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The Adventure Zone photoshoot, part 1
part 1 / part 2

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Merle with Soulwood arm + flower crown: @ro-fo-sho
Merle, tall edition: @gnostferatu
Taako with blond braid and plum-colored skirt: @queerquestion
Taako with green and silver cloak: @femalemaincharacter
Taako with leopard print cloak: @trulybliss
Taako with black wave-hem skirt: @cocobutterpandart
Magnus with black leather amor: @maplehoofs
Magnus with red scarf: @bigjazzboy

The Director: @traveltigress
Angus McDonald: @bishounen-curious
Kravitz with red vest: @littlejazzboy
Kravitz with straight hair and black and white oxfords: @puzzlingprince
Kravitz with red shirt and scythe: burbanowl
Magic Brian: @wheatleylaboratories
The Raven with the Gaia Sash: @bookslegosnotherstuff

Katsucon 2017

Evolution of my Frank-N-Furter cosplay!

This next section is before I got my hair cut, so I was having wig issues. Excuse that, please.

And now, post haircut without as many wig issues. This is the last con I went to over the past weekend. I got to walk around and help my friends work their booth. More pictures will be posted/added as I find them or people find me to send them to me.

Also, I promised the admin of @velvetdarknessmadison picture from AMKE. Here you go!!!!


My new photoshoot of Newt Scamander from Fantastic beasts! I hope you like it! And share! Haha 💙✨🍃💼

For his favor

June 1997 - Malfoy Manor

Narcissa: You need to be strong not hiding away in here feeling sorry for yourself!

Narcissa: It’s your fault that he’s in this position to begin with! To have him do this-*voice cracks*

Lucius: If he does then we can finally get back into the Dark Lord’s favor.

Lucius: *slams his fist into the table: Goddammit Narcissa, we got no choice! The Dark Lord chose him for the quest.

Narcissa: *wipes her tears, straightens her clothes and turns to leave. Her masque slipping back into place.*

Lucius: *slowly watches his wife walk out before once again reaching for his glass* Just one more thing. One more thing..