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one cannot have enough of cute and random aus so here have some more
  • “You’re the cute and quiet customer that frequents the coffee shop where I’m a barista and also where my rival barista works and we’re both fighting for your attention in increasingly creative and inconspicuous ways (making foam art, writing cheesy pick-up lines on your napkin etc. etc.)” AU.
  • “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.
  • “You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU.
  • “You’re the perpetual frowner in class and one day as I’m answering the teacher I intentionally make a very cheesy pun and I can hear crickets but you’re laughing out loud and that makes me feel very much accomplished” AU.
  • “The manager says the only reason the restaurant where we work at is popular is because people enjoy eating while watching our relentless flirting with each other but I swear to God we’re not flirting???” AU.
  • “I ditch prom to attend a local poetry slam and you’re also there and I never really noticed what a cute smile you have and hey do you maybe want to bond over our mutual love for ‘Howl’???” AU.
  • “You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” AU.
  • “It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single and you want to cheer me up but you can’t cook nor bake to save your life so you make me hot chocolate instead and it is delicious and I think I love you???” AU.
  • “It’s gym class and we’re playing volleyball and you spike really well and you manage to hit the ball square in my face and I think I’m bleeding and you’re apologizing profusely and it’s okay but you’re really cute so I guess I’ll take you up on that offer for coffee” AU.
  • “You’re the jerk-face customer that keeps on thumbing through their phone while ordering their drink so I exact revenge by spelling your name wrong on your cup and drawing phallic pictures on your coffee” AU.
  • “Our mutual friend invites us to go shopping with them and it’s kind of awkward and now you’re pushing them around the mall in a shopping cart and you’re both screaming like excited children and I’m paying the cashier and pretending I don’t know either of you” AU.
  • “Our mutual friend invites us for Thanksgiving dinner with their other friends and now there’s a full-fledged food fight going on with potatoes and turkey flying everywhere and we’re both seeking refuge under the table whilst sharing a bag of chips that you brought (just in case)” AU.
  • “You and I are both baristas at a coffee shop and one day I step out of the café to take a break and walk in on you gleefully drawing phallic pictures on the chalkboard outside that no one pays attention to so what are you doing?” AU.
  • “You and I go out to a sushi bar and the sushi chef yells at you for being allergic to a particular kind of fish and now you’re crying and I’m trying to comfort you” AU.
  • “You and I are at a sushi restaurant and you’re continuously snagging sushi off the belt that I have to pay for and you don’t seem to be going to stop anytime soon but you look so cute when you’re eating with that smile on your face what the hell man” AU.
  • “The mailman constantly mixes up your home address and mine together and keeps on sending me your letters and packages and I’m sorry I look through them but your life seems very interesting as well as those books on black magic in one of your packages so wanna talk about it over a cup of coffee?” AU.
  • “We’re both strangers sitting in the same booth at an eatery because all the other booths are full and you’re drawing smiley faces on your plate with ketchup and wow your concentrated frown is cute” AU.
  • “It’s our mutual friend’s wedding and they keep shoving us into each other because we’re the only ones at the ceremony who are single” AU.
  • “You’re my roommate and it’s way past midnight and you’re talking about how Charles Dickens inspired prison reform and how the moon must feel insignificant because it borrows light from the sun and this is all very interesting but will you please shut up and go to sleep” AU.
  • “You’re actually a really friendly and chill vampire and at night you float around outside of my bedroom window to talk with me about the universe and stuff” AU.
  • “You’re going through my sketchbook and giving questioning looks and I swear to God I’m just a deranged artist and not a serial killer” AU.
  • “We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork” AU.
  • “I’ve been standing in line at the coffee shop for hours and you casually cut through for your drink but also buy me my favorite blend and now I’m not so sure what to make of you” AU.
  • “I’m sick so you make me chicken soup and I’m really grateful but I’ve also seen you read books on magical spells and potion-making so I’m not sure if I should drink your soup in case it turns me into a toad” AU.
  • “There’s a scrawny black cat in our neighborhood that hates everyone and everything but follows you around for some reason and I see you pet it and feed it fish fries are you a witch” AU
  • “I’m a perpetual frowner and most certainly not a morning person and I work part-time at a breakfast bar and your disheveled hair and content smile as you eat my waffles and scrambled eggs is the only thing that can get me to smile” AU.
  • “You’re the one in class who has tattoos all over their arms and piercings and everybody’s scared of you and one day I catch you watching cat videos and doodling in the middle of a lecture and wow you’re a dork” AU.
  • “I work part-time as a cashier at the local corner store and you come here regularly to shop and bond with me over the microwavable chicken bites so how about I take you out on a proper date instead?” AU.
  • “I’m the owner of a magic shop and you discover my magics one day when you walk in on my cat flying around inside the shop on a broom and now I have to take you in as my apprentice or turn you into a toad” AU.
  • “You’re the health-conscious med student and I’m the chain-smoking art student who’s also your barista and you leave me notes on smoking and lung health on your napkins and also a 20-page essay on lung cancer tucked under your saucer” AU.
  • “You’re a tea-lover yet you come to the coffee shop where I work at just to see my foam art and you give me hefty tips regularly so I’ve taken it upon myself to master the art of tea-making just for you” AU.
  • “I’m a fashion major and I’m working on my illustrations and maybe I’ve had too much coffee but I swear I just saw one of the mannequins move so here I am calling you in the middle of the night please help I’m scared” AU.
  • “You work at a fast food restaurant and as you hand me my food you lecture me for ruining my health what is this hypocrisy” AU.
  • “I’m egging a random person’s house to relieve stress and you join me and as it turns out the house belongs to your ex and now they are chasing us as well as the police and now we’re both in jail waiting to be bailed so um you wanna talk about it?” AU.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ( KEXP studio)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded April 10, 2017.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band that formed in 2010 in Melbourne, Victoria. The band consists of Stu Mackenzie (vocals, guitar, flute), Ambrose Kenny Smith (vocals, synths, harmonica), Cook Craig (guitar), Joey Walker (guitar), Lucas Skinner (bass), Eric Moore (drums), and Michael Cavanagh (drums).

Tracks played are: Doom City / Sleep Drifter / Billabong Valley / Nuclear Fusion.


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Lord Of Lightning vs Balrog


You can still request members/groups and AU’s from this list! (pls do I’m bored)

THERE MAY BE A GLITCH WITH MOBILE TUMBLR! The story has a “keep reading” thing bc it’s long. So if the story cuts off, try reading this with a mobile browser instead of the app, or view it on a computer.

Ok I’ve been seeing imagines where Joshua is either a doctor/healer bc he’s really nice and caring, and like that’s cool and all; but cAN WE HAVE CARING WIZARD!JISOO WHERE-



  • He lives in this small town in medieval times

  • He goes around casting small spells

  • Like everyone knows he can do magic but then they don’t know how powerful he is

  • They think he’s just a neighborhood magician with potions and stuff

  • But he wants it to stay that way bc he thinks he’ll hurt someone if they ask him to do powerful magic and it backfires

  • Cue Jisoo sticking to just summoning a dragon made of steam, but make it seem like it was the steam from a potion he made of legendary water or something

  • Bc of the tiny dragons (his favourite spell) he’s really popular with kids so he talks with them a lot and they beg to see tiny fireworks

  • Peaceful life as the neighborhood immortal wizard

  • Until one day a little girl he liked talking to is about to die

  • Just a sweet little 6 year old who loves his tricks IS GONNA DIE OF PNEUMONIA OR SOMETHIN

  • He finally shows how powerful he is

  • But as expected the spell backfires

  • Actually, it worked; but not in the way Jisoo wanted it to

  • The little girl still dies

  • But her soul is given another chance so she’s reborn

  • Except like thousands of years later (in present day)

  • Jisoo makes some mirror that can see into the future

  • Bc forget they know I can do powerful stuff I just let my best fan die she was so sweet

  • He lets her parents have the mirror that can show what she’s doing at that moment (but in the future)

  • Jisoo locks himself away bc he doesn’t want to get bombarded by requests for magic

  • But when the little girl’s parents are about to die they beg Jisoo to come out of hiding to give him back the magic mirror

  • The second Jisoo leaves the house the parents live in, he looks into the mirror

  • And nearly freaking drops it

  • Because guess who’s in the mirror?

  • Well the (not so little) girl, obviously

  • But then he freaking losES IT

  • Bc she’s cupping someone’s face and kissing them really intensely

  • And turn out it’s him

  • This girl he “saved” is literally kissing his future selfWho else wouldn’t be freaked the hell out

  • Fast forward thousands of years later

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Hogwarts Express | Jimin

Pairing: reader x jimin ft. Taehyung | Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff

Summary: You were nervous to delve into the unknown Wizard world, but luckily for you, Jimin was there to help.

A/N: I’’ve been drowning in Harry Potter & BTS AUs lately, so I decided to finally write one. This was inspired by this . I orignally planned a one-shot for this, but decided that it’d be best to write sort of like an intro for it. So consider this a prologue. It’s not that eventful, but it’s the start to the relationship between Jimin and the reader. Also, this is set after the events that occurred in Harry Potter.

Word Count: 2,929

Other Slytherin Jimin AUs: Sorting Hat |  The Howler

“Platform nine and three quarters.” You whispered to yourself as you stared down at a map. It was given to you along with your Hogwarts acceptance letter to help you find your way to the train. According to the map, you were standing just in front of it. But instead of a train or sign with the correct platform number, you found yourself standing in front of a tall, red brick pillar.

“Are you sure it’s here, sweetie?” Your mother asked. She was just as confused as you and worried, very worried. You could tell by the tone of her voice that what she was really asking was: “Are you sure you want to do this, sweetie?”

Ever since your first Hogwarts acceptance letter, she’d been skeptical. You say first, because it took many letters for your parents to finally be convinced that Hogwarts wasn’t a scam and very much real. They’d tuck away the letters from your view until one night, a parliament of owls came storming into your house, dropping off dozen copies of the same letter along with books and guides to the Wizarding world. Books that you immersed yourself in for the past weeks to prepare yourself for this day, but seemed to be of no use, considering you couldn’t even find your way to the Hogwarts Express.

“I asked the security guard and he laughed, saying there’s no such thing. You should’ve seen the look he gave me when I asked.” You heard your father’s voice as he approached you.

“Sweetie, let’s just go home.” Your mother said as she wrapped an arm around you, steering you away from the brick pillar.


You turned around and were faced with the sight of a beautiful family of four. Both the mother and father stared at you and your parents in a curious and fascinated manner, as if they had never seen people like you. But you couldn’t say much about it, considering you stared back at them in awe. They all seemed ethereal and carried a heavy, graceful aura. You could sense that they were powerful and most likely a respected family in their society.

Your gaze lingered on the two boys, particularly the one who had caught your eye the moment you turned around. He seemed to be around your age. He had fine silver hair and mesmerizing light colored eyes just like his mother. The younger boy had raven black hair and dark wide eyes and he stood beside the silver-haired boy, smiling at you timidly.

The silver haired boy smiled sheepishly as he met your eyes and quickly turned to glare at his mom. “Mother, you don’t just greet people like that!”

Muggles?” Your mother muttered under her breath. She had no idea what the word meant, but it was clear to all of you that she was offended.

You smiled up at your mother in a reassuring manner, hoping she’d read the look in your eyes before she acted irrationally. Tugging her hand, you stood on your toes to whisper in her ear: “Muggles is a non-derogatory term used to describe people who can’t practice magic.” 

“Pardon my manners, I’ve never been face to face with ordinary people like you.” The boys’ mother explained herself. “I’m Park Sowon. This is my husband and these two are my lovely boys—Jimin and Jungkook. It’s very nice to meet you.”

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Wizard!Jun (2nd Gen)

This is the 2nd generation of the Wizard!Seventeen AU, starting with Joshua and going through several Seventeen members. Every generation, “Y/N” is a different person, and their old “role” is given another name if necessary.
Again, there may be a glitch with mobile Tumblr, idk if they fixed it, but there is a “keep reading” thing that sometimes gets cut off; solution is to open the post on a browser, or check the original post if it is a reblog

Suggest AU’s and members/groups from this list!

  • So Joshua and his wife (previously the perspective of Y/N) and their kid, Junhui, live in Italy (read Joshua’s part for the reason)

  • They find out Jun is a wizard when he brings his toy dragon to life

  • And then he almost burns their house down twice but thankfully his wizard dad Joshua helped it disappear with magic

  • So this boi has a thing for pyrokinesis

  • For you guys not knowing what that means; he’s a fire guy

  • I guess you could say he’s pretty hot

  • anYWAY

  • Jun grows up and he goes to school and stuff in Italy

  • His mom is Chinese (or part) so he’s of Chinese descent but then he has a freaking Italian accent

  • And then sometimes he emphasizes it to make fun of himself and also it makes people laugh

  • Just an Italian person speaking Chinese no biggie

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Hello! Twilight Sparkle here! I just thought I’d stop by and let you all know that the Ask Box is officially open! I’ll be doing a lot of studying this week (Divination quiz on Thursday), but my friends and I will do our best to answer any questions you might have about wizardry, guilds, the meaning of life… anything that makes you curious, really! I hope we’ll be able to help! *smiley face* 

-Wizard!Twilight Sparkle