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Multiclassing... With Style

Your character is close to levelling up, and you’re thinking about taking a level in another class. That’s great! However, let us not forget that this is a roleplaying game, and therefore this new character development deserves some narrative attention.

The Guild of Fifty One Hands does share secrets with anyone off the street.

The Archfey Council will not grant to power of the natural world to those it deems unworthy.

The Circle of Seven will not train an unlearned plebe to manipulate the fundamental elements of the universe. 

You must first prove you are worthy of the powerful abilities associated with this new class. For each class (in the 5th edition PHB) you will find a list describing trials you may be set to prove your suitability for training.

Barbarian (1d6):

  1. Survive a night in the gulch with only a spear
  2. Capture a live bison (or similarly large beast) with only a rope
  3. Cross the river at the rapids
  4. Using only your bare hands, touch together the two ends of an iron rod
  5. Turn the granite sculpture in front of the palace to face the opposite direction
  6. Beat up a bear with your bare hands

Bard (1d6):

  1. Compose a sonata in the style of a famous composer
  2. Construct your own instrument
  3. Perform at every inn Brognar Dovecap played at on his final tour
  4. Recite the epic tale of Gray Wolf from memory
  5. Sit through the entire 28 hour “Ode to Warm Milk”
  6. Get a groupie

Cleric (1d6):

  1. Translate a page of the Mad God’s Tome
  2. Acquire the ingredients for incense and prepare it
  3. Read the scripture cover to cover
  4. Learn the fundamentals of the morningstar
  5. Work for a time as a beadsman at the local alms-house
  6. Finish all the paperwork in your to-do bin

Druid (1d6):

  1. Learn the hunter’s last rites and perform them after slaying a bull elk
  2. Allow a bird to nest in your cupped hands
  3. Cultivate the notoriously fickle winter ivy without using magic
  4. Earn the trust and friendship of a myconid colony
  5. Return a defiled place to a state of natural health
  6. Beat up a lumberjack

Fighter (1d6):

  1. Learn the basic defense and attack forms
  2. Win a medal in the King’s Melee
  3. Apprentice under a blacksmith for a time
  4. Learn the art of diplomacy
  5. Read through Muin Wild’s ‘'The Art of Conflict”
  6. Defeat the galloping hordes AND one hundred bad guys with swords

Monk (1d6):

  1. Do 10,000 pushups
  2. Learn meditation under a master
  3. Give up your worldly possessions
  4. Learn to perform a tea ceremony
  5. Fast for a fortnight
  6. Learn crouch with tigers and hide with dragons

Paladin (1d6):

  1. Provide palliative care to the dying
  2. Seek out a wanted criminal and convince them to amend their ways
  3. Commit to a vow of silence, chastity, or poverty
  4. Compose your oath and commit it to memory
  5. Undertake a pilgrimage
  6. Spoil a shady plan by being a huge stick-in-the-mud

Ranger (1d6):

  1. Retrieve the herbal ingredients for an antidote before the poison overwhelms you
  2. Capture and train a bird of prey
  3. Climb to the peak of a mountain
  4. Construct your own bow
  5. Track down the cause of a blight afflicting the nearby forest
  6. Escort some needy halflings to the nearest elf settlement

Rogue (1d6):

  1. Steal the Red Wolf’s signet ring
  2. Spring The Pig from the local jail
  3. Brew a potent poison
  4. Walk atop the city wall from one end to the other
  5. Craft a set of skeleton keys
  6. Go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line

Sorcerer (1d6):

  1. Trace the history of the dragon bloodlines
  2. Inscribe on your skin the tattoos of magic channeling
  3. Read the Manual of the Planes
  4. Pen a thesis on each of the four natural and seven supernatural elements
  5. Construct a wand
  6. Fetch water and perform other menial tasks for an Arcane Master without using magic

Warlock (1d6):

  1. Retrieve a lost relic for your patron
  2. Capture and tame your familiar
  3. Perform a moonlit sacrifice for your desired patron
  4. Craft your pact weapon
  5. Destroy a relic belonging to a rival patron
  6. Start a cult

Wizard (1d6):

  1. Identify an artifact without the aid of magic
  2. Master the process of growing crystals
  3. Read through all seventy-seven tomes of Arcane Foundations
  4. Learn the fundamentals of life, death, undeath, and false life
  5. Perform the rituals required to convert a regular cauldron into a suitable potion brewing vessel
  6. You put on your robe and wizard hat

“One incident in the early 2000s even had her laughing quite uncontrollably mid-catwalk: wearing a bathing suit for Issey Miyake while carrying a prop suitcase stuffed with wizard hats and robes.”- InStyle Magazine April 2016

Had to get goofy for day seven of the Potter week prompts! Today was “You’re a wizard, Harry!”

It’s been super fun, hope you’ve enjoyed the ride!








gryffinclaw394  asked:

You know what bothers me? The fact that in the original Harry Potter movies wizards wear "stereotypical" wizard fashion (robes, hats, etc.), but in Fantastic Beasts they wear (mostly) what any regular 1920's person would wear. Doesn't that get you? It's such a tiny detail but it takes away from the illusion of the world. I've tried to come up with some "explanation", but idk what to say.

This gets super in depth, so pardon my geekiness and keep reading if you’re interested in my wizard fashion breakdown :)

 -Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

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anonymous asked:

Where did Taako from TV first come from? Like at what point is Taako's tv show first mentioned in the show? I feel like it's just been there forever

Okay, so the first time that it was mentioned in the main podcast chronology is in episode 12, when the Boys interact with Gram/Percy for the first time.

Graham: Uh, what are your guys’ names?

Merle: I’m Leeman. Leeman Kessler.

Graham: Hi, Leeman!

Merle: Hi, Graham.

Taako: Justin.

Graham: Uh, I can’t help but notice your garb. Your robe and your hat. Are you perchance a wizard too?

Taako: Yeah, man.

Travis: [crosstalk] [laughs] Totally!

Taako: Don’t you recognize me from TV?

[Someone makes a shushing sound]

Graham: Oh my god, is it really you?

Taako: Justin… [someone laugh-wheezes] …is a stage name. No, wait. Strike that.

BUT! The true first time Taako being a TV star was first introduced was in the Max Fun Donor-Only Prequel episode, which was after Moonlighting and before Murder on the Rockport express.

Griffin: And for joining at that level you get what I think is the absolute best reward, which is - hundreds of, uh, maybe not hundreds, dozens and dozens and dozens of episodes of all of the podcasts at Maximum Fun, including three bonus Adventure Zone episodes. Uh, the one that Travis led, we did have the LA Live Show, where the boys have a beach vacation kind of, and then the uh, prequel episode, which I don’t know that we’ve ever talked about, where you guys uh, first meet. […] Well, that is where we learn about Taako’s backstory, of being a traveling chef entertainer who accidentally poisoned a whole town.

Travis: Oh yeah!

Justin: Yeah.

Griffin: Do you remember that? That’s like, my favorite Taako backstory thing like ever.

Justin: I don’t - I mean, uh, this is gonna sound like I’m fucking with you but I - I do, that’s a big part of why Taako is the way he is, like he is kind of a self preservationist.


Griffin: Yeah, there was cool stuff in it, but I tried to keep the story stuff out of it as much as we can, I think that prequel episode - there’s some interesting character development, like, background stuff, stuff that is maybe not as germane to the whole arc, because it takes place like way before it, but um, some interesting stuff about your guys’s characters.

and now back to your regularly scheduled dnd recap

My DM and I had so much fun doing our prequel session with our characters that we just had to do another, and boy was this one a wild ride

  • after pondering the subject for a long, long while, it was finally decided that our rogue talks in a bad russian accent
  • rogue: *in a jewelry shop looking at some earrings*
    • wizard: don’t even think about it
  • rogue: *calls wizard over stone of far speech while doing a stakeout* hey, want to here a joke?
    • wizard: *sighs* yeah sure
    • rogue: your life *hangs up*
  • we were on the stakeout to capture and interrogate the owner of the jewelry store later that night. when she left the shop, our rogue started doing her Rogue Shit™ and crawled over buildings to get to the shopkeeper. Just as she was above the owner, she called my wizard on her stone, said “hey, watch this >:)” and took a flying leap off of a roof – however she failed her roll, missed the shopkeeper, and did a huge belly flop on the road instead. 
  • it was basically that scene from Moana, except instead of water, it was concrete
  • shopkeeper: should i call the cops, or an ambulance?
  • later after we learned that the shopkeeper was getting her magic floating crystals from some shady thieves, we tracked them down to their campfire, where they had a bird person tied up. my DM never intended for her to be this way, but that bird ended up being an absolute fucking badass, because the second we cut her loose she sliced a kobold clean in half with her metallic wings
  • while we and the bird person (her name is gilda) were fighting off the thieves, our rogue failed every one of her rolls and didn’t hit a single person. she never shut up about it for the rest of the adventure
  • gilda: if i find reason to believe that you cannot be trusted, I will not hesitate to throw you off of the temple island and into the ocean
    • wizard: that’s fair
  • for our first trial getting into the temple we had to fight a dragon. at one point it bit our rogue and knocked her out. my halfling wizard then jumped in between the two of them, yelled at the dragon to leave his friend alone, and shot it in the eye with a nat 20
  • that’s the power of friendship bitches
  • old owl wizard: this will be a challenge of magical prowess. tell me, who of you is your spellcaster?
    • wizard, clad in bright robes and the biggest hat you’ve ever seen: take a wild guess my dude
  • wizard: *sees stone hydra statue in the middle of a huge room* okay stand back everybody i know what to do *casts Mage Hand and pets the hydra’s nose*
  • i rolled a nat 1 while trying to shoot the hydra with my crossbow and ended up hitting gilda, who luckily was fine because she had a lot of HP. our rogue, however, was not as fine when the same goddamn thing happened to her the very next turn
  • guys he fucking killed her in one shot
  • and then died 2 seconds later
  • this is why you need a healer in your party
  • anyway after gilda deus ex machina’d us both back to life with her endless potion supply, she handed my wizard two of her metallic knife feathers, told him to aim for the eyes, and then picked him up and threw him at the hydra
  • and then guess who rolled
  • a nat
  • fucking
  • 20
  • long story short that bitch is dead and i don’t think i’ll ever do anything as cool as that in a dnd game ever again
  • after that we got to the floating city inside the temple and my wizard had a magic nerd heart attack at the sight of the place, and completely forgot about our rogue, who was being hauled off to the hospital because she was still recovering from when he shot her by accident
  • temple queen: please be careful with those crystals, if you drop them they will explode and destroy the whole city
    • wizard:
    • queen: lol just fucking with you

Wizards’ and witches’ love of wide-brimmed hats and flowing robes originated in the desert, where — cloaked by sandstorms and free of the more ornery animals and monsters — the earliest hermetic orders sequestered themselves. Since they’re so big on tradition (wizards especially so), they rarely change this wardrobe very much, leading to no small amount of embarrassment in the tundra and taiga or on the windier seas.

Sorcerexes, on the other hand, tend to either stay near towns as much as possible, or fuck off to dank caves and deep forests. They generally prefer tighter-fitting hooded clothes, ideally made of a waterproof but soft fabric in muted colors. Some wear camouflage but this is generally mocked since they could just turn invisible if they really wanted to.

Alchemists, of course, wear lab coats while working, and goggles basically all the time (as they typically have them enchanted so it’s easier to notice potentially-useful ingredients). Outside the workshop, they usually dress like “civilians,” though a few of the more prominent alchemy guilds have adopted custom jackets or tunics.

Necromancers like to wear skulls on their head ‘cause like, they have a bunch lying around anyway, it’d be senseless to waste ‘em, y’know?

anonymous asked:

Ugh, Nightmare Night, hours of doing nothing but opening the door to screaming foals interested in nothing more than what candy you'll give them.

While perhaps not the most fun activity, it is still rewarding to see the foals happy when they get their candy. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to offer them a book, so I prepared a collection of seasonally appropriate spooky stories.

Furthermore, there’s more to Nightmare Night than just hoofing out candy. It’s fun to dress up as well! I’ve been getting ready myself, in between answering letters. I put on my robe and wizard hat. Perhaps not very original, but I like it. It’s always interesting to see what other ponies will be wearing though.

anonymous asked:

I want to jump in this confession train real quick and say that the most Tim Drake thing I've ever done, was staying at my local bookstore, which I volunteer for often, at midnight for a Harry Potter party. I volunteered as the Trivia Wizard because they promised free coffee if I did. But being so excited for the party, I couldn't sleep for four days prior, this lead to me being found asleep underneath the trivia desk (my wizard hat and robe on and all) by a Draco cosplayer at.

dhfkfjdb u good??


Khadgar’s Tower, Zangarra, Talador, Draenor.

Lots of books and scrolls. A random discarded turkey(?) leg on a pile of notes. A tank that seems to hold only starfish. That purple, star-studded wizard hat. Enchant materials. Floating lanterns and candles. Random bursts of energy in places.

Just a few of the doodads and things going on here.

30 Day Character Drawing Challenge

I’ve been blank on my drawing ideas lately (and by blank I mean I’ve just got so many ideas  I can’t seem to make up my mind about which one to do first) so, in an attempt to fix that, I’m creating a 30 Day Drawing Challenge.

Anyhow, here’s the challenge:

Day 1 - Draw yourself however you want (future, past, present, steampunk, fantasy, noir, post-apocalyptic, etc)

Day 2 - A couple just survived the whole apocalypse and are now living in a post-apocalyptic world. Draw them. 

Day 3 - DYNAMIC TIME! Draw a super secret spy jumping from an explosion!

Day 4 - A mysterious outlaw just arrived to the Old West. What is he looking for? Was he a ranger? Was he a robber? What if that outlaw is actually a she? Draw this outlaw cowboy walking all mysteriously into frame. 

Day 5 - Yargh! What brings you to these salty waters, small fry? Is it fortune you seek? Power? Adventure? Because, believe me, in these waters what you’ll want the most is to get out alive… Draw yourself as a badass pirate! 

Day 6 - Earth. Fire. Air. Water… using any of these elements create an Avatar. He/She can be from the past or even from the future! 

Day 7 - This ain’t no place for no hero to call home… A waste planet… you’re exiled to that planet full of psychopaths and mercenaries. Draw a fictional character (or yourself, if you prefer) living in that planet. Pssht… look for Borderlands for a very good example of what I’m talking about.

Day 8 - You must have a favourite superhero or character, right? Imagine that character just grew fond of a kid and he/she lends him/her one of that character’s accesories (a mask, a helmet, a vest, a weapon, etc).  Draw that kid wearing the accesory. 

Day 9 - This next drawing is all about staying positive. Your next character is sailing aimlessly on a small boat in the middle of the ocean. How is that person killing time? 

Day 10 - VANDALISM! Draw a scene where a street artist is being chased by the athorities. Let your imagination fly away, what if instead of a city, they’re in a flying city? or an underwater city? or SPACE!? 

Day 11 - Draw a cat on an unusual place. Come on ;) you’ll come up with something. 

Day 12 - Time for space traveling. Draw a whole space squad. They can be soldiers, mercenaries, outlaws, bandits, hijackers… but remember they’re in space so think of some fancy equipment to help them breathe and move around!

Day 13 You’re a wizard, Harry! … or at least what you’ll be drawing is a wizard. Don’t go with the typical hat and long robe. Think differently. How would a wizard look in the present? The future? the 50’s? 

Day 14 - Urban kids having adventures? Choose any city from around the world: London, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, New York, Spain, Istanbul, Dubai… really, there’s like a million cities all around the world. 

Day 15 - I’m just curious… how was your day? Create a 3-panel comic (at least) describing something funny, curious, unusual, or crazy that happened to you this week. 

Day 16 - The ever-lasting fight between a liberator and a tyrant. Draw them both in their final showdown. Whoever wins is up to you!

Day 17 - Peace. That’s all I’m saying. 

Day 18 - There are thousands of visual representations of Death… but this day you’re changing that number to a thousand and one. 

Day 19 - The good… the bad… and the worse… draw yourself as a creature hunter or as a mythical creature. Just… make sure you don’t sparkle.

Day 20 - Everyone rips what they sow. Draw a king or a queen watching over his/her kingdom. Whether the kingdom is at peace, destroyed, or under attack… that’s your decision. 

Day 21 The night was dark… darker than usual. My face got wet when I looked up as the droplets of rain water landed on my skin. Noir time… draw a character, which ever gender, on a Noir-themed style. 

Day 22 I don’t kill for money…  I grant a trash disposal service where people are kind enough to give me money afterwards… alright I kill people, sue me if you dare. Draw a modern day hired assassin or hitman. 

Day 23 Brrraaaaaaiiiiinssssssss…… It’s the zombie-apocalypse! Grab your closest friends and survive… unless… you know… you’re already dead (or UNdead?).

Day 24 - Every boy/girl who aspires on becoming the greatest engineer ever needs a companion… a robo-companion designed and built by themselves…. do it. 

Day 25 - Geez, you’re almost done. How’s your imagination going? Let’s keep it down a bit… by turning the music up! Wub wub! Today you’re going to choose your favourite album from your favourite band and you’re re-designing their album art-cover with a drawing of your own. So start listening or start… hum… wait, I got this… blitzening/shiverning/ whatever… just do it :) I trust you. 

Day 26 Reading’s important, kid! Not all monsters are evil. Draw your favourite monster reading a children’s book to several children. Aw, come on, it’ll be cute. 

Day 27 People get old… that’s just nature’s way of saying nothing lasts forever. And that’s true… today you’ll choose any of the characters you drew from this chalenge and draw him/her again but as an old retired person. Bring them some closure. 

Day 28 It’s… c-cold… out here…. draw a character living on an extremely cold climate. He doesn’t need to be shivering, but we must be able to tell that he’s not, precisely, in a warm place. 

Day 29 Adventure Time… not the cartoon tho! You will be creating a character that enjoys piñas coladas and getting soaked in the rain… while climbing underground Mayan ruins to find lost artifacts that reanimate the dead. You know… typical Sunday afternoon. 

Day 30 You’re done… finally. But just remember, it’s not over. Thirty days of intense drawing and imaginating stuff and, guess what? You finally made it. Draw yourself in the most EPIC way possible at the top of a mountain, a city, a planet, I don’t care. You deserve it! 

So yeah, that’s it. I’m gonna be doing this challenge myself and if you guys want to do it, be my guest :) I’d be neat to see your work and what you did. So yeah :) good luck if you’re trying this. 

list of things i like about wizards
  • they do spells! thats so cool
  • wear pointy hats and robes and arent racist
  • help me install minecraft on my computer
  • sometimes they have funny beards but not always
  • some of them are girls and thats the really good kind
  • they can pronounce weird languages and always have something nice to say, even if you cant tell what it means
  • good at fighting some monsters (but usually not skeletons)
  • cool names that sound fake