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 (Okay, so it’s been a while that I think … I started writing just to get it out of my head and now I’m gone too far.
I need to share it. Stop me here, please.

So JK Rowling admitted that Salem Institute wasn’t a school. And I must admit that it doesn’t really bother me. Also, I’d like to introduce you to another school, which would hang up Oceania.


Howgarts :
- United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland)
- Minerva McGONAGALL.

Durmstrang :
Scandinavia - close to a lake.
- Northern Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Estonia) and the East (Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania).
- Kalina MASARYK.

Beauxbâtons :
France - in the Pyrenees.
- Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece) and West (Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland).
- Olympe MAXIME.


Kings Academy of Sorcery. Ilvermorny.
United States - Louisiana.
- North America (USA, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Caribbean).
-  Zachary LEWIS : youngest director of the Kings Academy, Zachary Lewis encourages freewill and autonomy. Kings students have considerable freedom of action with few restrictions. Lack of headmaster’s severity is sometimes criticized by his peers. But Zachary Lewis puts a point of honor that its students learn for themselves the concept of respect and authority.
Trivia :
- the emblem of the academy is a “K” crown.
- the motto is « Terra non caelum mutant qui trans mare currunt » (“ crossing the sea, you change the earth, not sky”).
- the academy is surrounded by a marsh that protects against intrusions. A huge crocodile enchanted lives inside and became the school mascot.
- the Academy is based on the university model of “Greek community”.
- each community has her own residence.
- students choose themselves their community.
- each community has her motto, her principles, her codes and her representatives. Representatives manage the functioning (and harmony) within and between communities.
- there are three fraternities :
> Alpha-Rhô “excel for good” (For :ambition, excellence, merit. Against : fraud, dishonor, failure)
> Khi-Thêta “do not waste your time (,use it rightfully)” (For : solidarity, collective, loyalty, selflessness. Against : conflict, betrayal, careerism)
> Nu-Kappa-Pi “it is a cloud, that will pass” (For : talent, ease, fun, diversity. Against : killjoy, spoilsport, wet blanket, party pooper…)
- three sororities :
> Omicron-Epsilon-Delta “which had to be proven“  (For : hard work, learning, rightness, mutual aid. Against : deception, violence)
> Lambda- Sigma “speech is the shadow of the act”  (For : discovery, franchise, action, the will and courage. Against : cowardice, lying, imposture)
> Kappa-Delta “new ideas”  (For : justice, duty, equality, determination. Against : inequity, abuse, bias)
- and three mixed :
>Sigma-Mu “with the mind” (For : knowledge by theory, discernment, raw intelligence, firmness.  Against : ignorance, narrow minds)
>Iota-Khi “with the hand” (For : knowledge through practice, cooperation, perseverance, creativity. Against : resignation)
> Gamma-Lambda “know thyself”  (For those who do not want or were not able to choose membership).
- each community has a representative and all representatives form the Committee.
- all the events are organized by the Committee (apportionment of new students, club management, sports events and festivities). They also deal with the application of sanctions. They are responsible for relationship between students, teachers and the headmaster.
- the committee also organizes events to maintain the rivalry between communities.
- at the end of each year, teachers vote for the community that has been most effective and the elected community becomes the “primary community” (inter alia, the community has authority over all decisions).

Enganolho Brazilian School of Magic, Castelobruxo.
Brazil - Bahia.
- South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay USA, Argentina).
- Hélio FORTES : Man of spirit and Sorcerer recognized for having studied temporal paradoxes.It’s the Minister of the Brazilian magic who asked him in person to take the place of headmaster of Enganolho. The School is in decline since its last director ; everyone think that Helio Fortes is the only one able to restore it to its former glory. Defy that he’s ready to take up.
Trivia :
- schools promote school exchanges.
- School is perched in trees.


School of Onopwulopwul.
Pacific Ocean - somewhere in Micronesia.
- Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.
- Koa NAOI : descendant of a famous clan of sorcerers and concerned about the magical heritage,Koa Naoi makes every effort to make the magical diversity being well represented in his school. Thus, in addition to Western standards, Onopwulopwul teaches the magical practices of each of Oceania Culture.
Trivia :
- motto’s school is :  “Ehu Mohngiong Mehlel, Ehu Poliwar Kala “ (translatable as “an honest heart, a proud body”).
- the school is situated on a crescent-shaped island. Extremities are so close to each other they would form almost a circle.
- the extremities of the island mark the entry of Onopwulopwul. They are littered by two statues representing the school’s founder : twins Olisihpa and Olosohpa.
- there is a tiny volcano where lives lavapeople. there is a large bay named the Usu Bay (the Star Bay).
- the school is mostly under water in the bay. dorms, break room and refectory are overwater bungalows.
- Onopwulopwul is the school with the most lessons.
- therefore it begins at age 10 and ended at 18.
- the schooling is divided into 3 stages :
> theoretical classes (Muggles Studies, Herbology, History of Magic, Astronomy Mythology Knowledge of Tribes, Potion) from the 1st to the 5th year (with a similar review to OWL).
> practical classes (Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Elsewhere’s Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Transfiguration) from the 3rd to the 7th year (with a similar review to OWL).
> qualifications classes (Defense Against the Dark Arts, Elsewhere’s  Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, Care of Sorcerer, Ancient Arts, Knowledge of Tribes, History of Magic, Runes, Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Potion, Magical Theory) from 6th to 9th grade (with a similar review to NEWT). Qualifications Classes are a kind of preparatory class for future trades.
- the school encourages sport (Muggles and wizards). They can swim in the bay without exceeding the statues of the founders.
- there are no clubs. students do what they want with their free time.
- sometimes the teachers take students on excursions during weekends and/or holidays.
- they visit the island, neighboring islands, sometimes even surrounding countries.


Uagadou School of Magic.
South Africa - Uganda
- Africa (all) and West in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, Syria).
-  the Board : is made up of five individuals whose achievements are recognized internationnalement. Together they govern Uagadou: choose subjects to be taught; the students; extra school activities; and even meals. The board changes only when one dies and the replacement is selected unanimously.
Trivia :
- school is hidden underground.
- This is the oldest school of magic and the largest school in the world.
- the Board accepts that the students of their choice.
- they select students via dream messenger which left a token in children’s hands while they slept.
- the token is a Portkey that allows them to enter in the school.
- it’s possible to study ancient magic (the “forgotten magics”).
- the guardians / protectors of school are zombies.


Academy of Sïkhanéjādū.
India - Satpura National Park
- Central Asia (India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan).
- Aman VAGHELA et Idha BHATTI : Aman Vaghela is a sorcerer from the highest caste in India. He protested against lack of means given lower castes to study magic. First member of the Wizengamot with his wife, Idha Bhatti, he decided to become headmaster of Sïkhanéjādū to change attitudes and offer a chance to study to all - no matter their ages or their families. Having taken a vow of silence, it’s that wife who is “the spokeswoman of the voiceless”.
Trivia :
- Sïkhanéjādū’s emblem is a peacock spreading its tail.
- anyone can attend classes, regardless of age or social caste.
- the diploma is obtained by accumulation of “units”. To validate a diploma, you need a minimum of 1500 units. The maximum is 3000 units.
- each topic is worth units. (ex : Charms maximum value is 500 U)
- for validating a topic, you must obtain a minimum of Units. (ex : to validate the course of Charm, you need minimum 400 U)
- required courses are : Charms ; Defence Against the Dark Arts (300 U. min - 500 U. max) ; History of Magic (200 U min - 500 U max). [those courses are validated in seven years.]
- complementary courses are : Applied Magic/Magical Theory (120 U min - 240 U max) ; Ancient Arts (200 U min - 240 U max) [are validated both in 4 years] ; Arithmancy (200 U min - 240 U max) [is validated in 5 years].
- optional courses are : Herbology (90 U min - 180 U max) ; Potions (90 U min - 180 U max) [are validated in 5 years] ;  Care of Magical Creatures/Dressage (160 U min - 180 U max) [is validated in 4 years] ;  Apparition (170 U min  - 180 U max) [is validated in 1 year].
- facultative courses are : Muggle Studies  ( 12 U min - 20 U max) [is validated in 4 years] ; Flying (10 U min - 20 U max) [is validated in 1 years + 1 year of flight applied] ; Meditation (10 U min - 20 U max) [is validated in 5 years]
- courses under conditions : Legilimency, Occlumency, Transfiguration. These are qualifications and they reported no Units.
- there are clubs : Astronomy; Duel; Dance; Music; Poetry; Sports ; Art…

Koldovstoretz School.
Russia - Siberian plateau
- North Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Mongolia) (+ the muggle-borns not allowed to Durmstrang).
- Anatoli STALRUK (Anatoli Steel Hands) : man of action and competent sorcerer, Anatolia became headmaster of Koldovstoretz by default. Former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, it was his older brother (the Minister of Russian Magic, Nikolai STALGLAVA, aka Nikolai Steel Head) who appoints the Headmaster. Leaving joyfully to his paperwork to his sub-alternates, Anatoli prefers having fun in the corridors of the huge school, looking to disrupt classes and students to challenge. He has no policy and leaves full responsibility of education to his teachers and deputy headmaster.
Trivia :
- Koldovstoretz is the second largest school in the world both in terms of space of student numbers.
- the school was remodeled by the famous Baba Yaga.
- schools can literally move to prevent it being found.
- the school has a hymn (students love to sing).
- students are very patriotic to their school
- many parties are organized by students.
- Koldovstoretz welcomes the muggle-borns are not allowed to Durmstrang.
- of school is at the heart of a constant blizzard preventing anyone from approaching.
- the students go to school by sled (similar to the Knight Bus).
- teachers and sometimes the director eat the same tables as students.
- most of the time, students are left to themselves and younger dependent on the benevolence of their elders.
- Inuit living in Siberia study their own magic but they must pass regulatory reviews of Koldovstoretz to be recognized by the Ministry.
- it’s possible to study black magic.
- pets are not officially allowed.
- they play a version of Quidditch where they fly on entire, uprooted trees instead of broomsticks.

Mahoutokoro School of Magic.
Japan - Aichi Prefecture  Volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima
- South Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand)
- TOKUGAWA Danjo : descendant of the Matsudaira clan, founder of Mahoutokoro. Danjo Tokugawa is a stocky men, bald and fat. Severe in his instruction, he only wants the best of his students and doesn’t hesitate to exclude those who are not up to par.
Trivia :
- the school blazon is the Matsudaira clan’s “Mon”(circle around three Hollyhock leaves).
- only a member of the Tokugawa clan get the post of Headmaster / Headmistress.
- the school is formed by islets connected by bridges.
- there are a total of 11 islets : one building for the headmaster and teachers (school entry) ; one for the main building (classrooms and library) ; two dormitories (one for girls and one for boys) ; one for kitchens ; five for gardens ; and finally, a last which serves as training ground.
- in the most remote islet of gardens find a temple with a Go-Shinboku planted since the school’s founding.
- tutor system (senpei / kohai) is very present.
- students address their teachers by calling them “sensei”.
- the school is known for its large number of non-human spiritous apparition.
- even if everyone can follow any topic, some are qualify as feminin and other as masculin and it’s frowned upon to depart from the rule.
- even if everyone is accepted, students have to merit their places in school.
- school organizes annual sports festival. (Headmaster annually invites other schools to participate even if the answer was always negative.)
- the tests are : obstacle course; hunting flag; duel; demonstration ; Quidditch 

Móshùdifang, Institute of magic.
China - Guilin
- Central Asia (China, Korea, Tibet)
- XIE An : Madam Xie An is known internationally for having fought and tamed a dragon. Respectable Seers and apprentive of the most powerful Chinese sorcerer : she inherits his position as headmistress in place of the second apprentice (and newly Minister of Magic Chinese). She creates an atmosphere of mutual aid between students and encourages working group. She is very proud of his school and its students. She doesn’t like the current headmaster of Mahoutokoro.
Trivia :
- Móshùdifang’s blazon is a dragon surrounding the sinogramme of  "magic" and “place” in the center of a hexagon.
- it’s the second oldest school of magic.
- school starts at twelve years and lasts six years.
- the school is located atop a hill.
- each generation of students is supervised by a “governess” to guide them through their entire schooling.
- the tower that serves as a dormitory is organized so that each stage represents a year.
- the school specializes in enchantments and divination.

I may or may not begin a story (that I probably never finish) for each of these schools …

By Samantha Fawcett (@_SamanthaWho)
Via The Daily Prophet (@TheProphetDaily)

Hermione Jean Weasley {Nee Granger}. Born 19th September, 1979. The brightest witch of her age and one third of the Golden Trio. Hermione was born to muggle parents (dentists, particularly) and is a living, breathing example of the fallacy of pureblood wizard supremacy. Most know her as the wife of Ronald Weasley and best friend of the famed Harry Potter, but is that really all there is to know? Take a glimpse into the private life of Mrs. Ronald Weasley with celebrity correspondent, Samantha Fawcett.
Barnabas Cuffe; Editor in Chief.

SF: Good evening, Mrs.. *Pauses, glancing up at her* Granger-Weasley or Weasley? *Smiles sheepishly*

HW: [She smiles kindly] Mrs. Weasley is much less of a mouthful, though feel free to call me Hermione.

SF: Thank you, Hermione. *Beams, reaching for a self inking quill* As you must know, I’m Samantha Fawcett, Celebrity Correspondent with The Daily Prophet and I’d be happy to begin our interview if you’re ready. *Eyes expectantly*

HW: It’s certainly a pleasure to meet you, Miss Fawcett. [Smiles] May I offer you a cup of tea before we begin?

SF: I’d love to. *Nods, smoothing out her parchment* And please, Hermione, Samantha will do. *Smiles*

HW: [She smiles] Certainly, Samantha. [She goes to the kitchen, returning a moment later with two steaming cups of tea, handing one to Samantha]

SF: *Gratefully accepts the cup with her free hand, the other holding her quill as she watches her take her seat anew* Let’s see.. The brightest witch of your generation, star pupil, know-it-all, show-off,.. *Sheepish smile* ..champion of the house-elves and other disenfranchised creatures, of the unwanted and the oppressed, of the underdog and defenseless.. there are many names that describe you, but tell us, who -you- see yourself as?

HW: [Hermione listens to Samantha, carefully considering her question] Primarily, I see myself as a mother and a wife. My family has always been my number one priority. From there, I suppose I would say… [She takes a moment to think] An advocate for equality in the Magical Community. [She takes a sip of her tea]

SF: *Nods, quill scribbling away madly* The records of what took place during the famed horcrux hunt, though confidential and restricted, have many a times been leaked to the public, and as such there are many speculations about what truly happened that caused Mr. Weasley to abandon you and Mr. Potter. Please share with us what -truly- happened. *Shallow tea sip; expectant glance*

HW: [Hermione slowly set down her tea] The Horcruxes were extremely dark, consuming magical objects. If one wasn’t careful, the Horcrux could easily manipulate one’s thoughts, bringing out the most negative emotions, ranging from jealousy, anger, and paranoia. It impacted all three of us. Ron had been wearing the locket containing a piece of Voldemort’s soul when he and Harry had gotten into a row. I daresay if Harry had been the one wearing the locket at the time, he would have been the one to leave. I would never call it abandonment, as Ron returned to us as soon as he was able to, and did what he could to help the cause during the time we were apart.

SF: Of course. *Nods, brows creasing lightly as the implications of her words were made clear to her; so many things had been laid atop the shoulders of those too young to truly carry the burden and it was a testament to their characters that they had seen the task through despite the many obstacles they had faced* Tell me, Hermione,.. *Places her quill down momentarily* ..do you still knit socks for house-elves? *Cheeky smile, reaches for her steaming cup of tea while eying her fondly*

HW: [She laughs softly] No, but I did briefly work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures upon my graduation from Hogwarts. I worked to improve the quality of life for house-elves. I wrote the law making the physical abuse and general neglect of a house elf a punishable offence. [Hermione smiles]

SF: *Inclines head, matching her smile, quill scribbling away all the while* That was quite a feat indeed. If you could have had one of the Time Turners from the Chamber of Time in the Department of Mysteries, or even the one that you used at Hogwarts, how many spins would  you give it? *Glances back up at, expectant*

HW: [Hermione sighs, her brow furrowed in thought] Whereas there are several things I wish hadn’t ever occurred, I do know that it is extremely dangerous to meddle with time in such a way. Though the trials were difficult and many, I learned from them. I developed bonds with some truly wonderful people, some of whom I may never have even met if things had been changed. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and it is not in a human’s place to change the past.

SF: Indeed. *Murmurs, recognizing the logic in her words* What’s your favorite thing to do during rainy days?

HW: If I’m not at work, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day than with a good novel, a cup of tea, and a crackling fire. [Smiles]

SF: Ah.. *Wistful smile; amused by the similarities between Hermione and herself* Now this one.. *Glances at her parchment, flushing lightly as she glances back up at her* This one’s for the wizards.. or witches, bikini or thongs?

HW: [Hermione blushes deeply, a small smile playing on her lips] That’s between my husband and myself. [She laughs lightly]

SF: *Giggles softly, nodding in understanding* Of course, Hermione. *Clears throat, cheeks still tinged, despite* If you were an Animagus, what would you be and why?

HW: Well, I’ve always been partial to cats. [She smiles] They’re such intelligent creatures. It would be interesting to see life from their perspective.

SF: *Arches a brow, making note of her response while taking yet another shallow sip of her tea* Walk us through a typical day in your life.

HW: Oh, goodness. A typical day… [She sips her tea] It begins with the standard routine, waking up and eating breakfast. Depending on the day, I either go into the Ministry for meetings, or I do paperwork at home. On weekends, Ron and I usually spend time together. [She smiles] Things have quieted down quite a bit since our days at Hogwarts.

SF: *Eyes her intently, catching her lip between her teeth* Do you miss it? The excitement? The elements of danger? *Murmurs, leaning forward slightly*

HW: [She laughs] Honestly, I’ve had enough danger and near-death experiences to last a lifetime. I do miss the adventure at times, but not so much the danger.

SF: I can only imagine the stories you could tell.. *Chuckles, leaning back anew* Who do you snog at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Ronald? *Tilt*

HW: Of course. [She smiles] We’re still very much in love, Ron and I. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SF: *Beams, pleased with her reply, as she glances at her parchment* One last question, Hermione. I know you’re not a fan of Divination, but, if Trelawny were to read your tea cup, what would she see in it? *Curious glance*

HW: I would certainly hope she’d see something that indicates a long, happy life for myself and my family. [She smiles]

Mrs. Weasley, or, Hermione, as she kindly permitted me to call her, is the very embodiment of brain and beauty, of logic and its application in daily endeavors, of the misconceptions surrounding the purity of one’s blood and the control and possession of power. She inspires us to be just a little better, to strive just a little harder, and to celebrate her legacy, which continues to grow and enrich the Wizarding world.