. “Hello, Jarvis Thompson. It appears that I will be your sparks buddy for today,” his nervousness caused his mouth to run, letting out a joke that almost makes him wince. That sounded like something Tony would say, heavens help him.

Sleeping Draught || Wizardvengers AU

With the book in his hands, the bag around his shoulders and a concerned expression on his face, Clint made his way down the hallway to the library, where he’d been told he could find the student he’d been looking for. 

A sigh escaped his lips as he stepped into it, spotting the yellow tie and the familiar face instantly. He walked over to her, only knowing her from seeing her every now and then, but his professor was obviously convinced enough that she was the right person to go to.

“Hello.”, he greeted with a quiet voice, stopping at the desk she was sitting.
“Are you Elena Jarvis?”

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...Maybe

Lea set to work with quill and ink, filling out the last of the forms, feeling a distinct peace in her mind about the decision she had made.

Professor Snape had provided her with the paperwork, and she had filled it out. Now all that was left was to send it back to the Institute in Salem. Rather than spend her final year of Hogwarts’ education at the school, Salem Institute would be her home. With Professor Remy MacPhearson as her teacher.

He was a renowned Healer and Potioneer both, and she was a lucky girl, to be able to have such an important apprenticeship. It merely showed the promise that she had as a Healer and Potioneer herself.

She found herself that day in a small alcove, away from everyone, one of the many study areas which at the moment was blessedly empty.

Tips and Potionsmaking

Jarvis thrust back his shoulder, awkwardly settling his book bag over his shoulder as he made his way through the dungeons, the cauldron a familiar weight in his arms. He was not bothered by how cool the classroom could be, though he had decided that the potions rooms were down here to prevent contamination or something. He refused to believe that the professor did it to intimidate the students. He had a great respect for his knowledge.

Taking his usual seat he looked around. Bruce had taken sick the day before, so he was partnerless for today’s lesson. Which he supposed he was fine with. He had found a book in the library with tips for potions making, which made preparing the ingredients much easier.

Looking around he spotted Lea, the Hufflpuff girl he had helped the week before, offering her a smile and a wave.

Kitties and Conversations

“Glitch!” called Lea with a laugh as the grey cat bounced along from rock to rock, pawing at her new owl feather quill, “Glitch, don’t…oh, fine, you can have it.”

The last of her words became a pout as she surrendered the quill to the cat, who proceeded to play with it as a kitten would.

Elena couldn’t help but smile as she watched the cat from her place on the rocks by the Black Lake. The air was full of sunshine and the day was clear. A perfect day to take out a cat.

She began to scribble in her copybook, notes and innovations from the textbooks as she considered what classes she was going to drop and go for her N.E.W.Ts in.

Summer Visits | [closed]

To all intents and purposes Jarvis appears to be completely relaxed as he reclines against the wall of the cafe that acts as the entrance to Farthrow’s Avenue, the heart of the wizarding community in New York City. If pressed Jarvis would have to admit that he much preferred the atmosphere here, in the city he considered home, than anything that Diagon Alley or Hogwarts had to offer. Perhaps it was the memories of long summer days wandering these streets with Tony, or maybe it was the quintessential difference in attitude between Londoners and New Yorkers. But he much preferred this slice of the wizarding world. It was… more comfortable.

And he was eager to share it with Elena.

He looks up as the fireplace in the cafe flares again and the person he’s been waiting for steps through.

The Raven and the Badger (Wizardvengers)

Twirling her finger like the wand she kept in her robes, Elena meandered down the corridors of Hogwarts near Ravenclaw Tower, intending to try and find a quiet spot to practice her Charms work for the day.

That was, until she tripped, toppling to the floor. She didn’t cry, despite the scraped knee and the bruises she knew would be forming on her lanky body. She merely looked up with resignation at the group of Slytherin girls who seemed to be lying in wait for her.

“‘Fink yer so bloody smart, little ickle Puffie?” one said, “'Eard you showed up our House.”

With a sigh, Elena merely went looking for a handkerchief to put over her bleeding knee.

“Hey! Listen when we’re talkin’ ta ye, Mudblood!” said another, shoving the First-Year’s schoolbag out of the way with her foot. Elena did not pay attention, and did not speak. It was something she was rather used to.

An Old Friend...

Elena meandered through the halls and toward the Lake. It was a pretty spring day, and she had a free period with not much to do. She was quiet and the other girls didn’t like her much.

A group of Slytherin girls began to snicker and point, while Lea walked by, idly plaiting her hair into a braid, schoolbag on her shoulder. She pretended not to hear, but sighed as she did. It wasn’t uncommon.

Sometimes even geniuses could be idiots. It was a stupid mistake, not that it had been entirely unavoidable, but the fact remained; it was a stupid mistake. He stumbled a bit as he limped down the sidewalk. The curse was progressing, thankfully not fast, but the slow, insidious course of the spell through his body could not be ignored. And it prevented him from disapparating to the nearest hospital. Thankfully he knew someone who kept an apartment in the town near her work.

He is never certain after how long it took him to find himself at Leah’s door. Propping himself against the doorjamb he lifted a hand, summoning the strength to knock.

Share the Dance | Wizardvengers AU Drabble

Wizardvengers verse, inspired by a conversation between disembodiedjarvis and I. And dedicated to both my twin and the wonderful thegeniusisme.

Music soared up into the decorated heights of the Great Hall, the ceiling reflecting a sweep of stars glinting down from the cold winter night. Below, amongst the warm, flickering light of a thousand floating candles and beneath the arch of garlands of evergreen young people mingled, laughed, and danced in their best finery. Bright colours swirled around a room that normally saw a sea of black. Jarvis laughed as he watched Tony trying to convince Pepper that spilling butterbeer on ‘Vixen’s’ deep green and gold dress robes would enhance the atmosphere of the ball. Lea giggles on the other side of the table they had managed to commandeer, glasses and plates of snacks scattered across the round table. Seats were vacated and filled as the group of teenagers came and went; going to dance, grab more food or drink, or simply outside to get some air.

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A Summer of Thought | Wizardvengers AU Drabble

//Part of Wizardvengers AU. Companion piece to Pouting in Paris. Inspired and dedicated to thegeniusisme.<>

Sometimes it can be striking how different one part of the world can be from another. And how easily travel, whether of mechanical or magical means, can allow a person to traverse these diverse areas so easily; and in such a short amount of time. These were not the thoughts occupying Jarvis’s mind as he stared idly out the window onto the scene of a New York summer. The sounds of the city filtered through the apartment’s open window, so different from the whistling winds and the ground’s expansive views that he had grown used to seeing most of the year while at the castle. Tapping his pen against the scroll of parchment he tried not to let his thoughts wander. He had never liked the quills that the wizarding world seemed hell bent on having everyone use, the ink got everywhere and you had to pause every so often to get more ink. His annoyance with the old form of writing usually reached its peak in the hours when the common rooms or library were filled with students doing their work, the scratch of so many quills across paper the only sound filling the rooms and his ears. No, he preferred the smooth glide of a nice muggle pen, it required so much less maintenance, and the sound it made as it moved across the page was not nearly as jarring.

Perhaps it would be best to just finally admit that he was going to make no headway in the pile of homework that he had been assigned for the summer. Usually admitting defeat was something he stubbornly refused to do, but at the moment he simply found it too hard to force his attention onto advanced transfiguration theory. Instead he pushed open the widow a little bit wider, slumping against the side of the frame he listened to the sound of the fan futilely beating at the heat mix with the music drifting from the radio in the background.

For reasons that he was still afraid to admit to himself his mind drifted towards an issue that he had simultaneously wanted to avoid but also wanted to resolve. Tony had left for Paris with his mother nearly a week ago, the vacation an annual tradition Maria had begun when Tony first returned from his school year at Hogwarts five years ago, and it was something he knew Tony enjoyed despite his occasional complaints. But that did not stop the touch of envy at the fact that his friend was so easily able to visit and experience so many things. Even without the magic, there was so much Tony was capable of, so much open and available to the young heir. And if there was ever that small hidden corner of his heart that still could not believe that Anthony Edward Stark would still continue to call Jarvis Thompson, the son of the housekeeper, a friend, well that was just between him and himself.

Because at the end of the day what else could Jarvis possibly be but a childhood friend, a boy thrown into Tony’s life because Maria Stark thought it would be grand to have a such a readily available friend for her son.

Such thoughts were useless. Savagely he tried to push them away along with the strange lingering hurt that came with them. Nor did they help with the confusion. Ever since the night after the debacle in the prefect’s baths, when Tony had jokingly said those words ‘we should just go out’ he had constantly been subjected to an odd swooping sensation in the pit of his stomach, a tightening when he later thought back on the joke. Sure, he had easily laughed at the jest at the time, finding amusement in the implication that they spent so much time with each other that they might as well have been dating. Even now his lips quirk up at the ghost of the jest, before falling again; why should the fact that it was a joke hurt so much?

He is so caught up in reverie that he jumps when the phone rings, knocking his head against the window frame. Grimacing and rubbing his head, he walks through the apartment, picking up the phone in the living room on the fifth ring. “Thompson,” he says, forgetting to check the caller ID and forgetting that he could have technically just allowed the answering machine to pick up the message.

Jarvis, hunny,” he relaxes a bit at the sound of his mother’s voice. The lady of the house may be gone, but his mother still had a house to take care of. Whenever she had to leave him at the house during breaks she would call during her lunch hour. “How is everything?

He doesn’t hesitate in his answer. “Fine. Fine, mum.”

Good,” she pauses, sounding distracted. So she wouldn’t be home early tonight, he thought in resignation, reading her tone. “I have to work on some of the details for the charity function Mrs. Stark is having at the end of the week. I’m afraid that they will take longer than normal. Will you be alright for dinner?”

Jarvis thinks about the leftovers in the refrigerator, and nods, though he realizes too late that she would not be able to see it. “I’ll be set, mum,” he says. They share a few words after before she finally allows him to hang up, setting down the telephone in its cradle with deliberate care.

He sighs, running fingers through his hair, forcing thoughts of Starks from his mind as he turns his attention back to the pile of homework waiting for him. If Tony was going to be returning within the week he needed to finish it all before his friend decided it would be a grand idea to do anything but schoolwork.

Resentments | addictionperse [closed]

It always amazed Jarvis how in a castle the size of Hogwarts it could be so difficult to find a quiet corner in which to practice. Lips moving as he silently recited the instructions to the spell he raised his wand, preparing to cast. For one split second his eyes glanced around and he paused, forcing his attention back to his studies with a frown.

Why did he have to be here?

As the thought crossed his mind he chastised himself. Why wouldn’t the other boy be here. It wasn’t as if Jarvis owned this part of the castle. The courtyard where Jarvis had decided to settle in was largely deserted, only a few other students scattered around the area all largely ignoring each other. Resolutely turning his back on the entrance through which Tony ‘Ego’ Stark had just entered, Jarvis tried to focus on the book in his hand again, huffing as he stared at the trapped mouse he was supposed to be turning into a goblet.