wizarding word of harry potter

gryffindor aesthetics

sprinting across the burning sand to reach the ocean • the smell of popcorn • old basebasll caps • laughing so hard your side hurts • grass stains • tree houses • rope swings • action & horror films • grazed knees • ripped jeans • fireworks •sittig on counters •posters that cover every inch of a wall • never lowering their voice, even when they should • the crackle of a warm fire • snow ball fights that become very seious competitions sooner than expected • dreaming about dragons and knights • knit sweaters • flanels, lots of flannel • large breakfasts • chocolate • the drop on a rollercoaster • fall leaves crunching beneath your feet • cheering at sports events • feeling the wind in your hair • friendships that last forever


- Some North American Wizarding Typography and Illustration
to go with a list of North American Wizarding slang words and phrases:
(One way that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter feels quirky and authentic is the way that they speak! Now for some terms heard at Ilvermorny - most are or were used by No-majs but are more popular in the Wizarding Community)

- Cahoots ( collaborative scheming)
- Carrying a torch/Stuck on ( having feelings for someone)
- Cattywampus ( askew/ in disarray)
- Copacetic ( wonderful, fine, all right. Originated from the southern states, via cajun French)
- Critter ( magical beast/small animal)
- Diddlysquat ( a small/worthless amount, or nothing at all)
- Doohickey ( a word used for an item when you don’t know/can’t remember it’s proper name)
- Doozie ( extraordinary or extreme, may also be troublesome or difficult. Often used to describe difficult and impressive spells or potions)
- Druthers ( things you would rather have)
- Glad Rags ( dressed up in fancy no-maj clothes for going out in public’)
- Grifter ( a con man, transient swindler, or professional gambler)
- Heebie-jeebies ( jitters, a creeped out feeling, often brought on by nearby Dark magic)
- Hissy Fit ( a tantrum, often used to describe a temperamental wand)
- Kerfuffle ( a commotion or flurry of agitation)
- Lickety Split ( quickly, without delay. First attested about 1860, in the US)
- Malarkey/Mumbo Jumbo (nonsense, lies, monkey-business)
- Moxie ( courage, spunk, daring)
- Nix ( cancel, undo a spell)
- Owl ( a person who’s out late)
- Peachy Keen/ Peachy (fantastic, exactly right. Often used sarcastically)
- Ragamuffin ( affectionate term for a disheveled person)
- Rambunctious ( boisterous, noisy, difficult to control)
- Ritzy/Swanky/Spiffy ( elegant, fancy, stylish)
- Skedaddle ( a hurried departure, running away)
- Spifflicated, canned, corked, tanked, jazzed, zozzled, plastered, buzzed, ossified ( drunk)
- Spill the Beans ( divulge information or secrets)
- Squelch ( to halt, stop, eliminate, stamp out, or put down, often suddenly or by force)
- Topsy-Tervy ( upside down, backwards, disorderly, chaotic)
- Uppity ( Haughty, arrogant, above oneself)
- Whirligig ( anything that whirls or spins, or a dizzying course of events)
- Zinger ( a witty, often caustic remark; something supposed to cause surprise or shock. Can also refer to an excellent counter-spell)

Gringotts Anti-Theft Spell Jar

Inspired by Gringotts wizard bank from Harry Potter. I've modified the words a little to better suit the spell.

Can be used to protect everything in your house or a specific object.


  • White candle
  • Dragons blood incense
  • Dragon figure or picture
  • Empty jar large enough to fit the dragon
  • Rosemary
  • Bay leaves
  • Cumin
  • Juniper berries
  • Vervain
  • Salt
  • (Optional)Paper
  • (Optional)Dragons blood ink or red ink

Mix the herbs together and charge them to protect your belongings, or a specific item. Add them to the jar.

Light the candle and incense. Holding the dragon figure in your hand, visualize that if anyone tries to steal from you, their hand is burned by fire as hot as dragons breath. Pass the dragon through the incense smoke and say:

“Enter, guest, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn

Must pay most dearly in their turn

So if you seek within my walls

A treasure that was never yours

Theif, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.”

(You may also wish to write this down.) Add the dragon to the jar (along with the paper if used). Seal the jar with wax from the candle, and allow it to burn down on top of the jar if possible, or next to it.

615. Some Gyriffindors opened a black market when Snape was the headmaster. Then Ravenclaw took it over so that it is better organized. In the end Slytherins made Hufflepuff take it over as they were always the last ones to be suspected.
686. After she had grown up a bit and gained more confidence, Hermione changed her teeth back to their original shape, much to her parents' delight. Neither Harry nor Ron noticed.

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