I have a question

I have this idea about Mary Macdonald in my mind and I know it doesn’t belong to me but it’s not going anywhere.

So the idea is Mary gets scared during the First Wizarding War and fleds the country afraid that her family might get caught in between after Marlene and her family is killed The Marauders are mad (except for Peter who wants to do the same thing but doesnt dare speak of it after seeing others’ reactions) but Lily is understanding even though she knows she could never leave everyone to fight this war.

Where could I have read this? I feel like it’s not mine but then whose is it?


seamus is online

filming a thing with Seamus set during the war so wartime Seamus is online come keep him company and awake whilst hes on lookout.

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Psst tintas you are amazing and wonderful and talented so pretty please take care of yourself ^-^ take some naps and some soups and relax and have a nice time so that maybe tomorrow you can feel better. I'm glad you're here no matter what you're doing and I wanna give you all the cuddles so you can nap peacefully and not be sick anymore :) you are a super cutie full of niceness so please have naps and take care of yourself!!

Things that i do not deserve: Sammy

Let’s all plan a sleepover just to watch silly movies and eat healthy food.
Who knows, maybe we can do a pillow fort. 
I’ll be the dragon.

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Hey! For the ships: I'm a girl who literally loves anything under the sun 😂 I spend most of my time writing or driving around. I have a very unique taste when it comes to clothes. I either look like a poor art student (covered in paints) or a badass decked out in leather and combat boots. I usually don't take shit (and very protective) but everyone sees me as the sweetest thing even with my outer appearance. I get jealous very easily and am one clingy bitch 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love you and congrats love

I ship you with…
Veronica Lodge

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You had been admiring Veronica since the day you had came to Riverdale and you saw her at lunch.
And then one day you finally decided to get enough courage and sit down with her at lunch. “Hi. Mind if I sit here?” You asked, already setting your tray down.
“Oh, sure.” Veronica replied, smiling a little at you.
“Y/N Y/L/N.”
She nodded and put her hand out to shake with you, “Veronica Lodge.”