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For years I was always like, in the Harry Potter films, there was a whole ginger family, and I never got an audition. And I was like, come on, it’s outrageous! Every actor in England was in the Harry Potter films, but I never got the call.

Peter’s response to me asking if he could read the Doctor’s letter to Clara out loud was epic since he’s fully aware about fan fiction. XD But with this being a canon book, he found out it was safe. ;) I also loved it when he asked me if it was Clara that wrote it, but then said, “Oh, no, I wrote this.” He could have said, “Oh, no, the Doctor wrote this” but he didn’t, so it was like he was referring to his own self as the character, which makes it even more awesome!

phaxhalfelven  asked:

Oh my goodness wonderful request...Loved this...one question what is this letter from? You said it's from a book? And can I get my hands on it? Okay so it was three questions...

Hello! Thank you! Yes, it was from a book called Doctor Who: The Companion’s Companion. Clara wrote it full of quizzes and other information on the Doctor’s past companions. She then hid it all in the TARDIS. He found the book and added in a page addressed to her, and then put it back in her hiding place.

Here’s photos of the book cover, the page Peter read out loud, and then two YouTube videos of him on stage. The P.S. got cut in the first one, so I added it in from my original video.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOyCA07DG7w)

Video I took of Peter reading the Doctor’s letter to Clara at Minneapolis Comic Con. Unfortunately, I cut just before he did the P.S.