wizard of wang

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So not only does this sound great, but it’s a joke too. Jackson 5

5. I’m a magician who has been sent on a magical quest but I’m really lost and my friends all left me so please help me save the world AU 

 You walked through the market place with a map in your hands, turning it in all different directions in a desperate last measure to find out where you were. Eventually, you gave a frustrated sigh and folded it back up.

“Useless…” you mumbled as you looked around.

You had left school about a month ago with the intention of carrying out your ‘quest’. All seniors were given a quest that was vastly important, and upon completion, they would graduate from the university. You had originally set out with two of your friends – after all, every good quest included a trio.

However, about two weeks into the trek, your friends began to argue. At first it was about how fast or slow to travel, then it was about which direction to go in, and eventually, after spending two weeks with nobody to talk to but each other, they left you.

Now, you were alone and attempting to find the mystical goblet of a long-lost wizard that was said to be one of the most important and dangerous articles ever created.

You began to wonder about the safety standards your school held.

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