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Tabletop Commissions!

Hey guys I’m opening up a special kind of commissions! Tabletop RPG! I’m offering up 10 slots to draw YOUR Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder/Whatever character!

For $30 USD you can get a full body, full color drawing of your character much like these:

Don’t have a reference? That’s okay! All I ask is that you are open to communicate with me about what you’re looking for! Maybe look up a couple examples of the types of armor your character would wear etc. Tell me about them, I want to know their personality to help it shine through!

The last thing I want is “Could you please make my drow ranger? He’s got a few scars and a pet spider and wears leather armor.” That’s just way too vague. GIVE ME THE DEETS, GIRL!

So as long as you’re willing to talk it out with me and you got 30 bucks I’ll draw just about anything! (So long as it is not NSFW) That including monsters as you can see above! (Price might vary for anything very complex such as previously mentioned pet spider for example)

Almost forgot! For those of you who play online and need a token you can also get just a bust for just $15 USD! I’ll open up 10 extra slots for bust commissions.

If you’re interested please contact me here on this blog  ( @the-genki-mistress) or through email at alexisweinmann@gmail.com. All payments are accepted through Paypal only!

Slot status