wizard robe and hat


“One incident in the early 2000s even had her laughing quite uncontrollably mid-catwalk: wearing a bathing suit for Issey Miyake while carrying a prop suitcase stuffed with wizard hats and robes.”- InStyle Magazine April 2016

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What is being married like?

Being married is like:

  • Breakfast in bed after having a bad night at work
  • Pillow fights at 4am
  • Asking, “What are you wearing?” and getting, “My robe and wizard hat” as an answer
  • Fighting over who has to kill the bug this time 
  • Eating cake for dinner because We Are Adults
  • Getting to hang out with my best friend 24/7 AND getting to smooch his face anytime I want
  • Pretty much the best thing ever.

Marriage is A++, would highly recommend if you find someone you want to do the above things with forever. 

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I once had a dream that i was on mars, except mars was grey and dark like the moon. There was a fuckin truck with the bed down and some dude was sittin there chillin as he was getting a bioluminescent facial tattoo from a wizard in the stereotypical blue robe & hat with stars 'n' shit. It was probably the most vivid dream I've ever had and thinking about it still fucks me up... just.... why??? What does it mean????????????

its an insight in to the future my dude

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Khadgar’s Tower, Zangarra, Talador, Draenor.

Lots of books and scrolls. A random discarded turkey(?) leg on a pile of notes. A tank that seems to hold only starfish. That purple, star-studded wizard hat. Enchant materials. Floating lanterns and candles. Random bursts of energy in places.

Just a few of the doodads and things going on here.

some captains as shit we say on the interweb

Shinji: sticks leggy out

Kensei: you come into My house

Rose: I put on my robe and wizard hat

Kenpachi: I came out here to attack people and honestly I’m having such a good time right now

Yamamoto: don’t talk to me or my sons ever again

Ukitake/Kyoraku: why can’t I, hold all these swords

okay but i could see halloween in the wizarding world being a really big thing like

  • adult witches and wizards bringing out their finest dress robes and ceremonial pointed hats for the special occasion
  • giant pumpkin carving contests with extra points given to those who managed to enchant their jack-o’-lanterns to change faces and sing songs
  • traditional halloween sweets and toys in every size and shape imaginable–chocolate that gave you fangs or whiskers or a zombie face, a vampire doll that at the end of the night turned into a swarm of bats
  • superstitious potions masters brewing their most complex potions at midnight because that was when they were supposed to be strongest
  • inviting the family ghosts to dine with you and serving rotten versions of their most favorite meals

like come on wizard halloween would definitely be the best thing to ever exist

Can we all take a moment to talk about wizard fashion?

So apparently wizards have no idea how to dress in muggle clothes which means that probably also the children are always dressed in wizard clothes. What robes are fashionable? What about hats? How did fashion change over the years? Are there ways to charm your robes? Can they change color? Do the prints on shirts move? Are there differences between robes for men and women? I NEED DETAILS

“I put on my robe and wizard hat”

StarrySpelunker 2016

Oh this was fun to do. I

I’ve never tried gradients on line art before. I think this turned out rather well. I am also rather proud on the detail around the eye.

I’m also highly amused that the fae necks is getting reblogged again. Somehow. 

 Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe?

SUPER BONUS ROUND(15 minute scribble edition):

I can’t draw the hilarious derp drawing well. I just can’t.

are we forgetting that wizards wore fancy hats and colourful robes?? where is my fan art of sirius black wearing posh black robes instead of leather jackets and lily evans ridiculously happy while buying her first ever dress robe and where is remus lupin wearing an adorable tattered old hat for an occasion and basically a marauders era where there quite possibly should have been very few muggleborns and therefore less muggle clothes in hogwarts