wizard cosplay


wizard world philly 2017: Forsythe Pendleton Jones III 🍔👑🐍

  • crown: handmade
  • south side serpents jacket: base jacket from primark with handmade patches
  • ringer tee: h&m
  • pins: @maccosmetics x @archiecomics
  • burger purse: amazon
  • black denim skirt: american apparel
  • plaid shirt: borrowed from @jordangibson
  • suspenders: century 21
  • black tights: forever 21
  • ankle boots: forever 21

[instagram: bettyfelon]

When your true love is in Slytherin and you wanna win the house cup but you still love him desperately. ♥

Happy 20th Anniversary Harry Potter! To a series that’s been with us since we were little kids, it’s amazing to see how far the universe has expanded! Here’s a throwback to our SasuSaku HP AU that we wore to Wizarding World!


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First pictures from absolutely amazing convention called Pyrkon! As you can see, we had a great time with @sassyred-classyblack (Credence and Graves), @fennethianell (Queenie) and her friends (Newt @hobobbie and Tina). Although there were fights and some misunderstandings, we managed to unite against evil and captured Grindelwald.
Oh, and the niffler escaped again. 

PS: Nie macie pojęcia, jak bardzo cieszymy się, że poznaliśmy tak cudowne osoby. Czarny humor jednak łączy ludzi. 



The Adventure Zone photoshoot, part 1
part 1 / part 2

Please feel free to tag yourself. We can update the post to include cosplay credit, if you want. Thank you!

Merle with Soulwood arm + flower crown: @ro-fo-sho
Merle, tall edition: @gnostferatu
Taako with blond braid and plum-colored skirt: @queerquestion
Taako with green and silver cloak: @femalemaincharacter
Taako with leopard print cloak: @trulybliss
Taako with black wave-hem skirt: @cocobutterpandart
Magnus with black leather amor: @maplehoofs
Magnus with red scarf: @bigjazzboy

The Director: @traveltigress
Angus McDonald: @bishounen-curious
Kravitz with red vest: @littlejazzboy
Kravitz with straight hair and black and white oxfords: @puzzlingprince
Kravitz with red shirt and scythe: burbanowl
Magic Brian: @wheatleylaboratories
The Raven with the Gaia Sash: @bookslegosnotherstuff

Katsucon 2017


My new photoshoot of Newt Scamander from Fantastic beasts! I hope you like it! And share! Haha 💙✨🍃💼