What are the present situations for everyone in the realm that we are playing in?

I know that if possible Katherine and Ombric are where they can come meet with the Tsarina for Nightlight. I also am kind of curious if anyone wants Katherine involved with the Christmas Plot brewing.

I want to make sure I am here for you guys, because I’m not as heavily on Tumblr as I have been, and I want to be here and be a good partner.

so my lovelies, message me with any type of request for things brewing cause I will focus on those things just for you guys.


(( If you feel that your character should be on this list, please contact me! I made this list mainly based on the threads and interactions I’ve had with people, but it is possible that I forgot to include someone. ))

Another muse of mine


   The soft rustle of restless feathers accompanied by
          the occasional faint and drowsy outcry of an owl broke
          the soft and warm silence of the Atlantean’s home. The
          only noise proper and in place was the sliding hiss of 
          Querty’s pages turning over under Ombric’s piercing

      A loud whoop of children at play broke the clouds in his
           eyes, drawing him to the world outside the tree.


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                “I do believe, Qwerty that I am quite unfairly depriving
           myself of another form of learning. That which is obtained
           through play and laughter. Shall we see the excitement?”