I keep seeing a post going round about how different parts of america woudn’t share a wizarding school because political reasons and Jkr/british people cant understand that….

Like you do realise hogwarts was meant to be founded in 990AD? And is the only wizarding school in britain… like the scottish wars of independence? The ban on tartan/bagpipes/clans that took place for a good part of scottish history? The constant wars and oppresssion faced by the irish? The insanely vastly different views between the scottish, irish, welsh and english? The wizarding world is clearly either meant to view itself as separate from theses conflicts for the most part, or try to ally despite them. If Hogwarts lasted fine through William Wallace, and Robert Bruce (and all the conflict surronding them) I dont doubt other schools did the same.

Now sheer population, that I’ll give you, but dont act like “oh people in britian dont understand political conflict” when I’m still getting pissed off that people say harry potter as a series/hogwarts are in England - I’m constantly having to dig thrugh parts of history to find out if scotland was involved because people use “britain” and “england” interchangably. Political tensions were and are still very high across the uk, clearly for some reason these tensions dont touch the wizarding world.

917. Dumbledore cared for all of his students and loved being headmaster but there was one student he cared for almost like his own: Hagrid. This is why he wanted him to stay on the grounds after his expulsion and trusted him with his life. He often joined Hagrid for tea and a chat. Hagrid was so thankful he had him as family.

Another day, another post. What am I supposed to call this foolish thing anyway? A blog? A tumblr? I think I’m just going to call it a journal. It is rather like the journal I had as a child, only it has other people to chat with. That actually raises a rather important question. hey proudlyhufflepuff, how am I supposed to tell muggles on here? This whole project seems rather poorly thought through… I swear, if this breaks the Statute of Secrecy and I get in trouble, the Ministry will have Mother on the doorstep so fast…