wizard of oz land at disneyland

Abandoned Places and Nara Dreamland

By Holly Davies.

Hey lil’ creeps!! I thought this week I’d give you a bit of a break and write about something more mildly discomforting than straight up spooky. I’ve always been super interested in abandoned places, from renaissance fairs to hospitals, but especially theme parks!!

 Originally, I wanted to write about the Land of Oz, a Wizard of Oz themed park in North Carolina. I had heard so many creepy things about the weatherworn munchkin statues and evil trees whose eyes follow you as you walk down the yellow brick road. Apparently though the park is no longer abandoned, and is actually open to visitors at certain times in the year. So, still wanting to write about abandoned places, I thought I’d tell you all about Dreamland in Nara, Japan.  

 Nara Dreamland was an amusement park that opened in Japan in 1961, only 6 years after the original Disneyland. Probably the first thing that will strike you when you look at pictures from the years when it was still active, is the uncanny resemblance to the Disneyland brand – complete with a Main Street, castle, and even their version of the Matterhorn ride. Dreamland was thriving for a while but in 1983 Tokyo Disney opened and most likely because of this, Dreamland experienced a decline in popularity and subsequently closed in 2006.

 I’ve personally only been to one theme park in my life (not a fan of rollercoasters or puking kids) and that was Disneyland Paris. It’s probably been about a decade (“I’m old! Oh, I’m like the crypt keeper!!!!!” - Anna Coleman in Freaky Friday, and also me right now) since I went but what I do remember is how bright and busy it was. To see a park so similar to that, completely desolate and devoid of life is super spooky. I mean imagine if for some reason Disneyland shut down, this is probably what the park would look like. To see somewhere that brings so many people so much joy, dark and desolate like this is really chilling. Even creepier, yet not surprising, are the claims that this place is haunted!! Urban explorers who have gone to experience the broken down landscape have reported strange noises coming from the rickety boat graveyard, and disembodied voices in various places in the park. Not only this but the park features many dark, cave like tunnels containing skeletons – which I assume are mannequins… but that’s still scary!!

 That’s all from me this Spooky Saturday but if you’d like to learn more about urban exploration and abandoned places I’d recommend checking out The Proper People and Exploring With Josh on YouTube because that’s where I normally end up when I want my 1am spooky but not too spooky fix.

 The truth is out there,

 Holly <3 xxx

 [Photo Credit ( http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/gallery/abandoned-nara-dreamland-5758201 )