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Okay take 2 so like I’ve never seen or even read anything revolving around the Wizarding world in America because honestly it’s cool but it never really caught my eye anyways so all this will be taking place in Hogwarts

•Shouldn’t they go to the American Wizarding School? You ask

•How would them being in Hogwarts make sense? You ask


•I’m pretty sure there would be some kind of program especially if they want to get more involved with foreign Wizarding cultures and governments. Because honestly there has to be some sort of foreign policy in Wizarding government

•Alex, Aaron, Schuyler Sisters, Herc, John, James, and Thomas are all American exchange students from ilvermorny

•Lafayette is French exchange student from Beauxbatons

• Alex, Angelica, and John were all placed in Gryffindor

•Eliza and Aaron were placed in Ravenclaw

•James and Thomas were placed in Slytherin

• I was debating in placing Alexander in slytherin since his character seems to revolve around doing everything he can to make sure he himself makes it ahead and has a legacy but then I remembered that he as a person is very prideful and impulsive which ultimately is his fatal flaw. He makes a legacy and he makes it ahead it causes him his marriage, his firstborn, and his good name. Which I thought was very gryffindor of him.

•Peggy, Herc, and Lafayette were placed in

•The Schuyler Sister’s come from a well known Wizard family that came from Europe to America during the revolutionary war

•John is a half blood while Herc is a muggleborn

•John is really into social justice for the Wizarding world and when he meets Herc he’s really interested to learn about the no-maj social justice

•Lafayette is a pure-blood family that are known to be “muggle lovers” which is why his name sake is well known in muggle history

•Alexander and Thomas still hate each other but they’re both friends with everyone else

•Alexander and Aaron come from the same (wizard) foster home

•Alex is a half-blood with a pure-blood name Hamilton which a very old wizard family (but it’s more like a lower class wizard family like the Weasleys) so he was immediately placed in a foster home where the care taker was a wizard

•Alexander’s mother was Puerto Rican

•Him and John have conversations in Spanish sometimes

•Burr is a muggleborn, his parents died when he was 9 and his accidental magic started up soon after (he turned a kid’s, who was bullying him, into a spider. The kid bit into said spider.)

•the American magical government quickly moved him into a different foster home

•Him and Alex quickly became frienemies and they got their letters to ilvermorny

•when they get to Hogwarts they learn the different slang that their European counterparts have

•"WTF Muggle sounds way cooler than no-maj!!!!!“

•Alexander is now determined to replace no-maj with muggle

•"Alexander it doesn’t matter which way we say it, it all means the same thing.”


•Alex becomes the Seeker for Gryffindor while John becomes a beater and Angelica becomes Griffyndor’s greatest Keeper they’ve ever had in years

•People don’t want Angelica to go back to America THEY NEED HER

•You can usually find Eliza in the Gryffindor stands cheering on her sister (and her secret crush) whenever they play against her house or when they play against Slytherin


•James: “Do you even like quidditch Thomas?”

•Jefferson: “No, but I will as long as it pisses off Hamilton.”

•she usually drags Aaron with her to their saved seats next to Peggy, Laf, and Herc, but he refuses to wear Gryffindor colors while Eliza is totally decked out

•Burr gets picked on for being a muggleborn a lot by closed minded pure-bloods and Alexander saw this one time and he was ABOUT TO CUT A BITCH when Eliza came in out of no where and gave them a piece of her mind with really great points and historical figures that so happened to be “mud bloods”

•Alexander fell in love with her there and then

• Alexander: “I’m going to marry her one day.”

•Hamsquad + Burr: “You have to talk to her first.” “Angelica will rip off your dick before you have the chance.” “I wish you the best of luck, mom ami.” “5 sickles that he embarrasses himself on the first date.”

•They all make a bet that he either bombs the date really bad or he does cha cha real smooth

•Lafayette wins by betting that “Alex makes a fool of himself but ultimately wins Eliza’s heart.”

•He knew he was going to win because he’s the only one out of the betting table to know that Eliza has had a huge crush on him since the first time she laid eyes on him

•because him and Peggy have gossip nights ever once in a while to talk shit about other people

•the Hamsquad start up the first muggle world club where kids can learn about muggles and their way of living to help stop prejudice against them

•"What the heck is a Me-me?“

•"It’s pronounced meme and its a way of life.”

•Herc teaches kids how to sew by hand since so many of them use magic to help them with that

•meanwhile Peggy helps Lafayette with his English

•And ultimately the Americans have trouble understanding what their fellow students especially when they have really heavy accents

•"excuse me can you tell us how to get to the library?“

•”*British nonsense that makes no sense to their American ears*“

•"okay thanks” *turns around to the rest of the group* “what the FUCK did he just say?”

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I wanna try writing crossover fic but I don't really know what the pitfalls and problems are. Any open advice on the topic?

Wow, okay.

So I’m going to start off by saying that most of my recent crossovers have been sheer crack fic, so… I’m a bit out of practice with serious fic. I’ve been nothing but self-indulgent in recent years, so let’s see what I can do.

Note: I’ll be focusing on my preferred form of crossover, which is characters from one fandom encountering the world of another. Fusion fics (e.g. the Hogwarts AU) are their own category.

None of these are hard-and-fast rules, but they provide some… context, I guess.

The most common pitfall is favoritism.

Like, there are other pitfalls, of course, like going incredibly OOC or denying a character realistic development in favor of shoving them into a ship, but that’s the sort of thing that you will find in any kind of fic. As far as crossovers go, though, you’re looking at favoritism in regards to fandoms themselves.

This probably seems pretty obvious? But it’s everywhere. And I think you already know what I’m talking about and how to avoid it, but I’m going to go in depth anyway:

Keep reading

Do white settler magical communities have a relationship with the indigenous shamans or magical practitioners?

What are the consequences of a wizarding patriarchy?

Are there feminist witches, anarchist wixes, and anti-capitalist wizards?

Were there ever wizarding Diasporas? Did the magical community reveal themselves to their muggles in order to help them?

How did the magical communities choose to involve themselves in the world wars? Are there wizarding armies?

How do people with physical disabilities get around Hogwarts? Can mute witches use wordless magic? Is there a wizarding fund for the creation of magical prosthetic limbs? How do you cast if you can’t get an accurate idea of how a person is telling you to move your wand? Is it harder to cast spells if you’re colorblind? Are there accessible potions and medications if you have an illness, disability, or injury?

Why is there only ONE wizarding newspaper in ALL of Britain?

Are spells cast in anything other than Latin? Can there be spells in Creole, Hebrew, Spanish, or Arabic?

What about civil rights for werewolves, vampires, house elves, and centaurs? What if Canada and America became a safe haven for house elves after they abolished slavery? Can queer people get married? Are there hormone potions or genitalia alteration magical surgeries? Are there safe spaces for the mentally ill to be themselves?

Are there wizarding libraries outside of Hogwarts? Where are they and are they easily accessible to the populace? Did witches and wizards ever rebuild Alexandria?

Do magical communities have religion? Are there spells made from psalms and hymns? Can Jewish witches make golems and sick them on brodudes? Is necromancy legal in Egypt or Mexico? Does Transylvania have incredibly progressive vampire rights thanks to Stoker? Do ancestors ever possess Voudon wix priests? Do Egyptian witches and wizards have cat familiars?

Do wizards and witches believe in animism? Do they have hippies or environment lovers like maybe Professor Sprout is super up to date on climate change stuff? Does McGonagall adopt the abused cats of Hogwarts?

What happens to witches and wizards who choose to live in the Muggle world?

So mAnY quEStIonS.

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Can you give some headcannons if harry hadn't been the chosen one and his parents hadn't died?:)

YOOOOOO I’M SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS (and i’m so sorry it’s so long)

harry would be so happy tho can you imagine how happy harry would have been with his parents???? Basically we’re gonna have the two best parents on the face of the planet raising a sass-master.

prongs jr. is an obvious nickname i mean there’s no way around it

lily buying harry different footie-pajama thingies that say wizarding social justice things yup

lily trying to flatten out harry’s hair because wow james he could’ve inherited anything and this is the contribution you made

harry being surrounded by magic and muggle things like lily will cook her favorite meals with independence and james does the dishes with magic so harry ends up doing chores by trying to use as little effort on his part as possible and then doing things he genuinely enjoys the muggle way

little harry zipping around on a broom that james buys him before he can even walk just imagine a little baby flying around and squealing and falling and lily catches him like james he can barely hold his own head up what are you doing


meeting ron at the platform and james and lily are like molly? molly prewitt? prewitt?

harry having a fantastic best friend and then meeting draco who isn’t an ass because draco has no reason to try to impress him because he’s not the chosen one (draco’d  probably be super flippant about him tho like oh another gryffindor whatever)

harry being able to bring his friends home with him on holidays

double presents for ron and harry

hermione may not have been that strung up if she had lily to look up to like wow here’s this brilliant witch and we’re both muggle born and she stressed about things too but she’s also so chill and not bossy but so determined and focused what an overall fantastic person what a role model

and ron would look to Sirius and Sirius’ relationship with james and they’d just totally get each other you know? they understand that they’re the best best friends of two very special people and they’re family doesn’t define them and they can be their own people while still being supportive friends Sirius and Ron with James and Harry would have been such a gift

harry, hermione and ron seeing remus’ pain and knowing about his “furry little problem” before snape has a chance to be an asshat and wow remus growing old around the people he loves and being loved

peter and neville tho. peter understanding that self-preservation is nothing to be ashamed of but seeing himself in neville, the one that feels like he doesn’t quite fit when in reality he matters just as much as any of them and PETER NOT MAKING THE MISTAKE OF FEELING LIKE LESS IN COMPARISON TO HIS FRIENDS because neville does sometimes but neville learns his self worth and so Peter does too.

(i know you said alive parents au headcanons but i really love the marauders)

yoooooooo harry getting a crush on ginny tho and feeling embarrassed when james tries to talk to him about it like jesus CHRIST dad she’s just a friend yeah i guess she’s pretty so what no dad stop it’s not like that I swear no dad doN’T TELL MOM PLEASE MOM’LL GET INVOLVED

and lily just thinking this is the cutest shit ever because she sees herself in harry and she sees james in ginny and she just knows that this is gonna work i mean it worked before didn’t it? she’s living proof

lily helping hermione come to terms with her feelings for ron and telling her that it’s okay he has a girlfriend that’s currently sucking his face off because honestly boys aren’t worth it but honey if you do end up landing him trust me I approve

and ron goes to sirius and james like yo, have you guys SEEN hermione? and they’re like we can’t answer that because we’re 40 and ron’s like no no i mean do you think i have a chance with a goddess like that?? and james just looks at sirius and sirius looks at remus and it’s just a beautiful moment of understanding


Harry being the best auror he can be because he had the best training from both of this his parents

Harry being loved

Harry being happy

James and Lily growing old together

hermione: view eight


By Logan M. Blackwell // March 7, 2004

Hermione Granger, the recently named Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was only twelve years old when she first heard the word “mudblood,” a highly derogatory term for Muggle-borns. It was a boy in her year, out of professor earshot, who had uttered the slur during a heated argument about Quidditch teams. He was talking about her.

“There was a moment, immediately after, where everyone went absolutely still. It took a few before outrage overtook shock. Personally, I was just vaguely insulted,” she adds with a light laugh. 

Ms. Granger doesn’t name names, but instead goes on to playfully describe how her now-husband attempted to defend her honor only to have his curse backfire on him due to a faulty wand. When asked if this childhood memory had any influence on her current career path, she concedes to the possibility, saying, “I had been called much worse before going to Hogwarts, of course, but that afternoon, being called a ‘mudblood,’ did change certain things for me.” Her sweater sleeves are rolled up, revealing the slightly raised shadow of the very same slur. Infamous Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange carved the word into Ms. Granger’s arm during the Second Wizarding War while torturing her for information. Not long after, Ms. Granger bravely fought alongside Harry Potter in the Battle of Hogwarts.

She brushes her fingertips across the scar, uncharacteristically quiet for a long moment. “Mostly, I think it cracked my idealistic view of the wizarding world. While I may have left other prejudices behind in Muggle society, it was only to inherit new ones that were just as entrenched and just as damaging.”

That inheritance is one Ms. Granger has been working very hard to change. Over the course of her tenure in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Ms. Granger introduced a number of changes to wizard law, most notably Lupin’s Law, which bans discrimination against werewolves in the workplace. Ms. Granger has been actively working within the social justice sphere for much of her life. One of her most successful lobbying projects to date, S.P.E.W., got its start during her fourth year at Hogwarts when she first became aware of the mistreatment of house elves. Some may be surprised to hear that what is now a well-respected and recognized arm of the Magical Creatures division began in the Gryffindor common room with a box of homemade badges.

“In hindsight, it was a little short-sighted,” she says, a touch rueful. “I didn’t fully understand the complexities of house elf culture and history, let alone how I could realistically be of any help to them. Best intentions are wonderful, but can do more harm than good if one isn’t careful. The first thing I had to learn in my last role within the Ministry was to listen." 

Ms. Granger continues to listen to those whose voices have previously been ignored. As the new Deputy Head, she’ll be working closely with the Minister for Magic to eradicate certain biases against Muggle-borns that have been previously built into law, though she admits this will be no easy task. Notions of blood purity have long been a formidable and, for some, proud part of wizard culture, but, Ms. Granger fiercely adds, "Doing the right thing and doing the easy thing are rarely one in the same. The hard work begins with us and it begins now." 

When asked what she does in her spare time to relax, Ms. Granger’s dark eyes brighten as she says, "I’m just beginning a translation project I’ve been wanting to tackle for ages. I can’t say much now, but I do hope it will be warmly welcomed by the academic community." 

Although she’s accomplished more in the past ten years than most will in a lifetime, Ms. Granger promises that it is but the start.   

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Tumblr's love of Slytherin is so weird. It seems like every week there's another post with tens of thousands of notes where the OP assures everyone that no Slytherin was ever racist and Salazar Slytherin founded the house to save wizards from the evil muggles. For a website that is all about social justice it just confuses me that everyone will wave away the racism/classicism of Slytherin.

you know it! the stuff about Slytherin fearing persecution or whatever is complete projection, because the witch hunts weren’t prevalent until the 17th century which caused the Statute of Secrecy to be implemented. The school was founded half a millennium before that. Salazar Slytherin’s prejudice is founded in the belief that those of muggle blood are lower than pureblood wizards and are dirty, contaminated (mudblood), and that they don’t deserve to be taught. 

Said Slytherin, “We’ll teach just those
Whose ancestry’s purest.”

It’s nothing to do with fear of muggles. The enormous deadly basilisk he hatches and places within the school for the sole task of eradicating muggleborn children is a bit of a giveaway. 

And a modern day real life slytherin would not be a social justice advocate, they’d be one of those young tories you get or public/private school snobs who don’t think the state educated kids deserve to be at their good university.

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It's not really a confession but I kinda need help with a Harry Potter Project. Im doing it for my social issues class and I need to know how a social hierarchy can fit into the wizarding world? I get the whole pureblood, halfblood, and muggle born but where would magic creatures fit. It needed to be 5 pgs and I wanna do Harry Potter justice so I have to go over and beyond thanks if you can help me out

I am not in the right brain space to help with this right now, so I’m posting it for others to help <3