wizard radio

The makeshift radio station operating from Remus Lupin’s old haunt in a creepy little village north of wizarding Manchester had become Lee Jordan’s home in the last months since the war had begun in earnest. He loved it, being a hub of information and light in a dark world, and was damn good at it. 

Each night, he read his cast into the microphone, with Fred coordinating the guests and George standing at the switchboard shooting defense spells at the green lights occasionally when someone tired to intercept the program. 

Tonight, though, when he signed off, telling his ever-growing body of Potterwatch listeners the password for next week (Orion) - George was grinning ear to …well, grinning anyway. 

“Guess how many people listened tonight,” he said, looking at Fred with a glint in his eye before focusing back on Lee. 

“Dunno. Are we back down to twelve hundred?” Lee asked, running his hand over the back of his neck, like he always did when preparing for news he didn’t want to hear. 

Two thousand,” George answered instead. “Two thousand listeners. Well done, Lee.” 

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Classic film related cosplay at DragonCon 2017 including our own @oldfilmsflicker. TCM presented panels on Universal Monsters, Noir…in Spaaaace, and 1950s Creature Features and our own @socalledfandomlife was also on a panel on Classic Monsters in Modern Movies. If you came out to DragonCon and attended any of our panels, drop us a note and let us know how we did and what you’d like to see us do next year! 

Questions asked while we where high:

-Does the Wizarding World have abortion laws? Do they have a morning after potion? A birth control potion?

-Is there a legal drinking age for wizards? 17? Like when they leave Hogwarts?

-Does Hogwarts do a graduation ceremony? Are there cords and varsity jackets and patches for sports and clubs?

-What about Wizard Radio? A top 40 station? Underground Wizard Rock stations?



It is no secret that magic folk do not deal with the likes of muggle technology, for what could these mundane trinkets accomplish that magic could not? Although this sentiment has echoed across continents and generations, even the most stubborn could not resist the peculiarities of our universe as muggle space exploration advanced far beyond our solar system. The inkling of an idea for a wizarding space program started with a group of fanatical astronomy students, who created their own wizarding radio programme to recount and enthuse over man’s expeditions into the mystery of space. Although the programme gained a substantial amount of loyal listeners, it is not until a movement to adapt technology to magical environments succeeded in America that the possibility for advances in wizarding space science beyond rudimentary astronomy courses became a reality. It would take decades and countless classified meetings between presidents and ministers of wizarding and muggle territories to establish an academy that would benefit both muggle and wizarding sciences. Many renowned magical theorists were brought on board in the early days to research, adapt, and establish magical practices in technological and alien environments. Now, the academy offers a range of courses such as planetary herbology, wizardry and interstellar travel, and elemental transfiguration. Although the academy, much like space exploration itself, is still very much in its early days, students and professors alike are already pushing magic far beyond what was previously thought possible. A new dawn in space exploration is sure to come. But for now, per aspera, ad astra.

Les Mis Podfic  Feelgood Rec List

While not all these stories are fluff, these are the podfics that always live on my phone to cheer me up. Podficcers do not get enough love, so here is a very very small and horribly incomplete list of some of my favourite Les Mis fics I’ve listened to.

The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffeeshop Employee by @vintage-jehan, read by @mysunfreckle 

Of course, I’m horribly biased because I was involved in the creative choices of this podfic, but the original story is so funny and the reading of it just really makes me happy! (20-30 min per part)

World Ain’t Ready by @idiopathicsmile, read by fulldaysdrive

This story is an absolute lifesaver. The amazing reading and editing are like the best art and listening to it has calmed so many near anxiety attacks for me. The original story is already so good, and fulldaysdrive manages to make it better with her amazing Grantaire voice. (over 20 hours)

You Dance Dreams by @theladyragnell, read by knight_tracer

Beautiful music, beautiful story, beautiful reading. A joy to listen to. The only thing better than this podfic would be a full-cast opera. (6:06:31)

This One Goes Out To by novembersmith, read by knight_tracer 

This wizard resistance radio au is a wonder of music and emotion and I can thoroughly recommend it.(2:56:25)

 éffeuiller la marguerite by arriviste, read by delabaissé (explicit)

Delabaissé has the best female Enjolras and Grantaire voices, it’s just so amazing. So much emotion and goodness in one audiofile! (2:38:04)

Lovesickness @idiopathicsmile, read by disquisitemind

Honestly one of the funniest podfics I’ve ever listened to. Great use of music and comedic effect. (01:16:27)

In Defiance of All Geometry by @idiopathicsmile,  read by delabaissé

You may see a pattern here, but idiopathicsmile’s stories never fail to bring a smile to my face. The humour in this reading is so brilliant, this one is a must to listen too. (6:12:50)

The Lonely Sea and Sky by @samyazaz, read by Rs_Creighton

So much longing and emotion in one story it’s nearly overwhelming. Beautifully read. (6:14:11)

Whispers in the Night

Oh man, this is so short! Written for anonymous, who requested the pairing of Gramander and #12: things you said when you thought I was asleep. I…deviated a little, and the ending got a bit cheesy, but I hope it’s still ok! @funkzpiel more soft Gramander fluff :3

Both Percival and Newt are light sleepers, easily woken at the slightest of stirrings and the softest of breaths. Before each other, it’s rare that both men get a full night’s sleep; Percival awakening from nightmares too vivid he feels the tightening of fingers around his neck and feels an intrusion he does not want, while Newt awakens because he hears nameless, faceless people whispering malicious accusations towards him, reminding him of his failures and inadequacies. They deal with the insomnia in different ways; Percival works until he’s exhausted and falls asleep on his desk, waking up with reports stuck to his cheek and the ink slightly smudged from his skin. Newt goes into his case and finds solace in his creatures’ presence; many of them are asleep but he still likes to wander about the enclosures, staring at their peaceful visages until his eyelids droop. Dougal always huffs at him when he finds Newt slumped against a tree, dark circles surround his eyes.

When they find each other, insomnia still creeps upon them like tendrils of darkness. The first time this happens, Newt is the one who finds sleep eluding him. He awakens in a bed made warm by his companion, and looks over to see Percival’s soft black hair falling over his face which is solidly planted in his pillow. Newt reaches out with tentative fingers itching to trace the soft skin of his lover, and yet his slim digits hover in the space before Percival’s bare shoulders, reluctant to wake the peacefully sleeping man. And yet, muscles slack from sleep tense lightly, and Newt sees Percival’s dark, sleep worn eyes peering blearily at him. Their hands reach out in tandem and find one another, tangling and entwining and encircling, and Newt feels as though he holds the warm beating of their love in his hands. They talk late into the night, and even though Percival’s eyes flutter from fatigue, his voice is soothing and low and Newt feels himself start to drift off. There are strong arms about him, lowering him back onto the bed and under the warmth of covers and body, and just before he loses his hold on consciousness, he thinks he feels a kiss pressed into the crown of his head and the muffled words of I love you. Morpheus claims him soon after.

When it’s Percival’s turn to lie in bed, wide eyed and staring at the ceiling, incredibly sensitive to Newt’s even breathing and the rise and fall of his chest, he’s adamant not to wake the magizoologist. Instead, he moves as silently as possible and leaves their bed, setting himself before his desk to continue work once more. He doesn’t turn on any lights for fear of waking Newt, and instead squints and holds the papers up to the moonlight. There’s a small huffing sound from his back, and he sees Newt sitting in bed rubbing his tired eyes somewhat childlike, his upper torso bare and glistening under the silvery shroud of the moon. He doesn’t know it, but there’s a soft glint in Percival’s eyes as he reaches out to Newt, asking quietly if he woke him. Newt shakes his head, and there’s a soft pout on his lips as he motions for Percival to come back to bed. The shorter man glances at his reports, but the allure of a sleepy Newt who wants to cuddle is far too strong, and so he slips back into bed and they hold each other. Newt’s managed to find out a way to help Percival sleep when he can’t, and so he sings, ever so softly in his partner’s ears. He sings songs of all manners, from childhood lullabies to the current songs playing on wizarding radio. Sometimes Percival joins in, his low, dark voice striking against the higher timbre of Newt’s rich tenor voice, and they create a haunting melody that hovers about their room, and it’s as though time has stopped and air has frozen, and Percival can feel each vibration and thrumming of their voices cutting through the air. When the last note fades, so does Percival and he buries his face in Newt’s chest, breath warm on the red head’s freckled skin. When Newt is certain Percival has fallen asleep, he settles back into slumber as well, but not before kissing his ear and whispering I love you. And though they remind each other every day of their love for one another, there is a sacredness to whispering these words in the night, when everything is darker and stiller and permeating with magic. And maybe, just maybe, by whispering the words I love you to their sleeping partners, that the night might forever remember the imprint of their bond, and that their love will remain as ageless as the stars in the sky.



Though Margaret Hamilton had an extensive career of radio, television, film and stage work, she is most known for uttering the line “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”, giving generation after generation nightmares with her iconic portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

In real life, Hamilton was reportedly a very nice person who cared deeply about children, frequently donating to charitable organizations and spending time in her later career to make public service announcements promoting the welfare of pets.


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On the line of what we were saying before I’ll quote this song ;) 

“Yeah, we’ll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we’re cool and we know it too 

 Yeah, we’ll keep doing what we do
Just pretending that we’re cool, so tonight

Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy ’til we see the sun”

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Again another drawing Hogwarts themed XD But I loved your sweatshirt so much I had to draw our two girls together wearing them. <3 Hope you like it!

Btw explanation: Jeanne sent an owl to a wizard radio and asked them to sing happy birthday to Al on the 19/09; so while they’re chilling in the common room that evening she sets the radio on the right frequence and…here’s the result. XD

Have a great day! <3

Tutoring- Albus Severus (Requested)

The familiar scratching at Y/N’s window attracted her attention. It was the Potter family owl trying to get into Y/N’s room, probably to schedule another tutoring date for Lily with Y/N. Y/N was two years older than Lily and in the Ravenclaw house, she had met Lily in the Hogwarts library, Lily about to punch a wall because of a potions essay, Y/N on her way back to the Ravenclaw common room. Y/N noticed the signs of frustration and approached Lily with ease, ready to remediate the problem.

“You seem to be mad about something young Gryffindor,” Y/N commented with a smirk, finding the situation humorous.

“How much bloody moonstone do you put in a Draught of Peace?!” Lily snapped at the Ravenclaw.

“You add moonstone powder until the potion turns purple,” Y/N said, more serious now.

“Oh. Well you made that easy,” Lily said.

“I try,” Y/N answered. Later in the week, Lily found Y/N again in the corridor and asked her to be her tutor, Y/N accepted.

Over the summer, Y/N continued to tutor Lily and help her with her summer work, and she grew closer to the Potter family with every visit. James and Lily were easygoing and fun to be around, so were Mr. and Mrs. Potter (insanely talented war leaders that were ten times more down to earth than she ever expected to be). Albums on the other hand, was different from the other Potters. He was the only Slytherin, first of all (which didn’t curve Y/N in the slightest), he had a different sense of humor, and he was less outgoing than the other Potters. As Y/N spent more time around the Potters, she was able to open Albus up more and more.

When Y/N opened the letter tied to the owl’s leg, she was surprised to see it wasn’t another study session with Lily, but an invitation to a party at the Potter residence, signed by Albus himself. Her heart fluttered and Y/N smiled a little at the handwriting, having developed a massive crush on Albus.

The door was answered by Teddy Lupin and greetings and introductions began for Y/N. “You look pretty,” Lily said to Y/N. Before she had time to thank her, Lily pulled in closer and loudly whispered “My brother will be excited to see you.”

Y/N blushed but recovered quickly. “Yeah Jamesy, aren’t you excited to see me?” she said as James hooked an arm around her.

“I’m always excited to see my favorite Ravenclaw,” James said grinning, “but I know someone who’s more excited than I am to see you.” At that he pushed Y/N into Albus, who was blushing furiously at his siblings’ display. Y/N was blushing too.

“Well I guess you’re excited to see me then,” Y/N said to Albus once she had regained her balance, making herself blush even more.

“Yeah of course I’m excited to see you, Y/N,” Albus said, hugging her tightly.

Y/N felt her heart flutter again as she pressed her body against his for a moment. The moment was broken by Fred and Roxanne running to greet Y/N.

James was just finished spinning Y/N to songs from the wizard radio stations when Albus said, “Y/N! Can you come in here with me?”

“Yeah, sure,” Y/N replied, smiling and out of breath for multiple reasons.

He gestured for her to sit, and when she did, he sat beside her. “So I’m not as good at this as the rest of my family but, here goes. I’ve been watching you interact with my family for awhile now and I’ve come to the conclusion that you work well in it.” He said.

It was not what Y/N was expecting at all. “Okay… um… thanks,” she said.

“That’s not what I meant!” Albums practically yelled. Y/N smiled, he was endearingly flustered. “I meant that you’re pretty and you’re nice and you’re smart and you smell good and you’re fun to be around and you’re like a ray of sunshine and you know how to get through to me which I don’t understand because a lot of people can’t do that…” Albus blabbed. Y/N smiled even bigger. “You just are one amazing human being and I came to the conclusion that…”

“That you like me?” Y/N asked, leaning in.

“I mean, yeah, I guess.” Albus answered looking at her confused.

“Good. Because I like you too,” Y/N said, approximately five inches away from Albus’s face.

“I just really like you and I’m just so…” Albus’s eyes switched from Y/N’s to her lips and back again.

“You don’t have to be nervous. It’s just me,” Y/N told him, closing the remaining space between their lips.

“Dad. Does that mean they’re kissing?” James’s voice was heard through the door.

Y/N pulled away slightly and started giggling, blushing as Albus looked into her eyes, clearly annoyed with his family.

“Yeah I think that’s what it means,” Harry answered.

Albus shook his head and Y/N giggled some more, pecking his lips again before they both went to greet the eavesdroppers.

okay so like we’ve established that ron is good at imitating people right? (all the times he impersonates a student or teacher plus he did a perfect imitation of peter pettigrew’s voice at malfoy manor) so i need everyone to take a second and consider the following

  • ron weasley as a successful comedian in the wizarding world, his act consisting of tearing down prejudice in the wizarding world through hard hitting humour and re-enacting personal anecdotes with different characters and voices and both kids and adults love him
  • ron weasley as an actor who specialises in improvisation, doing performances every saturday evening where george shuts down the joke shop for a few hours and converts it into a mini theatre for his shows
  • ron weasley as a wizarding world radio presenter who has his own show, reading the news, making jokes and writing scripts (with help from hermione) of short stories for kids, with a continuous plot and characters that air every sunday morning.
  • ron weasley as a spy for the ministry of magic, working undercover to gain information on death eaters in hiding. he’s great at his job and it pays super well but he quits once him and hermione decide they want kids because the danger is just too high
  • ron weasley as the best bedtime story reader ever. unlike most kids, rose and hugo actually look forward to bed-time because their dad tells the greatest stories ever- although they’re constantly fighting over which one he should tell (’daddy i want the one about the princess! do the princess voice!’ ‘no daddy do the dragon roar do the dragon roar!’)
  • basically ron weasley just being amazing and awesome ok

213. There are muggleborns who became addicted to Welcome to Night Vale over the summer… and were surprised to find they could listen to it regularly on actual wizarding radio during the year. When they asked about it, none of the purebloods or halfbloods knew what they were talking about. That radio frequency isn’t used by any wizarding station, and the station mentioned doesn’t even exist. Since muggleborns in Hogwarts started listening to it, they were more than a little disturbed to find that now a day doesn’t go by without them waking up with long silver hairs on their pillow. 


  1. Find You (feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant) - Zedd
  2. All The Way - Timeflies
  3. Life Is Calling (Original Mix) - JoeySuki & Kill The Buzz
  4. Legacy (Original Mix) (Full) - Nicky Romero vs. Krewella
  5. Sleazy Remix 2.0 - Get Sleazier (feat. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. & André 3000) - Ke$ha
  6. Grow Up - Paramore
  7. Never Say Goodbye feat. Bright Lights (Original Mix) - Hardwell, Dyro, Bright Lights
  8. Gecko (Original Mix) - Oliver Heldens
  9. Headband ft 2 Chainz - B.o.B
  10. Last Chance (Elephante Remix) - Kaskade & Project 46
  11. Cobra - Hardwell
  12. I Choose U - Timeflies
  13. Ain’t It Fun - Paramore
  14. Wizard (Radio Edit) - Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway
  15. Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys
  16. Dark Horse (Elephante Remix) - Katy Perry ft. Juicy J
  17. Alone Together (Krewella Remix) - Fall Out Boy
  18. Lights Of Neon (Original Mix) - Sick Individuals
  19. That’s All She Wrote Ft. Eminem - T.I
  20. Safe And Sound (Cash Cash Remix) - Capital Cities
  21. Two Lips Feat. OCD Moosh and Twist - Hoodie Allen
  22. 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - Mike Will Made-It
  23. Human - Krewella
  24. Partition - Beyonce
  25. Turn Around - Conor Maynard ft. Ne-Yo
  26. Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz
  27. The Chase Is On - Hoodie Allen
  28. Just Some Loops (Original Mix) - Martin Garrix & TV Noise
  29. Escape - 3LAU, Paris & Simo ft Bright Lights
  30. I Want It All - Karmin
  31. Epos - Zedd