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Sad episode 11 and over S3 RWBY theories.

Yo if you haven’t seen the new episode fuck outa this post and watch it here before reading.

Teachers : I wouldn’t love to but it’d be very sad yet interesting to see a teacher like port or oobleck die in battle seeing as they are very old and probably aren’t as able bodied as they used to be… Although I highly doubt it’ll happen there have been characters who’ve died.

Ruby gets hER ASS KICKED : Ruby is a very very VERY skilled huntress for her age but I doubt that she’ll be able to beat Neo if at all stand her ground when her sister ( although tired ) couldn’t even land a hit.


Ozpin : This grand wizard son of a bitch is absolutely gonna FINALLY show us who he is and what he cAN DO HOT DAMN. Hopefully he just outs himself and says hes the wizard or i’ll b very disappointing.

Ironwood : He’s dead, straight up dead, I can’t imagine him living through that shit

Blake & Adam : She’s gonna absolutely have to murder him and it’s gonna be bloody because he’s giving me this hella creepy obsessed vibe and I’m not liking any of it.


Cairo Kessler, a.k.a. Big Sad Orc Dad.  He’s a half-orc sorcerer who started working for a mysterious organization and doing life-threatening work in order to put his adopted son through wizard school.  In typical dad fashion, he’s a master of puns, corny humor, and dorky yet effective spells.

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โค but for the giant Roe Wizard son

for V’ieh cuz shes my most fleshed out char <3

Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs from behind | Cuddling | Hand kiss | PDA | Spooning | Shared baths | Whispers | Affectionate texts | Caressing | Stroke hair | No displays of affection

Shower sex | Wall sex | Neck bites | Oral | Morning sex | Drunk sex | Public sex | Backseat of car | BDSM | No sex

Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | No dates

Would my character…

Marry them? Yes | No
Have sex on the first date? Yes | No
Confess their attraction first? Yes | No
Have children/adopt? Yes | No
Die for your character? Yes | No
Cheat on your character? Yes | No
Lie to them? Yes | No
Cuddle after sex? Yes | No

of course if she wasnt in a relationship tho

vieh vhessi

I decided the other day that I'm going to curse exclusively using the names of magical creatures from the wizarding world

Hear some mildly bad news?

“Ahh nargles”

See something perplexing and/or mildly disturbing ?

“What the hippogriff?”

Someone do something that makes you want to hate them?

“Son of a niffler!”

Your friend being jokingly mean?

“You’re such a flobberworm”

Need to really get some feelings off your chest? I got you covered.

“Blast ended skrewts!”

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OOC; Wizard behind the curtains. (𝓶𝓾𝓷 𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓴𝓼)
OOC; Request an audience. (𝓪𝓼𝓴 𝓶𝒆𝓶𝒆𝓼)
OOC; She went from rags to emeralds. (𝓰𝓪𝓵𝓵𝒆𝓻𝔂)
OOC; Constant companion from Kansas. (𝓓𝓸𝓻𝓸𝓽𝓱𝔂)
OOC; Ideals and thoughts befitting a Queen. (𝓶𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼)
OOC; As beautiful as Emerald City. (𝓪𝒆𝓼𝓽𝓱𝒆𝓽𝓲𝓬)
OOC; Dimwitted son and loyal friend. (𝓟𝓾𝓶𝓹𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓱𝒆𝓪𝓭)
OOC; Fastest horse in all of Oz. (𝓢𝓪𝔀𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓼𝒆)
OOC; Mentor and mother. (𝓖𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓪)

Devil | Re; Orange, Hero

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Devil had a feeling he knew who Hero was hinting at. He didn’t want to see Blackberry acting like this at all. He knew that she had to be innocent; Wizard was like a son to her, after all. 

Devil panicked. He really had nothing to say, since all of the evidence had been talked about already, but he felt like everyone was missing something in all of this, something no one quite noticed. And it probably would’ve sounded obvious if someone had mentioned it.

Devil sweated a little. “W- What are you saying, Hero?”


No one, no one lives forever. We will be remembered for what we do right now.

Doesn’t mean you have to forget

Simple. His father when he was only two years old and Peter was left to be raised by his muggle mother. She really didn’t have any experience on the matter and so she moved to a muggle household and sent Peter to kindergarten and primary school. It was hard for her but it was harder for Peter as he was told everything his mom knew about the Wizarding World but made to live in the simpler muggle world, and most importantly he couldn’t tell his classmates or neighbor’s friends. Getting his Hogwarts’ letter was perhaps the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him, and for his mother it was a relief. Lola Pettigrew loved her son, she really did, but she felt lost as to how she was supposed to deal with a wizard for a son so sending him off to Hogwarts seemed the best option for the both of them. He had no friends yet when the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, but when it asked: Gryffindor or Slytherin, mm? Peter glanced at the green and silver table and felt altogether inadequate, Gryffindor he begged instead. He didn’t say much in his first year, he just wandered around a lot and became marvelled at what his dormmates James and Sirius did. On his second year though, he ended up having a conversation with the two which resulted in them all figuring out Lupin was a werewolf. It happened when they confronted him, that was when all of them became friends, when Petter finally felt as he belonged and he did so nicely.

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger

Uncertainty. He knows there’s a war threatening to take place, he knows so because James and Sirius knew and told. He knows there’s a very good chance that he’ll have to fight alongside his friends, he doesn’t midn but he also doesn’t want to die. He knows he’ll have to tell his mother eventually, but he’s afraid she won’t let him be brave as he’s supposed to be. Well actually that’s the question that’s been on his mind ever since he’s found out: what if he’s not brave enough? What if the Sorting Hat was wrong and he’s not a true Gryffindor? He’s trying not to let this thoughts overwhelm him so when Sirius told them what he expected of this next year, Peter agreed. Better to focus on school, parties and wining the House Cup, what with the war coming, the more reason to do it, right?

Till they’re before your eyes

WAND: up to player

PATRONUS: up to player

BOGGART: up to player

AMORTENTIA: up to player


up to player


-The Marauders: Gonna do my very best. Becoming part of the Marauders seemed almost accidental for Peter, he had just happened to overheard a conversation between James and Sirius and decided to jump in to say Remus only disappeared on full moon’s nights. After that though, he felt like he finally had found his place. The boys became his best friends and they were always looking after each other, Peter enjoys this feeling of having their backs and knowing they have his.

-Greta Catchlove: I want to meet you again. Fifth year was a wonderful year, he spent most of it liplocking with Greta in empty classrooms, but when she said she couldn’t keep hidding anymore, that she needed something real, Peter just let her go. He’s been regretting it ever since.

-Benjy Fenwick: Friend of a friend. Benjy was a close friend of the Prewett twins, whom onced invited Peter to join them for an Exploding Snaps game, that was how the two younger boys met. They’ve hanged around quite a bit now, mostly because they’re both into Wizarding Chess.  


Dane Deehan, Evan Peters.

Dwyane Wade's 13-Year-Old Son Might Be Basketball's Next Great Passing Wizard

Like father, like son.

Zaire Wade, 13, recently popped up in headlines for sending his dad an inspirational text that helped the Heat get a victory, being hilariously unimpressed with his dad’s dunking abilities, and even getting some tips on his game from the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant.

Now, the young Wade is proving that he already has some of the skills on the court that make his father a 12-time NBA All-Star – despite the fact that he won’t even graduate high school until 2020.

The young Wade was a participant at the John Lucas Basketball Camp in Texas recently, and he dominated his competitors, showing the ability to play strong defense, block shots, get to the rim, and knock it down from distance. His best skill, however, was his passing game, as the lefty dished out seriously impressive dimes including some beautiful no-look, half-court-bounce, and even behind-the-back passes to his teammates.

Wade was so impressive that he even got some dap from one of the camp’s referees in the middle of a game.

Once the young Zaire hits his inevitable growth spurt and adds some size to his already refined ball handling and passing skills? Watch out.

(Via TakeMyTalent.com)