wizard of oz wedding

Candy Mountain” Claude Coats, 1959

In honor of Valentine’s Day, (or Anna Howard Shaw Day for you Liz Lemon fans) today we take a sweet “peak” at another never-built Disney Mountain: Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain would be built in Storybook Land, incorporating both the Casey Jr. Circus Train and the Storybook Canal Boats into its design. “Built” entirely out of candy, the petite mountain would feature a mini land within, based on the Oz books of L. Frank Baum. As guests sailed through the rock candy caverns via the canal boats, they would be welcomed to a massively delicious birthday party for Dorothy thrown by her friends in Oz. While the project was unfortunately canceled, a large tribute model of Candy Mountain can be found in the window of Trolley Treats at Disney California Adventure.

Art ©️ Disney


Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme:

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