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enemies turned lover slytherin girl with cedric diggory pls lovely 💕

Okay I honestly can’t see Cedric having too many enemies at Hogwarts, you know? Like that was why his death was so grueling for everyone in school, because he was liked by mostly everyone

  • So I think that the “enemy” he would have in you would definitely be a petty one
  • Like in quidditch
  • You were the best quidditch player on the Slytherin team (although Draco would never admit that)
  • And having someone like you on the team, you’d be fiercely competitive 
  • Cedric and you would have a bit of a rivalry, which is honestly borderline flirting and teasing
  • You’d say you hate him, to which he would laugh and shake his head
  • “No you don’t Y/N. If you hated me, I’d be hexed right about now.”
  • You sent a light, teasing hex (honestly just a few sparks) his way for good measure
  • And after a while, probably just a few months before the Triwizard Tournament would be announced, you stopped your teasing and jabs at him
  • And the two of you started hanging out more, after practice and in between classes even
  • Suddenly, you realized that Cedric had not only become your friend, but you liked him
  • And that made you all flustered around him, something he quickly picked up on
  • He suspected the reason, and teased you jokingly, flirting again with you, much to your chagrin 
  • Only after a few more weeks of this, did you get tired of the back and forth and pull him into a searing kiss after a quidditch game
  • “Took you long enough, sweetheart.”
  • You just rolled your eyes as he pulled you in for another kiss 
Give me Sirius Black and a Slytherin

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  • Give me Sirius Black and a Slytherin
  • Give me a girl that confuses him from the start
  • Because she looks like money and prejudice but talks better trash than everyone in the room
  • Give me a girl that Sirius can’t ignore, because even though she’s a Slytherin, and a pure blood
  • she still makes him twitch when she looks at him and bites her lip
  • Give me a girl that Sirius fights with just so that he can stand close to her
  • A girl that cheats on exams and lets her minions do her dirty work
  • A girl that only speaks words with hard, blunt edges
  • A girl that’s everything he hates and somehow all he wants, too
  • A girl that, for all her arrogance, is brave enough to look evil in the eye and smile
  • Brave enough to stay in a poisonous, terrifying world because she knows that’s where she can make a difference
  • Because there are innocent people trapped in that world that she needs to protect
  • A girl that will catch him off guard in the night, and with a wand to his neck pass him information that could win the war
  • A girl that will kiss like a firework and leave before he can say goodbye
  • A girl that will show him there is both light and dark inside us all

Side-by-sides 😂

Howl’s moving castle AU

I had a dream of this and it was perfect and I had to draw this AND

Is there someone who would be interested in writing some Kylo’s moving castle AU? Please I need to read it 

Almost immediately got requests to do SH at Wizard World 😂 Too cute to pass up 😊✌️ (Windsor & Newton + Prang on Fabriano)