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What if Lucius had died in the first war?

There seems to be a general consensus that Draco got most of his poor traits from his father and most of his good traits from his mother. So I wonder, what would have happened had Lucius been killed in the prior to 1981 and Draco had been raised solely by Narcissa?

Narcissa is fiercely loyal, especially towards her family, especially towards her son. She would (and does!) protect him at all costs as we see in both HBP and DH. So imagine how she would have reacted had she not had the (sometimes conflicting) loyalty to her husband or at least no reason to follow his idol.

Because had Lucius died in the first war, killed in action in a raid or something, the Dark Lord would have most likely brushed his sacrifice off saying something like he was not strong enough. After her husband’s death and that disrespect, Narcissa would most definitely have turned on the Dark Lord. Even if she still hated muggleborns, even if she still believed in pureblood supremacy, you can bet that she would be against the Dark Lord. When Bellatrix’s ideals were a threat to Draco’s life, Narcissa threatened her right back and hexed her for being in the way. If she would turn on family, just think what she would do to the man who took her husband away from her.

She would have gone straight to the Order of the Phoenix, plying her way with all the information she had learned from Lucius, all the tidbits she had overheard while eavesdropping in her own home. Imagine Sirius’ shock when he walks into the Order meeting and finds he ex-cousin (re-cousin?) sitting primly on Dumbledore’s right hand bouncing baby Draco on her knee, the Black mask of indifference firmly set on her face. That meeting runs long. Narcissa has more information about the Death Eaters organization than the Dark Lord ever intended anyone to have, especially an unMarked woman. Safe houses, hierarchies, inner circle members, spies, double agents, dark creatures who have been bullied or enticed into fighting, corrupted Ministry employees, intended targets, she tells them everything. But only after acquiring the vow of every single person in the room that they will protect her and Draco. She forces Dumbledore to make an Unbreakable Vow.

She had skillfully rid the Manor of the Dark Lord–an apparently weak woman, openly mourning her husband is poor company–but she still knows well enough to act meek when Death Eaters come by the Manor. They continue to drop hints at tea, make pointed insinuations at dinners and introduce her to the ‘particular friends’ at the occasional ball she deigns to attend. Through this, she maintains the Order’s dependence on her, feeding them each bit of information she gets; new targets (the Potters go into hiding), new members (Wormtail is outed before he has opportunity to do harm), relocated safe houses (after the the Hogsmeade location raid student recruitment for the Death Eaters dropped dramatically).

Regulus comes to the Manor one afternoon on the pretense of a family dinner and tells her that he knows she is the one feeding the Order information. She has her wand digging into his throat before he can say “Bludger”. Instead of threatening her, he begs her to take him with her; he has crucial information about how to defeat the Dark Lord. At the next meeting, Sirius walks in and chokes on air when he sees his brother sitting on Narcissa’s right playing peek-a-boo with Draco.

Draco and Harry are not enemies at Hogwarts. They meet as toddlers at Sirius’ post war celebration. Narcissa allows the friendship because while Lily might be a muggleborn, she was also instrumental in the Dark Lord’s death and besides, James is a pureblood, even if his line has always been rather liberal. Harry isn’t scared off when the Sorting Hat tells him that he would do well in Slytherin because even though Ron said, “there’s not a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn’t in Slytherin,” Harry knows that Reg and Cissy (”Regulus and Narcissa, Harry, please. I don’t care what Sirius says, he’s an idiot!”) were in Slytherin House and they’re both heros. Draco isn’t surrounded by poisonous frienemies or bulking lackeys because his longtime friend Harry is there with him and when some of the other Slytherins prove less than kind, Harry and Draco leave them in the dirt (quite literally, maybe Uncle Moony shouldn’t have taught them that spell so young) and find worthy friends from other houses. The Dark Lord doesn’t return, most everyone lives and all because Narcissa does revenge better than anyone.

Joining The Order

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*silence as everyone in the room turns around* 

Frank: … Y-you guys are the new recruits? 

James: *grins* At your service!

James: *grin broadens* It’s been a while! We haven’t seen you since our first year.

Frank: *war-flashbacks from his year with the marauders come flooding back* 

James: Delivering pizza. 

Frank: Wait… *hopeful* Really?

James: *snorts* No Frank. 

Frank: *squeaks* W-why? 

Sirius: Don’t want you making a scene and embarrassing us. 

Remus: Jesus Christ

James: Frank… we’re young, we’re reckless and we’re ready to punch people in the face. 

James: Tell us what to do. 

Frank: *sweats profusely* You do realize this is a big responsibility, right guys?

Remus: *quickly* Of course Frank, they’re just teasing.  

Sirius: *smirks* So now that we’re part of the club… do we get to have Order sleepovers? 

Sirius: I vote for braiding each other’s hair and talk about our crushes in matching PJ’s. 

Frank: WhatdidIdotodeservethis?

Remus: Why don’t we get started… please?

Sirius: Time to wreck some death eaters.



Dumbledore never thought the fall from the Astronomy Tower would have taken so long and he thought he knew everything about the castle he lived in for the most part of his life. This was his choice, rarely anything happened to Albus that wasn’t his choice, he somehow always had an upper hand on life, calculating every move meticulously and making sure no one knew how prepared for anything the life may throw his way. 

When his body hit the floor he opened his eyes slowly, checking his surroundings to figure out where he might have ended up at. This wasn’t some illusion, he was dead, this wasn’t Hogwarts but somewhere completely different where he could hear people mumbling. He straightened himself up and got up with the agility of a man his age normally wouldn’t have.

YOU,” shouted a woman in the distance, her hair was still glowing like fire and she was walking to him fast with two man behind him trying to hold her back. “I TRUSTED YOU”

“Lily, please,” pleaded Albus. “Can we talk about this calmly?”

“Calmly??” yelled Lily, her green eyes were drowning in the tears trying to leave. “Are you even aware of the burden you have loaded on Severus? Let alone my son who is just a child.”

“Severus accepted–”

Accepted?” she interrupted throwing her hands up in disbelief. “He said he didn’t want to do this and you made him kill you, in front of Harry.”

She was shaking so much, a beautiful disaster almost, her eyes creating new wounds on Albus’ already fragile skin and making him wish he had ended up in hell instead of here.

“It had to be done for–”

The greater good.” completed Sirius, a disappointed look on his face rather than anger. Albus had kept him locked of for so long but he had to but he had forgotten how handsome the disowned heir of Black house was before he went to Azkaban. “What difference do you have from Grindelwald if you are doing the same things he had done?”

“It’s not the same thing Mr. Black and you know it.”

“I know nothing anymore Professor,” objected Sirius as he ran his hand through his hair. “I thought I knew everything up until two years ago, I thought I knew you too but things change I guess and don’t call me Mr. Black again… please.”

No one talked for a while as Sirius took Lily away to calm her down a little bit, tears streaming down her face as she watched Harry fight everyone who tried to take him away from where Dumbledore’s lifeless body was. James opened his mouth every few minutes to break the silence but he couldn’t do it.

“Do you know how devastated he was?” he asked finally, his voice breaking a little. “Do you know Bill got attacked by Greyback? Do you know Harry tried to do something so bad to Snape because you made a monster of him?”

“James, I never thought I would see the day you worry about Severus.”

“No, no, no,” mumbled James his eyes gleaming with the fury he was trying so hard to keep at bay. “Don’t confuse my worry about my son with my worry about Snape. The way you are straying away from the subject, I think you don’t know shit, Professor.”

“I have made sure to leave a plan behind for Tom’s defeat,” explained Dumbledore, his fingers intertwined and his gaze on the ring he still was wearing. “These weren’t some momentary decisions, I had known I had to die for a good while, sometimes you have to sacrifice–”

“Don’t you dare talk about sacrifice in front of Lily,” shouted James, Dumbledore had finally pushed him off of the edge he was trying to hold onto. “All three of us sacrificed ourselves, too, you are not the only one who tried to do something for–”

“The greater good,” whispered Sirius as he walked back and forth. “You raised him like a pig for slaughter for the greater good?”

“I tried my best to be there for him, there are things you can’t possibly understand,” began Dumbledore his fingers rubbing the burnt skin. 

“If you had been there for him, I would still be alive you know,” said Sirius his voice breaking down in the middle of his sentence. “If you had been there for me as you promised when we joined the Order, I would still be whole.”

“I’m sorry Sirius that you–” he took a deep breath before staring to talk again. “I’m sorry that this happened to you but that was on all of us.”

“If you had been there for him Snape wouldn’t have made his life a living hell,” countered James. “He took his revenge out of my son, not me, my son and you just couldn’t say no to him because he was your Queen in your chess game where you were the King and Harry was nothing more than a stupid pawn.”

“Harry isn’t in the middle of the war because I put him there, Sybill made a prophecy about–”

“You know damn well prophecies don’t have to be carried out!” shouted Sirius, his grey eyes not so pale anymore but burning with anger. “You could have prevented so many things Albus, this could have gone so differently.”

Lily came back slowly from where she was, walked past James and stood right in front of Albus, her tears dried on her face and her eyes determined to hurt the shell of a man standing in front of her.

“You just love to make sure you are not the only one feeling guilty don’t you? Because how else could you have borne leaving Harry at that house?” said Lily, she was visibly calmed down but her disappointment was visible on every inch of her pale skin. “You left him to rot saying that it was the only way he could live, that’s not a reason good enough for me to leave my son in an abusive household Professor. You may have sacrificed yourself as you have sacrificed all of the pawns in your game but I will never forgive you for what you have done to me, my family. My Harry.”

“Harry was never yours to sacrifice,” continued James as he threw his arm over Lily’s shoulders, hugging her tightly. “I didn’t die for my son to become a soldier in someone else’s war, Sirius didn’t die so you can continue taking advantage of him and Lily didn’t sacrifice herself even though she could have ran away just so he can die at the hands of Voldemort again. Your plan, Professor, is flawed beyond belief and you are the only one who thinks it will work perfectly.”

“You are a coward, Professor and I always thought you were one of the bravest man I have ever met.”

Albus Dumbledore had been called many names before but it had been years since he had been called a coward, it was safe to say he was scared of the word even since Aberforth looked him in the eye at Ariana’s funeral and said it.


Albus would be the first to admit when he did something wrong, he wasn’t perfect and he knew it. Wizarding World however, ever since he had defeated Gellert, thought that he couldn’t make any mistakes. Tom Riddle had pushed him to make mistakes, sometimes to get to the better days you had to go through the darkest of times and he didn’t expect Sirius, James or Lily to understand that.

When he was left to his own thoughts, Albus had thought about all the mistakes he had made in his life, it was a long list for someone who was thought to be a hero of some sort, he was Harry’s hero although for one he hadn’t seen something coming. The more he thought about it the more he felt the weight of the responsibility on his shoulders. The boy he had raised to be a soldier say him as his hero, not knowing half the things he had done. Would Harry have seen him the same if he had known about Ariana? Would he still think Albus was brave if he had known his fate? Harry was a selfless boy, what would have happened if Albus never kept secrets from him?

Albus looked at the trio standing far away from him and decided it was best if he had stayed away for the time being because the more he thought about it, he understood why they were so angry. Harry trusted him and he had broken his trust by not trusting him enough to tell him everything but he had to. Albus had to keep this a secret for everything to work out how he planned them to.

It had to be Severus who killed him, this way he would get the complete trust of Tom and feed him false information. When the time came Snape had to make sure Order didn’t understand he was a spy for them and Harry, well Harry had to die. The moment he had survived the first killing curse, it was certain that Harry was meant for great things but now Albus didn’t know if dying was a great thing to do for a 17 year old child as Lily kept reminding but someone had to make the decisions that were hard to make for others, someone had to do the harder thing but he was a coward after all. 

A coward who had to be the villain in the end to make sure the real villain was defeated. Albus Dumbledore never referred to him as a hero or a brave men, he never was, he hadn’t been brave with Gellert so he was determined not to make the same mistake he did because he was too blind to see back then, this time whatever it took, it wasn’t going to take more lives than it should. He hadn’t been brave with Ariana, he couldn’t save her from herself or the people around her. He wasn’t brave when it came to Sirius, he wasn’t brave when it came to Remus either, he wasn’t brave when it came to the people who he cared about because he was scared.

However Harry, he was brave, he was one of the bravest people Dumbledore had met and that was saying something. He had taken the risk of assuming that Harry would willingly sacrifice himself to save the people he loved and he knew that he was right. Albus was nothing compared to what Harry was, at least that was how he felt as the tall boy insisted he would be the one to do the blood sacrifice in the cave or when he insisted on defeating Voldemort when this wasn’t his war to fight.  

Albus was hell-bent on not having another mistake in his life and if it meant being a coward he was fine with it because he knew deep inside that everything would work out, just fine and it was alright that Sirius, James and Lily didn’t understand just yet, he had to live with the hatred he now know he deserved for a while, at least until the war was over.

You cannot be a hero without being a coward. - George Bernard Shaw

Okay….Remember the archway in the department of mysteries?

I saw a post about how if Harry, who had only ever lost his parents at this point, heard voices what had Sirius heard?
Here’s the thought. That moment where Sirius gets hit he hears regulus’ scream. I mean Sirius had lost many people by that time but his brother was the one person he hadn’t known he’d lost forever. Like in the mix of ghosts mourning his life: James, Lily, mar, dorcus. The cry of agony he knew from childhood was the one his brain picked out the cry worse than he’d ever heard it even under crucio. And he just registers what that means.

So then my brain switched to after.
Where Sirius is screaming for remus to hold Harry back because that is all he can think of. Don’t let him get too close. The living can’t cross without going mad Harry has to be okay. And regulus and James and everyone are just watching Sirius dictate the only person that can hear him. And then a dam breaks and Sirius is in the middle of this giant hug of all of them and Sirius is crying because he can feel them for the first time all together in years. And everyone breaks apart and regulus is just crying and Sirius realizes he’s looking at this kid. I mean he always called regulus a kid but there were only three years between them The younger by three years brother he hadn’t seen in years was still NINETEEN.
And after an explanation Sirius has never been prouder of this boy. His flesh and blood brave brother who played the good boy and bided his time until he could take Voldemort down. Who took the dark mark and did EVERYTHING he could to make sure the light won.

He died for the light. They all did.


Another Drowcember!! Two in a week!! Because I’m probably going to be too busy to do one next week hahahaha. This one is for “mage”. Here we have Ba’anor casting Lightning bolt. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn him doing wizard things so, here we are!

His rapier is his arcane focus, and he’s from the Bladesinger school of magic.

closeup shot because his face is good and it’s so far awaaayyyy in the full image.


Many purebloods and halfbloods wondered why a large group of muggleborns always got detentions despite being good at school. After many hours of eavesdropping and visits to the hospital wing, turns out they were in trouble for bringing a muggle item called ‘Netflix’ into the castle and were catching up on muggle shows throughout the day. The purebloods found out they were in strange groups called fandoms and obsessed over boats and 'oteepees’. They even had a special group called WiFi and always changed the WiFi group password to stop any other wizards from finding out.


Has anyone else noticed that Harry and Neville are wearing similar clothes to their dads?

Fred Weasley Imagine - You Could Have Died! You Are So Thick Sometimes!

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Prompt 78. “You could have died!” and Prompt 79. “Your are so thick sometimes!”

“Are you stupid?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows together, trying to comprehend if your boyfriend and his twin brother were serious right now. “You are going to get yourselves killed.” You exclaimed as the twin brothers just stared at you.

“You know Y/N,” Fred started.

“It’s not nice to call people stupid.” George finished, making you shake your head. The three of you were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, it was one in the morning, but fortunately you didn’t have any classes the next day as it was Saturday. You were sitting in a lounge, while the twins sat on the floor. You, your boyfriend and his twin brother George, were talking about how it was your last year at Hogwarts and how so far, it was turning out to be horrible. You were enjoying the conversation up until the twins decided that they had to go out with a literal ‘bang.’ They had made a basic plan and they had the main idea of the stunt they were going to pull off. It included fireworks, them flying out on their broomsticks (which had been confiscated by Umbridge) and making a swamp, all things that would upset Umbridge. These were only ideas, though, the Weasley Twin’s plans always changed, just to make sure their acts would live up to their potential.

“I’m sorry, you know I’m open minded to all of your pranks, but if Umbridge catches you she will literally put you in Azkaban.” You claimed knowing it was a little bit of an exaggeration.

“Don’t you think that is a bit of an exaggeration, love?” You boyfriend asked standing up and squishing you to the side so he could sit beside you.

“Well, who knows what she is capable of.” You reminded, trying to make a point.

“But that’s the thing-” George started.

“We won’t get caught by her.” Fred finished with a smirk as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You moved around slightly, to try to make yourself comfortable and said, “Guys, this is really risky and it is our last year, why don’t you want to stay until the end?” You inquired, desperate for them not to do this.

“It’s alright love, don’t worry about it,” Fred reassured, turning his head to whisper it into your ear. “We will be alright, you know we always are.” He reminded, kissing softly around your jaw. You slightly pulled away so you could whisper back into his ear.

“I know what you’re trying to do, love.” You mimicked him, emphasising the word ‘love’. “But I’m really tired, so I’m going to let you get away with it tonight, don’t think I’m going to let this go, though.” You started kissing his jawline knowing he especially loved that.

“Hey guys,” George said excitedly making you stop and both turn to him, “how about, you get a room.” He offered, making both you and Fred smirk.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you discuss your idiotic plan, I’m going to bed.” You announced standing up and stretching your arms. “Goodnight guys.” You said going to give Fred a goodnight kiss.

“Goodnight Y/N.” George replied.

“Goodnight, babe.” Fred said as you pulled away from the kiss.

You walked up to your dormitory and jumped on your bed. You couldn’t stop thinking about their plan. Umbridge was not someone to be messed with. You thoughts remained on the topic as you fell asleep.

The next morning you awoke, the stupid idea concerning your boyfriend and his twin still on your mind. It might seem as if you were overreacting, but a war was close. No matter how much you tried to deny it, it was coming and when it does, you wanted your boyfriend to be by your side, alive and safe. You woke up quite late and knew everyone would either be at breakfast or outside as it was an unusually sunny day.

You quickly got changed and walked down into the Common Room, you were walking quite quick considering you wanted to get to the Great Hall before all the food went away. As you walked into the Common Room, you come to an abrupt stop.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” You asked curiously, walking towards your boyfriend and his twin who were still sat in the same spot as last night.

“Nothing.” George said quickly grabbing the papers around the twins and putting them into a pile.

“What are you doing here?” Fred asked standing up and walking over to you to give you a good morning kiss.

“I’m going to breakfast.” You said slowly, knowing they were up to something. “Wait, please tell me you eventually went up to bed last night and didn’t stay here.”

“Of course we went to bed.” George replied.

“Yeah, we aren’t superhumans, love. We need sleep.” Fred left this arms around your shoulders and walked towards the door, dragging you along with him. Once you went through the door you sighed, “You were working on the plan weren’t you?” You inquired, coming to a halt and folding your arms across your chest.
“No, don’t be silly babe.” He said with a smile on his face, once again wrapping his arms around your shoulders and leading you to the Great Hall. “Now let’s go and get some breakfast, yeah?” He offered, making you roll your eyes.

“Sure.” You replied unamused. You loved Fred, you really did, but you knew he wasn’t telling the truth.

You walked to the Great Hall and ate breakfast, which was as always, delicious. Fred offered to spend the morning with you and without George, which you appreciated but had a feeling it had something to do with trying to pry you away from their plan. You sat outside a tree that was quite a distance away from the Black Lake. You spent the day with Fred leant up on the tree and you leant up on him. It was a beautiful day and you were grateful to have a beautiful person to spend it with.

You soon decided to get up and go get some lunch. You of course, sat with George at lunch. They could only spend certain amounts of time away from each other.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, which is what you needed considering N.E.W.Ts had definitely taken its toll on all three of you.

The next morning you woke up considerably early and decided to go downstairs to the Common Room as there was no point in staying in your dorm. You were probably going to go get breakfast straight away so you could have some time to yourself. This plan vanished once you reached the Common Room and saw the twins, again in the same spot. You avoided shouting at them immediately as there were a few other students in the room this time. You walked over to them.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Acting innocent. You knew they were planning this idea that they have had. Similar to yesterday morning, George started stacking the sheets and Fred got up to greet you.

“You look beautiful today my dear. Tell me, have you done something different?” He asked as if he was really interested in the topic. You narrowed your eyes at him as he lead you out of the Common Room. He replied with a big grin that was quite contagious which made you sigh, but also give him a small grin back.

“I’ve done nothing, Fred. Tell me, what were you doing in the Common Room?” You challenged, mimicking him and smirking at him as you two made your way to the Great Hall for breakfast. He also smirked at you but completely dodged the question saying, “You know, the usual. Y/N, you smell really good today, what perfume are you wearing?” You rolled your eyes, was he serious? You weren’t that dumb.

“Fred, I know what you’re doing, stop it.” You said, you just wanted him to be truthful.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He replied as you sat down and started eating breakfast, as Fred suddenly changed the topic.

This string of events kept happening throughout the week. You would ask what they’re doing, George would pack away the papers and Fred would lead you somewhere else and try to change the subject.

You knew something was going to happen when Fred started spending a lot more time with you. You spent quite a lot of time with him generally, but usually, George was with you. Lately, he had been joined at your hip, only leaving you when you had to go to the bathroom, when you had a different class and when you went to your dormitory. But even then he tried to convince you to sneak into his dormitory. You weren’t going to try anything, though, especially with Umbridge around. This isn’t to say that you and Fred didn’t spend a lot of time together before this week, but you both had personal space and could hang out with other friends.

It was a Saturday afternoon and you were sitting in the Common Room, sharing a lounge for one that was placed in the corner.

“What’s happening?” You asked suddenly going quite serious.

“What do you mean?” Fred asked, acting confused.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with me lately and not that I don’t like it, it’s just-” But you were cut off by Fred kissing you. You relaxed and kissed back.

“Alright, I’ll be honest with you.” He sighed. “You know how George and I have been planning to leave Hogwarts early?” He asked to which you nodded. “Well, we are leaving tomorrow.” He mumbled, hoping you wouldn’t hear. You heart dropped. You assumed this was the reason he was spending more time with you, but you pushed that thought down, denying it. You just nodded, not really knowing what to say.

“Don’t worry, you only have a few more weeks and then we have each other forever, right?” He asked, a hint of fright in his voice.

“Of course.” You whispered. Like Fred said, it would only be a few weeks until you would be reunited, but it would be different considering you always have Fred by your side.

“And George and I are going to open our joke shop and there is a very small apartment above it and I was wondering if you would maybe want to move in with us? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, though.” Fred explained making you smile.

“I would love to.” You said as you hugged him closer. You stayed like that for the rest of the night until you went to your dorms. You knew this would be the last time you would be in Fred’s arms for a while.

The next morning came and you honestly didn’t know what to expect. All you knew was that it was going to be something the students and professors from Hogwarts would remember for a while. You and Fred said your goodbyes and you said goodbye to George before they did it. You didn’t want to raise any suspicion by being with them. You heard the first bang and you knew they had started and you weren’t surprised, you knew they had it in them all along. They ended their little scene and you knew you had to write Fred a letter. That night you sat in bed and wrote:

Dear Fred,

Are you insane? You could have died!

But, I was very impressed with your little plan that you have been hiding from me for the past few weeks, I knew you had it in you all along. I already miss you and it hasn’t even been a day. Although I am very sad you are gone, I am very happy that you are happy. Hope you are getting our little apartment ready, I can’t wait until the year ends. See you once school ends,

Y/N xoxo

The next morning you owled the letter. Your last few weeks at Hogwarts just didn’t feel right without Fred and your last day didn’t seem right either. You couldn’t wait until school ended so you could spend the rest of your time with Fred.

Soon the day came when you would meet Fred again as school had finally ended. As soon as you saw him, you walked quickly towards him and hugged him. You were meeting him in Diagon Alley in front of his new joke shop.

“You are so thick sometimes!” You exclaimed, happy to be in his arms again.

“Hello to you too, my love.” He said and you knew he was smirking.

“You could have died!” You exclaimed, ignoring his remark.

“But I didn’t.” He said pulling back from the hug. You shook your head and chuckled at his immature reply. You leant in and kissed him. You couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with this goofball.

619. Some Slytherins actually fought with the Order during the final battle, but knowing that their house colors could make them targets of accidental friendly fire, they transfigured their robes and ties to Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff colors.

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Harry Potter Date Ask

Alright lovelies, Valentine’s is over, but love is still in the air! I’m creating an Ask challenge for which Harry Potter character would you rather date? You may interpret that as a one time date, one night stand or a longer relationship. You may imagine the characters at whatever age suits you and you are welcome to explain your reasoning. Please make sure your Ask Box is *open* if you choose to reblog this and please send me in some numbers! A few at a time would be lovely! Have fun! 

 1. Founder? 

 2. Marauder? 

 3. Order Member? 

 4. Hogwarts Professor? 

 5. Weasley? 

 6. Harry, Ron or Hermione? 

 7. Ginny, Neville or Luna? 

 8. Draco, Pansy or Blaise? 

 9. Bill or Charlie? 

 10. Fred or George? 

 11. Dean or Seamus? 

 12. Padma or Parvati Patil? 

 13. Cho Chang or Lavender Brown? 

 14. Angelina, Alicia or Katie? 

 15. Cedric Diggory or Oliver Wood? 

 16. Viktor Krum or Fleur Delacour? 

 17. Lee Jordan or Roger Davies? 

18. Marcus Flint or Adrian Pucey? 

19. Cormac McLaggen or Zacharais Smith? 

20. Michael Corner or Theodore Nott? 

21. Anthony Goldstein or Terry Boot? 

22. Justin Finch-Fletchley or Ernie Macmillan? 

23. Susan Bones or Hannah Abbott? 

24. Colin or Dennis Creevey? 

25. Romilda Vane or Marietta Edgecombe? 

26. Crabbe, Goyle or Millicent Bulstrode? 

27. Daphne or Astoria Greengrass? 

28. Albus Severus or Scorpius Malfoy? 

 29. Rose Granger Weasley or Lily Luna Potter? 

 30. Teddy Lupin or James Sirius Potter? 

 31. Tonks or Delphi? 

 32. Bellatrix, Narcissa or Andromeda? 

 33. Sirius or Regulus? 

34. James Potter or Severus Snape? 

 35. Kingsley Shacklebolt or Rufus Scrimgeour? 

 36. Madam Rosmerta or Celestina Warbeck? 

 37. Gilderoy Lockhart or Rita Skeeter? 

38. Poppy Pomphrey or Irma Pince? 

39. Aurora Sinistra or Septima Vector? 

40. Severus Snape or Minerva McGonagall? 

41. Pomona Sprout or Filius Flitwick? 

42. Sybil Trelawney or Charity Burbage? 

43. Rolanda Hooch or Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank? 

44. Albus Dumbledore or Rubeus Hagrid? 

45. Newt Scamander or Jacob Kowalski? 

 46. Tina Goldstein or Queenie Goldstein? 

 48. Percival Graves or Seraphina Picquery? 

49. Nicolas Flamel or Merlin? 

50. Tom Riddle or Gellert Grindelwald? 

51. Firenze or Bane?