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I’ve decided open up commissions, so a BIG HUGE thank you in advance to anyone who expresses interest in commissioning me :>!

I am open to draw whatever you like but please understand I am inexperienced with the following: mechas, furries, nsfw, complex backgrounds.

If you are interested please feel free to send a message or email me at dynasty-zero@hotmail.com  Please include any information you think I will need to know.

I will require half payment up front. Once I have completed the basic sketch I will show you. Then, if the preliminary sketch is satisfactory, I will continue once I have received the second half of the payment. Please add $3 if you would like a simple background.
** PayPal/Venmo only!

Please allow at least one week for completion!

Currency Converter for those who need it ~

If you are not able to commission me but still want to show support please feel free to reblog this or share this on another site and I will be happy to draw a quick headshot for you!(This can only be done once per person and must remain for at least 48 hours * V *)/ )

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Well, this took me forever to make. Especially since I sketched it and finished half of it before I decided to change the entire theme. Also those stupid bushes man I spent like three hours on those and they still look bad. But whatever, I’m still proud how Bartleby himself came out.