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sprinting across the burning sand to reach the ocean • the smell of popcorn • old basebasll caps • laughing so hard your side hurts • grass stains • tree houses • rope swings • action & horror films • grazed knees • ripped jeans • fireworks •sittig on counters •posters that cover every inch of a wall • never lowering their voice, even when they should • the crackle of a warm fire • snow ball fights that become very seious competitions sooner than expected • dreaming about dragons and knights • knit sweaters • flanels, lots of flannel • large breakfasts • chocolate • the drop on a rollercoaster • fall leaves crunching beneath your feet • cheering at sports events • feeling the wind in your hair • friendships that last forever

A Short Guide to Swearing like a Potterhead

Harry Potter puppet pals taught us some great wizard swears. For your convenience, here is an abridged compendium of Potterhead swears, for all your swearing needs.

“You great bumbling Goyle” – hardly a swear; the equivalent of ‘you ass’

“Snape’s greasy hair” – a lesser swear, used mostly in times of surprise or disgust; the equivalent of ‘for the love of God’

“You complete 3rd year Draco Malfoy” – another lesser swear, to be used against someone; the equivalent of 'you bastard’
(Note: the female equivalent of this swear is “You Pansy Parkinson” or “You Rita Skeeter” in substitute of 'you bitch’

“Weasley sweaters” – a lesser swear, often tossed around; the equivalent of 'damn’

“Basilisk fangs” – a lesser swear, generally thrown around and often a pleased exclamation; the equivalent of 'damn’

“By the Burrow” – a middling swear, for any situation; the equivalent of 'shit’

“By the oblivion of Harry Potter himself” – a more serious swear, used generally in grave or shocking situations; the equivalent of 'Jesus, Mary, and Joseph’ and 'damn and blast’

“Cho Chang’s tears” – a greater swear, but often used in ordinary situations; the equivalent of 'bloody hell’ or 'shit’

“For the love of Sirius Black” – a greater swear, usually followed by a defiant declaration (i.e., 'I’ll do what I please’); the equivalent of the f word

“Voldemort’s nose” – the worst swear of all, to be used only in the most dire or serious situations; the equivalent of the GD word

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He didn’t want the pressure of the Wizarding World’s problems on him. He never asked to be their chosen one or to have his entire family murdered during the war, but it happened anyway. Somehow, that made him their hero. That, and a prophecy that was made before he was born.

People wanted to shake his hand every time he walked down the street. They wanted to send him letters telling him that they were all on his side, and that they would support him no matter what.

Where were these people when he said Voldemort had returned the first time? Where were they, when their children were mocking him and spitting at him in the halls? Where were they when his uncle locked him in the cupboard for not finish his chores on time? They called him a liar and a cheater, some even called him a murderer. Why should he save a world that did not want to save him?

Harry would be seventeen in a year, but until then he knew how to get around the muggle world. He was no stranger to thievery, it might as well been the reason he had survived for so long. His uncle sometimes “forgot” to pick him up after school when he was younger and he had to find his own way home. Food was hard to come by so he had to find a way to get it himself. A few pounds out of someones pocket is missed too late to catch whoever took it.

Hedwig had to leave. She was like a beacon towards him. Anyone could recognize that he was near if she was flying around. 

A backpack over his shoulder would be his entire world now. He would be on the run until he was old enough to cast wards to hide himself, someone caught him and dragged him back to the Wizarding World, or he was killed. 

In a few hours, Dumbledore would be at his front door to take him to the Burrow, but he would be long gone before then. Now was his only chance at freedom, 

It was run, or be trapped as the savior of the Wizarding World.

Harry Ran.

Drarry Masterlist

Thought I’d finally get around to putting them all in one post. Which I’ll probably forget to edit whenever I write something new. Haha. Ha. ha. anyway.

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~55k words. Teen and Up.

In the months after Voldemort’s death, Draco Malfoy comes to live with Harry Potter under witness protection. But Draco seems somehow different, and Harry is determined to find out why and whether it is going to mean anything different for their relationship. Meanwhile, it seems the Golden Trio might have missed Voldemort’s true goal for the Deathly Hallows.


~40k words. Explicit.

The war has left its mark on everyone. The Ministry, as usual, is only too happy to take advantage. But Harry won’t let them destroy his home, no matter what he has to do to stop them. And no matter if a certain Draco Malfoy insists on getting him off track.

Who I Really Am

~8k words. Explicit.

Draco seems to have changed since the war, and is insisting on making amends for his actions. But he’s still a Malfoy, for heaven’s sake… And, it would seem, a Malfoy with a certain kink…

Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards Everywhere…

~45k words. Mature.

Seven years after the war, Harry Potter is feeling disillusioned with life. Partnered with Draco Malfoy, it is their job as elite Aurors to defeat dark and powerful witches and wizards. But what if there aren’t any? What if all there is to life is a well filed tax return? …Or what if they’re wrong?

Games Night

~6k words. Explicit.

Harry has no idea why Hermione decided that an inter-house Games Night would be a good idea, but he’s here now, and he intends to beat Malfoy, no matter what game he chooses. But, who would have thought muggle games could be full of so much… tension?

New Spells

~3.5k words. Explicit.

You’d think that Harry would have learned to stop trying out unknown spells on Malfoy.

And you’d think that Harry would have realised, quite quickly, that any spell that leads to Malfoy moaning like THAT would be a good spell to avoid. Forever.

And you’d think he’d stop doing it to Malfoy in public, before people start to think he’s some kind of pervert, for Merlin’s sake.

To be honest, Harry isn’t certain he’s been thinking properly at all.

It Goes Like This

~3k words. Explicit.

I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

Praise Me

~4.5k words. Explicit.

Why is Malfoy getting all strange and flustered? All Harry did was praise him…

King of the Jungle

~6k words. Explicit.

Tarzan Drarry AU. Backed by Millicent Bullstrode, Draco Malfoy leads an expedition in search of the fabled white ape - “colloquial term, of course, since it’s not a blasted ape, Millicent, it’s a- Never mind; I’ll behave”. But before he can find it, he is swept off the ground by a mysterious stranger.

What I’m Missing

~5.5k words. Teen and Up.

This started as a tumblr post in response to this ask: “can you do a drarry one shot during eighth year where draco walks around like he’s really big and bad but he’s really lonely because everyone’s scared of him and he hates himself for what he did and he lets harry in after a while and just angst? thank youuu”

White Sheets in the Morning Sun

~12k words. Explicit.

Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years when he suddenly appears on stage in Hogsmeade’s newest cafe. Harry is mesmerised, wanting to know where and how the boy who made all the wrong choices learned to sing like that, and for the first time, he feels something more than the vague fog of nothingness.

Misguided At Best

~3k words. Explicit.

Draco has grown bored of the aristocratic fetish clubs, and decides to try something new.
But he never would have expected to find Harry Potter, disguised and on his knees, waiting for him.

A Place To Hide

~1k words. Teen and Up.

Harry just needs a moment by himself on Halloween, but a French prince wants to share his hiding place.

Bound To You

~28k words. Explicit.

Hag magic is capricious and unruly, and Harry and Draco are bound to stay by each other’s side until they can solve the riddle. In between long car trips, misty rain, and midnight star charts, they begin to understand each other.

Forgiving An Enemy

~3k words. Explicit.

Malfoy has a plan. Only, he seems to have forgotten about the plan… Harry needs a new plan.

Let’s Find A Way

~2k words. Teen and Up.

Draco is a willing participant in his community service obligation. In fact, he even has some suggestions for it. He probably shouldn’t be surprised that those suggestions lead him straight back to Potter.


Aural Gratification by birdsofshore

Moneymaker by dictacontrion

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- Some North American Wizarding Typography and Illustration
to go with a list of North American Wizarding slang words and phrases:
(One way that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter feels quirky and authentic is the way that they speak! Now for some terms heard at Ilvermorny - most are or were used by No-majs but are more popular in the Wizarding Community)

- Cahoots ( collaborative scheming)
- Carrying a torch/Stuck on ( having feelings for someone)
- Cattywampus ( askew/ in disarray)
- Copacetic ( wonderful, fine, all right. Originated from the southern states, via cajun French)
- Critter ( magical beast/small animal)
- Diddlysquat ( a small/worthless amount, or nothing at all)
- Doohickey ( a word used for an item when you don’t know/can’t remember it’s proper name)
- Doozie ( extraordinary or extreme, may also be troublesome or difficult. Often used to describe difficult and impressive spells or potions)
- Druthers ( things you would rather have)
- Glad Rags ( dressed up in fancy no-maj clothes for going out in public’)
- Grifter ( a con man, transient swindler, or professional gambler)
- Heebie-jeebies ( jitters, a creeped out feeling, often brought on by nearby Dark magic)
- Hissy Fit ( a tantrum, often used to describe a temperamental wand)
- Kerfuffle ( a commotion or flurry of agitation)
- Lickety Split ( quickly, without delay. First attested about 1860, in the US)
- Malarkey/Mumbo Jumbo (nonsense, lies, monkey-business)
- Moxie ( courage, spunk, daring)
- Nix ( cancel, undo a spell)
- Owl ( a person who’s out late)
- Peachy Keen/ Peachy (fantastic, exactly right. Often used sarcastically)
- Ragamuffin ( affectionate term for a disheveled person)
- Rambunctious ( boisterous, noisy, difficult to control)
- Ritzy/Swanky/Spiffy ( elegant, fancy, stylish)
- Skedaddle ( a hurried departure, running away)
- Spifflicated, canned, corked, tanked, jazzed, zozzled, plastered, buzzed, ossified ( drunk)
- Spill the Beans ( divulge information or secrets)
- Squelch ( to halt, stop, eliminate, stamp out, or put down, often suddenly or by force)
- Topsy-Tervy ( upside down, backwards, disorderly, chaotic)
- Uppity ( Haughty, arrogant, above oneself)
- Whirligig ( anything that whirls or spins, or a dizzying course of events)
- Zinger ( a witty, often caustic remark; something supposed to cause surprise or shock. Can also refer to an excellent counter-spell)

Gringotts Anti-Theft Spell Jar

Inspired by Gringotts wizard bank from Harry Potter. I've modified the words a little to better suit the spell.

Can be used to protect everything in your house or a specific object.


  • White candle
  • Dragons blood incense
  • Dragon figure or picture
  • Empty jar large enough to fit the dragon
  • Rosemary
  • Bay leaves
  • Cumin
  • Juniper berries
  • Vervain
  • Salt
  • (Optional)Paper
  • (Optional)Dragons blood ink or red ink

Mix the herbs together and charge them to protect your belongings, or a specific item. Add them to the jar.

Light the candle and incense. Holding the dragon figure in your hand, visualize that if anyone tries to steal from you, their hand is burned by fire as hot as dragons breath. Pass the dragon through the incense smoke and say:

“Enter, guest, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn

Must pay most dearly in their turn

So if you seek within my walls

A treasure that was never yours

Theif, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.”

(You may also wish to write this down.) Add the dragon to the jar (along with the paper if used). Seal the jar with wax from the candle, and allow it to burn down on top of the jar if possible, or next to it.