wizards of puberty

wow.. more headcanons...
  • Every wizard uses their magic uniquely. Whether it be a signature pose, a battle cry, etc.
  • Necromancers can sense how long a person can last throughout their lifetime. However it is forbidden to tell said person, otherwise, they’ll suffer a life-threatening curse.
  • Despite being generally passive in nature, Theurgists can summon rainbows and hearts that can easily cut through your body.
  • Recycling in the spiral is much different than our world, instead of separating bottles and cans, wizards need to separate by elements. Such as one bin for Fire magic and another for Myth.
  • A Dryad’s tears have magical healing properties, it can cure most common diseases and even can be used to craft special items.
  • When a wizard is going through puberty, their body does uncontrollable habits, such as Diviners electrocuting themselves on occasion.
  • If a wizard gets a fever naturally, they’ll be unable to do certain things such as run or teleport, however they will learn a unique spell exclusive to that individual. Example: A Pyromancer learning how to breathe fire while another might learn how to turn their whole body into flames without harming themselves.
  • Conjurers have the ability to visit another’s dreams, but they can only view them, not change them.
Puberty Done Right: Disney Channel men transformations

Even Stevens 

Shia Labeouf 

AJ Trauth “Twitty”

Lizzie Mcguire

Jake Thomas “Matt”

Kyle Downes “Larry”

Phil of the Future

Ricky Ullman

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Wizards of Waverly Place

David Henrie

Jake T. Austin

A peek inside my middle school X-Files scrapbook...

So, I’ve tried to think of something meaningful that I could get the XF cast to sign at Wizard World this weekend, and I started thinking a lot about my childhood X-Files Scrapbook.

After a few days of hunting (where I found a lot of other cool stuff from the 90s), I found my beloved scrapbook deep in my storage unit. I took a peek inside, and it’s just this incredible confluence of XF fandom + puberty. 

Some highlights…

Yes, that’s right, before we kept “receipts” on Tumblr, we were scrapbooking them. Please note the fuzzy dog stickers holding everything together because I am dying.

Weekly TV Guide advertisements that I definitely got off some website and printed off of my IBM Aptiva. This was for The Rain King. Note that I am the woman in love. I, a 12 year old, am Fox Mulder’s greatest peril.

I found this Tofutti Fruitti promo in some women’s magazine, cut it out, and made the connection. FBI Agent in training over here.

At my school we were “forced” to make covers for our textbooks. We had free creative reign as long as it wasn’t “offensive”. This is but one of my textbook covers. I think it’s the nicest one. Note the shippiness and the pre-Gillovny era Gillovny photos.

I definitely printed the shippy quote from Haven’s collection of shippy quotes. For sure.

This was a health class assignment on puberty. I think from grades 6-8 I managed to work The X-Files into every. single. school. assignment. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one who is obsessed with X-Files.” Which was kinda true of my peer group at the time.

Cover page for my home ec assignment. You know, I think I was a better writer and creative as a child, even though I still work in a creative industry today/have a fucking masters degree.

A friend left this in my mailbox when she came by to hang out and I wasn’t there. My friends really knew how to fuck with me.

Ok, but look at this (PRINTED!!) online poll. How the fuck could they split up the shippers like that? I demand a recount.

I found these photos in a fashion magazine and was inspired. Again, I was a better writer/creative as a child. This is fucking hilarious.

Above, a school assignment where we had to make a totem pole of our interests/dreams. This is the kind of cultural appropriation they wouldn’t allow in Canadian schools today. Can you spot the Emmy and the Golden Globe?

Hope you enjoyed this lil trip down memory lane. Oh, and if you’re at Wizard World this weekend, say hi! I’ll be lugging this monstrosity around and you’re welcome to check it out in person.

Hermione is older than Harry and Ron

kay I’ve thought about this recently, and I’m not sure if it’s already been addressed before now but in any case here are my thoughts on this. Feel free to dispute it or whatever, it’d be interesting to see other people’s views and opinions on this if they have any.

Alright, so in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione gets herself a Time-Turner. No big revelation there, just the facts and basis of my train of thought. I began to speculate about the nature of the Time-Turner’s magic. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, the book and film Time-Turners worked pretty much the same.

In short, a witch or wizard goes back in time, do what they need to do and then few hours later they approach the part in time they originally went back. At this point, according to the book and the film, the past-selves go back in time as the future-selves had done, and then once they’ve gone the future-selves pick up where the past-selves left off. Essentially becoming the present-selves, if that makes any sense at all.

Like the scene in the Prisoner of Azkaban film, when Harry and Hermione are running to the hospital wing after saving Sirius and Buckbeak, and they barge in on themselves vanishing and Ron being very confused about it. It wasn’t like in Back to the Future, when Marty just moulded back into existence seamlessly without explanation. Harry and Hermione, catching up on the time stream, reached the point they went back in time and therefore continued with their lives from that point onward.

Now that was what confused me about it. Fictional time travel is confusing enough but I speculated about anyway, and what this means for the individual who has recently returned to the present. I figured, since their memories of the events that transpired as they were dodging their past-selves didn’t fade, that not only mentally, but physically and emotionally they have aged.

I did some research, because I’ve got nothing better to do in my spare time than research fake time travel :P I found what I’d been looking for on Pottermore, which had new and exclusive content about the nature of Time-Turners. Pottermore said that the safest amount of time going back is around five hours, because of research, trial and error whatever. Wheat really interested me was Eloise Mintumble.

So apparently, Eloise Mintumble experimented with time travel back in the day, and went back in time to the fifteenth century. When she returned – whether she reappeared or caught up wasn’t stated – she had aged five centuries; I’m going to guess she reappeared after botching an experimental form of time travel, aside from hour-based Time-Turners. She wouldn’t have caught up at all considering the time, but what got my attention is that the amount of time she went back, she aged. Confirming my train of thought.

Eloise Mintumble went back in time five centuries, and upon her return aged five centuries. Now, considering other things I’ve noticed, I’m going to consider this a rule of magical time travel for argument’s sake. That the amount of time you go back, is the amount of time your body takes in toll. Which essentially means, theoretically, while using the Time-Turner, the user still ages the additional time.

So somebody goes back an hour, you age that hour. Since memories are still intact, it’s rational to assume the emotional and physical development or decline of the time traveller does not revert back to its original state they were, before they traveled back in time.

Which finally brings me to my initial point of speculation, that Hermione Granger is older than her friends Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. She was always more mature than them mentally, but now after the Prisoner of Azkaban, she is both physically and emotionally older than the both of them, and by quite a bit also.

I’m not sure about particulars, maybe someone else a lot smarter and more die-hard about Harry Potter than me can figure it out, but let’s say that a Hogwarts Class is approximately an hour long. Thanks to the Harry Potter Wiki, we know that the third year Hogwarts schedule included these classes:

Core Subjects:

·         Potions

·         Herbology

·         Defence Against the Dark Arts

·         Transfiguration

·         History of Magic

·         Astronomy

·         Charms


·         Divination

·         Arithmancy

·         Study of Ancient Runes

·         Care of Magical Creatures

·         Muggle Studies

And in third year – anybody, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – Hermione attempted to take all twelve classes, hence why McGonagall felt the need to give her the Time-Turner. Now, throughout the book and film of the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione constantly disappeared and appeared at strange intervals, presumably when she needed to go back to sit another class.

So consider the days she had to repeat an hour or two, and maybe there were those few times she used the Time-Turner for longer study sessions or more time on assignments, etc. Now, again I don’t know the particulars, imagine the amount of times she went back, each day, then each week, then each month. Take away the Holidays etc, it still equals a considerable amount of time.

I don’t think she’s anywhere near an entire year older than Harry and Ron thanks to the Time-Turner. However, I believe at the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione was nearer Fourteen than Thirteen. I can explain why/speculate why, and again if anybody would like to dispute this, I’m interested in your point of view.

Right, so the obvious thing to bring up is that Hermione is a thirteen year old girl. Even witches and wizards go through puberty, and I think Hermione hit that stage of her life during the worst possible year. Because of the Time-Turner Hermione aged quicker than she should have naturally, so she would have reached the age of puberty before her other pre-pubescent classmates, which I think is demonstrated subtly but clearly in the Prisoner of Azkaban. Even if she didn’t hit puberty exactly in her third year and began beforehand, Time-Turner or no, the Time-Turner still had an effect on her.  

The internet tells me that the puberty in young women occur around ten to fourteen years old, so in fact Hermione may have started early on, and many of the girls in Hermione’s year may have even reached puberty before her. But nevertheless, because she’s experiencing more time in such a short span because of the constant application of the Time-Turner, she’s developing twice as fast than everyone else in her year. Therefore, maturing faster and enduring more than the Prisoner of Azkaban lets on, but still again I think shows; her emotional stress in regards to Ron, and her anger towards Malfoy for example.

If Hermione did in fact hit puberty in her third year/develop twice as fast then it corresponds with the way people react to her in future books; I’ll explain that soon enough, but lets just pause here and think about what hell Hermione would have went through if that were the case, that her third year was the year she hit puberty, because of the Time-Turner.

If Hermione went through puberty in her third year thanks to the aging effect of the Time-Turner, then she had one of the worst year of her young life; with the immense stress of her ridiculously huge work load, helping Hagrid with his legal troubles, and not to mention her so-called friend and future husband Ron being a little shit to her the entire year. All that on top of menstruating and everything else, let’s appreciate how boss Hermione is for taking all this on and coming out on top.

Now, my second line of reasoning that Hermione’s more physically developed towards Fourteen years old in the Prisoner of Azkaban, is the reaction of men around her in the Goblet of Fire. This was the year that the entire trio would be around fourteen, making Hermione around fifteen-ish. Nevertheless more developed than the rest of her classmates, and this shows considering it’s the year Harry and Ron start noticing women.

Harry noticed Chow Chang, a girl a year older than him, so assumingly more grown into her body than the girls in his year, or his future wife Ginny a year below him. Now lets have a look at Ron, who shows interest in women before in the Prisoner of Azkaban with Madam Rosmerta, who is clearly a more developed woman than the girls in his year. He expresses this interest in older, more shapely women in the Goblet of Fire too, since he crushed hard for Fleur Delacour for a while. His disinterest in Padma Patil, a girl in his year, was abrasive, which brings us back to Hermione.

Ron had a thing for Hermione. It was clear and adorable at the time and he did not handle it well, since it took them seven books and eight films for him to mature up and for them to get together. But here’s the thing, if it weren’t for the fact that Hermione was technically older/more mature and physically developed than the other girls in their year, I don’t think Ron would have noticed Hermione at all that way in the Goblet of Fire. I think the fact that they were close friends, alongside the physical maturity Hermione had reached - due to her premature aging effects of the Time-Turner – is what pushed Ron to see Hermione as a prospect, so early on in their relationship.

The whole Ron and Hermione will-they-won’t-they should have occurred much later I recon; take away the Time-Turner and I believe just that. Ron comes off, to me at least, as so typically male and shallow around then, so he’d would definitely only notice Hermione romantically once he noticed she was more womanly than she should have been for her age. Or, when he got jealous that other guys started showing interest, which add to this point. 

Victor Krum also noticed Hermione romantically, and he was eighteen in the Goblet of Fire. Hermione would have been around fifteen-ish because of the Time-Turner, though Krum didn’t know that, he just noticed she was an attractive woman. He appreciated her physical development as well as her mind; and also got jealous when he thought she was into Harry, which was adorable.

Putting aside that an eighteen year old wizard would be cool with dating an officially fourteen year old girl, the point remains that since she was physically older men began to notice her at an early age. So because of the little triangle between Hermione, Krum and Ron in the Goblet of Fire, I believe that in the Prisoner of Azkaban that Hermione is indeed close to fourteen years old, or at least thirteen and a half or a little over. Still considerably older than Harry and Ron.  

I doubt I’m the only Potterhead out there that has thought about this, but in any case I was in the mood to share my thoughts on it. If you actually read the entire thing, well then thank you. I hope I hadn’t made a complete gobshite of myself :P   

Things Every Potter Fan seems to know

Harry and Lily’s eyes are the greenest green ever to walk the color spectrum.

Weasley is the new Black.

It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA…

Glowing woodland animals are a Dementor’s worst nightmare.

Tickling a Hungarian Horntail is still much wiser than provoking Molly Weasley.

Minerva McGonagall is a BAMF. No questions asked.

Dumbledore could easily survive on lemon drops.

The Dark Arts is a many-headed beast.

In the Wizarding World, puberty is good news.

In a pinch, a handy chest-monster can conveniently point out your "one true love.“

Albus Dumbledore was many things, most significantly: gay.

There’s only one person whose death would’ve been more celebrated than Voldemort’s: Dolores Jane Umbridge.

The greatest power is love.

seraphkiddo-deactivated20151122  asked:

okay but mtf trans nonbinary luna lovegood though??? like?? can you imagine??


Demigirl? genderfluid? bigender? they’re all amazing.

Luna having the most amazingly supportive father, I mean like from childhood luna got to wear her favorite dresses and keep her hair long and be herself. and when she got to hogwarts she experienced transphobia for the first time. See, I doubt the wizarding world has puberty blockers, and idon’t think her dad could have gotten them for her. So she starts puberty and students start being mean to her, and then ftm harry becomes her friend, and they talk about all sorts of things, and they’re like polar oppisites in that Luna’s never faced negativity for her gender, while Harry’s never faced acceptance. So the two band together, and Luna never lets the mean kids get to her, and she eventually becomes the one to go to with gender questions in Hogwarts, she helps everyone she can, and Luna is just the strongest person.

Hufflepuff Aesthetics

•Being willing to fight anyone for your loved ones, but never fighting for pleasure.

•Having the sassiest comeback in the world, but not using it, because that’s rude.

•Lots of yellow and black, but not horse yellow and black. The colors of a sunflower.

•Wanting all the food, but knowing you should share.

•Slumber parties, slug races, ect. Head of non school funded student events.

•Getting horribly offended when someone even dares suggest you’re unfaithful in a relationship.

•Bringing everyone soup when they’re sick and your significant other cookies just because.

•Never studying, but somehow coaxing through with good grades, and while you won’t study yourself you’ll always offer to help someone else.

•Helping first years muggle orbs through their transition into the wizarding world, and also puberty. Without scorn.

•Wanting to save the world, but wonder if you only want to save it to get glory and feel bad about it.

•Debating where the line is between hero and anti hero and trying to figure out where you are on that line.

•Lots of restraint. Lots of love.