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The proliferation of luminous fungi or iridescent crystals in deep caves where the torchlessly improvident hero needs to see is one of the most obvious intrusions of narrative causality into the physical universe
—  Terry Pratchett - The Last Continent
Puns, Supernatural references, and more

Fighter: “It’s time to play keep away with the Redcap.”

Wizard: “Acid Breath! BLEGH!”

Fighter: “Megalosaurus?”

Ranger: “Giant deer.”

Alchemist: “Does it have a name?”

Fighter: “Moose!”

Ranger: “Actually, its name is …”

DM: And now its name is Sam.

Ranger (OOC): I hate you all.

DM: “It’s Ogre Time!”

Alchemist: “It’s all Ogre for you!”

Ranger: “This case is Ogre!”

DM: I’m Ogre all these Ogre jokes.

Ranger: “It’s Ogrekill!”

Alchemist: “He doesn’t mean to be Ogrebearing.”

Wizard: “It’s a Bear Cave?”

Fighter: “How unBearable.”

Wizard: “Oh, not again!”

DM: Bear with us.

It's always awkward the first time

So I joined a campaign on Roll20, and it’s about our third session. We had gotten to level 4, and our Wizard picked the spell Enlarge/Reduce. He had forgotten to cast it during a battle with the undead, of which my Paladin (Akra, a red dragonborn) is great against. So later, he decides to cast it during a fight with orcs whom are trapped within a cave. Our wizard, casts the spell and our druid is forced to roll a dex save in order to not be crushed. He failed, and the 13’ 4" tall dragonborn (who’s trait is that she must protect her friends) accidentally crushes him a little bit. 


Me (OOC): Alright, Akra’s going to be careful and breathe fire into the hole.

DM: Roll a dex save.

Me: Alright (Rolls a 1) ….

DM: Well, Considious, Kithri, make dex checks, and Akra roll damage.

Considious: I have the most hilarious image in my mind.

DM: Alright, so Akra after you’re done, you get off the ground and realize you had crushed your two friends.

Considious: I’m going to roll for how angry my glare is.

The Wild Hunt (Adventure Time)

And here we are at the beginning of the end of Adventure Time’s final run of episodes, which will lead until the grand finale!

Although we have already been in Season 9 according to Cartoon Network, starting with Orb, the Adventure Time crew have intended this episode called “The Wild Hunt” to be the Season 9 premiere and what a fantastic episode to start out on!

During the evening, a giant monster that Princess Bubblegum calls the “Grumbo” starts to attack the Candy Kingdom and kill some of the Banana Guards!

Finn tries to slay the monster, but every time he’s about to defeat it, he feels guilt about Fern’s death from the previous episode, Three Buckets and starts to hallucinate seeing Fern’s face.

Finn ends up running into Huntress Wizard, who tries to help him get over his guilt of Fern and take down the Grumbo with him.

Finn and Huntress Wizard find the Grumbo’s cave and Finn still can’t bring himself to defeat it, to which Huntress Wizard puts herself in harm’s way and Finn imagines Huntress Wizard as Fern and end up defeating the Grumbo once and for all.

Huntress Wizard already knew that Finn is in love with her and gives her a kiss only to see Fern in her and screams.

They find out that the Grumbo was made with artificial candy and wonder who made it, to which we cut to a mysterious man, being Uncle Gumbald and plots to create another monster, which we see may be the remains of Fern he picked up from the previous episode!

This episode really was a wild adventure!

Not only was there a big battle with a giant monster that Finn had to fight, but the episode sees the return of Huntress Wizard to help Finn fight the Grumbo!

I really liked how Finn wasn’t able to get over Fern’s death so quickly and have remained a guilty part of conscience for nearly a month.

The scenes with Finn and Princess Bubblegum were great, as the joke with PB slipping on a banana peel while talking about how serious death was quite humorous and show that the series has a great mix of being both funny and serious!

It was pretty dark to see the Banana Guards getting killed by the Grumbo, but they had a lot of great lines in the beginning.

I also wanted to talk about how well-made this episode was, in terms of animation, music, action, pacing and character development!

This might be one of my recent favourite episodes, as there was definitely a bump in the animation which might’ve had to do with how Erik Fountain, the storyboard supervisor got to board a few scenes of the episode, with two other great storyboarders being Polly Guo & Sam Alden.

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Sam Alden even mentioned that this was the last episode that he worked on with Polly and it was quite the amazing episode to go out on!

Special mention to Huntress Wizard playing a great role in this episode and was quite surprised to see Finn give her a kiss after she already knew that he was in love with her.

Originally posted by regressionsimulator

I forgot this wasn’t the first they kissed, which was also in Flute Spell. However, Finn had matured with his romantic relationships ever since his breakup with Flame Princess, so as much as I really like Huntress Wizard and Finn together, I’d hope he wouldn’t make the same mistakes as before.

However, Finn sees Fern while kissing her, so it could also mean how Finn has really learned to appreciate himself after all that he’s been through.

Another one of my favourite jokes was when Finn got burned near his crotch and his voice goes unreasonably high.

Finn also ended up getting his sword burnt, to which he will probably be getting a new sword in future episodes. My guess is the one that’s in the Orb title card.

The ending really raises a lot of the questions, as to what exactly is Gumbald planning and what is his next creation going to be? I definitely don’t think that’s the last we’ve seen of Fern or the Grass Squid.

This episode was a blast and a great start to Season 9!

Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Here is Chapter 6!! Sorry in advance guys! Please don’t kill me XD I did not have the time to check for any mistake so sorry if there is any in this chapter. 

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x OC (Elentári) 

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Chapter 6: I’m scared to live but I’m scared to die

Bilbo watched as Elentári walked away from Thorin, the hobbit also watched as he saw the dwarf king look miserable for the first time since the day he met him. It was odd to see Thorin so affected by Elen’s rejection but after all, she had the right to be mad. Bilbo couldn’t believe what Thorin had said to his friend moreover when she was not a burden for the company. Elen always tried to help and she was kind and caring toward Bilbo. The elleth walked past the hobbit, her face flushed with anger and mumbling something about the stubbornness of dwarves. Bilbo followed after her as she reached Gandalf’s sides and started to look for the cave.

After a while, Thorin found the troll’s loot and everyone gathered around the entrance. The smell that came from the large cave was putrid and Bilbo decided to stay outside. However, a few dwarves, Gandalf and Elen dared to enter the cave. The dark place was full of treasure the trolls had been hoarding, it was impressive but Elen did not care as she tried not to puck because of the smell.  

“Oh, what’s that stench?!” Nori asked as he covered his nose and mouth with his hand.

“It’s a troll hoard. Be careful what you touch.” Gandalf answered, looking as disgusted by the smell as the others.

As they enter the cave deeper, many of the dwarves coughed and retched at the pungency of the cave but inside, they found piles of gold coins and other treasures in caskets. Those abandoned richness caught Bofur’s attention.

“Seems a shame just to leave it lyin’ around. Anyone could take it.” He said as he nudged some gold coins with his foot.

“Agreed.” Gloin piped in then turned to Nori. “Nori, get a shovel.”

At the same time, Thorin, Elentári and Gandalf explored deeper. Elen wandered at the opposite side of the cave, avoiding Thorin at all costs but the dwarf king found two swords covered in cobwebs and the swords caught Elen’s eyes. Gandalf approached the dwarf with curiosity.

“These swords were not made by any troll.” Thorin’s deep voice said as he handed one sword to Gandalf and kept the other one in his hands. Thorin observed the sword with interest and Elen approached Gandalf.

“Gandalf… Those are no simple swords…” The elleth breathed out in awe.

“Nor were they made by any smith among men.” Gandalf added as he drew the sword in his hand out of its sheath a few inches. “These were forged in Gondolin by the High Elves of the First Age.” Elen nodded her head, her eyes still focused on the blade.

Realizing that they are Elven swords, Thorin started to put away the one in his hands in disgust. Elen’s eyes widen at his action and she scoffed.  

“You could not wish for a finer blade.” Gandalf told Thorin in an exasperated tone. Reluctantly, Thorin held on to the sword. He drew it out of its sheath a few inches as well and observed it.

Elentári glared at him then quickly stormed out of the cave. ‘This dwarf will never change.’ She thought as she reached the top of the cave and went to sit next to Fili and Kili. In the meantime, some of the dwarves filled a chest with treasures and gold, then burried it in a hole in the ground near the entrance of the cave. As he saw them, Dwalin looked on in disappointment, his arms crossed over his chest.

“We’re makin’ a long-term deposit.” Gloin explained, earning a roll of Dwalin’s eyes as Thorin finally rushed past them to exit the cave.

“Let’s get out of this foul place. Come on, let’s go. Bofur! Gloin! Nori!” He called as he climbed the stairs that lead out of the cavern.

On his way out, Gandalf stepped on something metallic. Brushing aside the leaves beneath him with his staff, he found another sword. A much smaller one. The wizard exited the cave and headed over to where Bilbo was sitting alone. The hobbit looked up at Gandalf as the wizard handed him the sword he has just found.

“Bilbo.” Gandalf called, taking the hobbit out of his reveries.


“Here. This is about your size.” Gandalf said as he handed the sword to Bilbo who looked completely confused.

“I can’t take this.” Bilbo said after observing the sword in his hands.

“The blade is of Elvish make which means it will glow blue when orcs or goblins are nearby.” Gandalf answered, trying to convince the hobbit.

“I have never used a sword in my life.” Bilbo whispered as he looked around, afraid for the dwarves to hear. Gandalf smiled at his friend and bent down slightly.

“And I hope you never have to. But if you do, remember this: true courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.” Bilbo looked at Gandalf, his mind registering what the wizard had just said when Thorin’s worried voice shouted near them.

“Something’s coming!” The king warned at the same time as Elen. The elleth rolled her eyes as Thorin looked at her in surprise.

“Gandalf­” Bilbo stuttered in fear.

“Stay together! Hurry now. Arm yourselves.” Gandalf told the company as he ran ahead with Elen right behind him.

Bilbo slowly drew his sword and looked at it for several seconds before he finally followed the others, who have run off into the woods. Elen ran ahead, her ears listening closely to the sound. It wasn’t any kind of orc or creature. It was… it was a sled.

“A sled?” She asked out loud, making Thorin look at her as if she was crazy.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Radagast rode at full speed through the forest on his rabbit­drawn sled and pulled up short by the Company, screaming and shouting.

“Thieves! Fire! Murder!” The brown wizard shouted as he stopped in the middle of the company. The dwarves were ready to fight and Thorin drew his new sword but Elen gripped his forearms to stop him. Thorin wiped his head to look at the elleth in wonder. Elen kept her eyes focused on Radagast but shook her head ‘no’ at the dwarf king.

“Radagast! Radagast the Brown.” Gandalf quickly warned the dwarves, making them all groan in annoyance but also in relief. “Ah. What on earth are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you, Gandalf. Something’s wrong. Something’s terribly wrong.” Radagast said, his voice laced with worry and fear.

“Yes?” Gandalf inquired, sharing a look with Elen who simply shrugged and waited for Radagast to calm down. The odd wizard opened his mouth to speak, but shut it. He opened his mouth again, but closed it once again.

“Take your time, Radagast.” Elentári piped in nicely as she saw the scowling faces of the impatient dwarves.

“Oh, just give me a minute. Um, oh, I had a thought, and now I’ve lost it. It was, it was right there, on the tip of my tongue.” Radagast said in irritation, then he curled up his tongue, and looked surprised. Elen raised an eyebrow as she saw something in his mouth.

“Oh, it’s not a thought at all; it’s a silly old…” The brown wizard said and Gandalf pulled a stick insect out of his mouth. “­stick insect!”

The dwarves and Bilbo looked flustered and very confused but Elen only laughed at the gentle but odd wizard. Radagast and Gandalf went off a few paces to speak in private and the company gathered in the small clearing they were actually in waiting for the wizard. Elen looked at the two wizards, wondering what they were talking about when someone cleared their throat. She turned around to be surprised to see Thorin’s deep blue eyes staring at her. He was really close. Too close.

“Hm… You’re still gripping on my arm…” Thorin suddenly said a bit embarrassed. Elen’s eyes widen then fell on her hand that was indeed still gripping Thorin’s forearm tightly.

“Oh!” Elen’s cheeks turned bright red and she quickly let go of the king’s arm. “Sorry…” She mumbled and turned around to leave but not before hearing Thorin’s reply.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for.” He mumbled, rubbing his arm where Elen’s hand had been just a few seconds before.

Elen blushed even more as she made her way toward Bilbo and past Balin who looked at her with a knowing smirk. She would never admit that she secretly loved the way his muscles shifted under his thick sleeve or how the warmth of his skin radiated through the leather of his coat. Elen shook her head and clenched her fist, trying to make the tingling on her skin stop. She had to stay focus, only a few minutes before she was yelling at Thorin telling him to never touch her again and now… She couldn’t get her hands off of him?! Elen groaned in disappointment in herself.

“The Greenwood is sick, Gandalf. A darkness has fallen over it. Nothing grows any more, at least nothing good. The air is foul with decay. But worst are the webs.” Elentári heard Radagast say.

“Webs? What do you mean?” Gandalf asked worriedly.

“Spiders, Gandalf. Giant ones. Some kind of spawn of Ungoliant, or I am not a Wizard. I followed their trail. They came from Dol Guldur.”

“Dol Guldur? But the old fortress is abandoned.” The Grey wizard exclaimed.

“No, Gandalf, it is not.”

‘Dol Guldur?’ Elen thought, wondering what this was all about.

“What are they talking about?” A gentle voice asked from next to the elleth. Elen looked down slightly to see Bilbo sat next to her, watching the wizards as well.

“Spiders…” Elen simply answered, earning a confused and curious frown from Bilbo. Gandalf and Radagast kept talking and Elen listened. She was scared to say that what Radagast had seen in the abandoned fortress was not a good sign at all. This kind of darkness couldn’t be a good sign for Middle Earth. Elen saw Radagast pull out a cloth­wrapped package from under his cloak and hand it to Gandalf. The woman frowned as Gandalf untied it and opened it; upon seeing its contents, the wizard looked concerned and Elen felt an old and ancient kind of darkness fill the air around them.

“That is not from the world of the living.” Radagast said.

“I don’t like that…” Elen whispered only for Bilbo to hear but before Bilbo could ask her what she meant, a howl was heard in the distance. Elen blinked several times and shot up to her feet. The dwarves looking around them with their weapons ready.

“Was that a wolf? Are there… are there wolves out there?” Bilbo asked, stuttering.

“Wolves? No, that is not a wolf.” Bofur answered him as Elen grabbed the sword tied on he back.

Suddenly, Elen wiped around and she tensed. From behind a nearby crag, a Warg appeared; it leapt into the midst of the Company, knocking down one of the dwarves. Elen pushed Bilbo aside and stepped before him with her sword ready. The warg turned and growled at Elen but Thorin struck quickly and killed the warg using Orcrist. Elen looked up at Thorin with surprise and their eyes met but another Warg attacked from the other side; Kili shot it with an arrow, bringing it down behind Thorin. However, it got back up and tried to attack Thorin but at the same time as Dwalin, Elen jumped forward and drove her sword into the Warg’s skull. Thorin wiped his head to look at his friend and at the elleth with wide eyes. Elen took her sword off the Warg and smirked at Dwalin who looked unpleased to share his kill with her.

“Warg­Scouts! Which means an Orc pack is not far behind.” Thorin stated, his eyes still focused on Elen. The elf had saved him at the same time as Dwalin. Even after what he said to her, the elleth had tried to keep him safe.

“Orc pack?” Bilbo asked, worriedly as Gandalf approached.

“Who did you tell about your quest, beyond your kin?” The wizard asked Thorin, his voice waving with anger and agitation.

“No one.” Thorin answered with confusion.

“Who did you tell?” Gandalf raised his voice.

“No one, I swear.” Thorin said defensively.

“Gandalf!” Elen raised her voice. “He said nothing! We need to go, now!” The elleth glared at the wizard, feeling quite annoyed to lose some precious time like this.

“What in Durin’s name is going on?” Thorin asked the wizard, taking a step forward.

“You are being hunted.” Gandalf sighed then glanced at Elen. The elleth was looking around the company, her eyes scanning the horizon.

“There’s too many…” She muttered.

“We have to get out of here.” Dwalin piped in, gripping his axe tightly but Ori stepped forward in fright.

“We can’t! We have no ponies; they bolted.” The young dwarf told the company. ‘Shadowfax…’ Elen thought, suddenly worried for her friend.

“I’ll draw them off.” Radagast said, seing no other way out for the company and the elleth.

“These are Gundabad Wargs; they will outrun you.” Gandalf disagreed but the brown wizard smiled proudly at the other wizard’s words.

“These are Rhosgobel Rabbits; I’d like to see them try.”

Elen looked at Radagast as he got himself ready. She approached him and looked up as the gentle wizard looked down at her with a smile.

“Be careful, Radagast.” She said, giving him a small sad smile.

“Do not worry about me, my lady. I can handle a few orcs.” Elen chuckled at his words and nodded her head then stepped aside to let him go.

In the meanwhile, Thorin observed the elleth and the wizard. He was close enough to hear their conversation and he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at how Radagast had called her. ‘My lady?’ He thought, Elentári was a simple elf maiden… not or lady. Thorin was even more confused as his eyes landed on the sword on Elen’s back. He saw it once when she attacked the trolls and once again now but he couldn’t understand how it was possible. Thorin knew who forged that sword, but it was simply impossible.

The dwarves gathered at the edge of the woods while Yazneg, the orc leader of the Warg Riders, and his Wargs were searching through the forest for them. Suddenly, Radagast and his rabbits shot out of the forest and in a flash the Orcs and Wargs were chasing him. Radagast laughed as his plan worked.

“Come and get me! Ha ha!” He exclaimed, looking behind his shoulder.

Gandalf and Elen watched from behind a rock as Radagast and the Wargs disappeared in the distance. Elen shared a look with the wizard and nodded her head before running ahead of the company.

“Come on!” Gandalf called for the dwarves to move and the company rushed across a rocky plain.

Elen waited behind a rock as the company joined her, she looked in the distance to see Radagast being chased by the Wargs. One of them crashed while trying to catch him and Elen smirked. The wizard could truly handle those orcs.

As the Company ran across the plain, they saw the Wargs not too far from them. Elen gasped and grabbed Bilbo who was running next to her to hide behind the rocks. The company join her and the hobbit who looked up in fright at Elen. The elleth squeezed his shoulder and smiled, trying to give him courage. Gandalf looked in the distance to see if they could move.

“Stay together.” The wizard whispered.

“Move!” Thorin ordered and the company kept running. Elen looked at Thorin as she ran past him, their eyes met and the King felt a weird pull at his heart. Something was going to happen.

As the Company ran, Radagast drove his sled beneath an overhanging projection of rock; he ducks, but the Orc on the Warg behind him got knocked off. Elen smiled as she heard the commotion Radagast was creating as the chase continued. Suddenly, Thorin stopped behind a rock, seeing the Wargs too close but Ori ran out of the cover. Elentári and Bilbo gasped at the same time but hopefully Thorin grabbed Ori by his collar and pulled him back under the protection of the rock.

“Ori, no! Come back!” Thorin exclaimed as he grabbed him. The company waited for a while then Gandalf checked once again and nodded at the company.

“Come on! Quick!”

The dwarves continued running but Thorin stayed behind and turned to Gandalf as Elen stepped next to the wizard.

“Where are you leading us?” Thorin asked suspiciously, making the woman roll her eyes and Gandalf glare at him then move past the dwarf as he doesn’t answer. Thorin glanced at Elen then gestured for her to follow the others, not wanting to leave her at the back without protection. Elen ignored him and start to run behind Gandalf.

As the Warg scouts chased Radagast, one of them suddenly stopped and scented the air. Elen stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide.

“Take cover!” She whisper-shouted at the company and they all looked confused until Gandalf sensed the warg scout too.

The dwarves all took cover behind an outcropping of rock. Elen squeezed herself between Bilbo and Thorin, trying to calm her heart down as it hammered against her chest. She shared a look with Bilbo who looked terrified then grabbed her sword at her hips and sighed to focus. The elleth closed her eyes and listened to the scout and his Warg. They appeared on top of the outcropping they were hiding behind, scenting the air. Thorin looked at Kili and nodded his head. The look in the leader’s eyes left no choice at the poor young brunette dwarf. Bilbo squeezed Elen’s forearm to catch her attention as Kili readied an arrow. Elen opened her eyes and understood what Kili was trying to do but before she could stop him the younger Durin brother quickly stepped out and shot the Warg. However, his arrow hit the Warg’s shoulder blade and it let out a huge roar. Elen’s eyes widen but Kili quickly shot another arrow that made the Warg and the orc fell near the dwarves. Some of them quickly jumped and attacked it. Elen watched as the finally killed the orc and its beast but she shook her head as the sounds of their fight was carried quite far. Far enough for the other Wargs and Orcs to hear. They stopped chasing Radagast as they hear roars and screams from behind the rocks and Elen’s breathed hitched in her throat.

“They heard us…” She muttered, only Bilbo and Thorin heard her.

“The Dwarf­scum are over there! After them!” Elen heard the Orc’s leader hiss in his horrible language. The Warg scouts howled as they stopped pursuing Radagast and they began pursuing the Company.

“Move. Run!” Gandalf shouted, now not caring to keep his voice low. The company ran through a grassy plain; Wargs began to surround them from all sides. The elleth stopped and tightened her grip on her sword as she looked around her. Bilbo stayed behind the dwarves, not knowing what to do.

“There they are!” Gloin warned.

“This way! Quickly!” Gandalf lead them through the plain as they all ran for a while longer, then halted in a clearing as they saw Wargs on all sides. ‘We’re stuck.’ Elen thought and groaned as she tensed.

“There’s more coming!” Kili screamed and Elen ran next to him as the young dwarf was a bit too away from the other to her liking.

“Kili! Shoot them!” Elen heard Thorin shout from behind them.

Looking around, Gandalf saw a large rock and he quickly recognized it. He ran toward it and disappeared. The wizard disappeared into thin air as the dwarves started to get more and more agitated.

“We’re surrounded!” Fili screamed as he came back from his quick scout ahead.

Kili began to shoot at the Wargs and the Warg­riders, killing some of them. Elen was by his side, ready to fight.

“Where is Gandalf?” The brunette dwarf next to her asked.

“He has abandoned us!” Dwalin roared, accusing the wizard.

“Nonsense!” Elen shouted back, knowing that her dearest friend would abandon them so easily.

The dwarves gathered close to each other near the rock Gandalf disappeared by. As Yazneg and his Warg approached, Ori shot a rock at Yazneg with his slingshot, to no effect. Thorin pulled out his sword and stared at Elen’s back. He didn’t like the fact that Kili and her were far from the rest of the company.

“Hold your ground!” Thorin shouted to his friends as he readied himself but suddenly, Gandalf popped up from a crack in the rock.

“This way, you fools!” The wizard exclaimed before disappearing once again by the rock. Thorin ran and looked down the rock to see a secret passageway, his head wiped to the side and he called for everyone.

“Come on, move! Quickly, all of you! Go, go, go!”

As the Wargs approach, the dwarves and Bilbo slid into the large crack in the rock, sliding into a cave. A warg approached Thorin and tried to attack him but the King killed it easily with a slide of his sword. Kili shot another another orc and kept shooting with Elen by his side.

“Kili, we have to go!” Elen said, her body shifting to look behind.

“Kili! Elen! Run!” Thorin screamed and finally Kili turned away to run but at the same time Elen saw the orc he was about to shoot a second before raise his arm. Elen’s body moved out of instinct as the orc threw his sword at Kili’s back but instead of hitting the young dwarf, the sword came rushing at Elen. The elleth gasped as she looked down, pain gripping her entire being as she saw the sword driven deep in her side. Kili turned around and his eyes went wide but Elen mastered all her strength and turned to follow him. Her hand pulled the sword out off her skin and pushed hard against the wound.

“Run Kili! Don’t look back I’m right behind you!” Elen said as she pushed Kili forward. The young dwarf looked skeptical but ran ahead, looking behind at Elen every two seconds.

They quickly joined Thorin before the rock and Kili jumped into the crack. Elen’s legs were heavy, she had more and more difficulties to move. Her hand was drenched in blood but she tried to ignore it. Thorin’s eyes landed on her and his heart stopped for a second. Thorin made a move to come closer but right as he was about to reach her a high sound pierced the air around them and Elen screamed in pain.

“No!” Thorin screamed as he saw the arrow pierce through the back of Elentári’s left shoulder. The elleth’s eyes widen, pain evident on her features.

She knew that she was too far from the rock to reach it without putting Thorin in danger, the Orcs were too close. She looked at Thorin, her eyes filled with tears as she knew what she had to do. The time seemed to slow down as she heard Thorin’s voice scream her name. She saw him start to run in her direction, fear in his eyes. Elen’s legs shook as she raised her right arm slowly in the air. With the last bit of strength she had left, Elentári pushed Thorin back, a huge wave of white light escaping her hand. Thorin’s eyes widen as he felt the light push him backward and into the crack with the other dwarves. Elen sighed, and her eyes closed as a soft smile appeared on her lips through the pain. He was safe, that’s all that mattered for her.

The elleth’s legs gave way and she fell on her knees, her breathing shallow and rapid. Black spots started to cover her vision and Elen fell on he side. ‘Is this it? Is it how it ends?’ Elentári thought as she closed her eyes. She slowly accepted her fate as she heard Thorin’s voice scream from far away. In the crack, the dwarves were trying to hold the king back as he tried to climb back up to help Elen.

“We can’t leave her alone!” Thorin screamed but Gandalf stopped him once again as he tried to go past him.  

Just as Yazneg and his Wargs reach the Elen’s unconscious body, an Elvish horn sounded in the plain making the dwarves jump and Thorin look up in confusion. A group of mounted Elves rushed into the fray, shooting and spearing the Wargs and Orcs. The Company listened to the conflict from inside the crack. Thorin groaned in impatience but suddenly one of the orcs, shot by an arrow, fell into the cave. The dwarves jumped and readied their weapons but the orc was dead. Thorin advanced through the company and plucked out the arrow and examined its make.

“Elves.” Thorin hissed in disgust and threw the arrow on the ground. Gandalf sighed out in relief as he understood who had saved them and consequently, who had found Elentári.

“Gandalf, we have to help Elen.” Kili suddenly said and Thorin looked up at the wizard with dark eyes.

“We cannot help her, Kili. We wouldn’t be able to heal her wounds, she might die if…” Gandalf started but Thorin stopped him with a shout.

“We cannot leave her alone! Gandalf, she will die! She might as well be dead already!”

“This is why she is in better hands with the elves right now!” Gandalf said, raising his voice. Thorin looked down for a moment and tried to calm down, the company looked around at each other in worry but finally Thorin sighed and glared at Gandalf one last time. “We do not have the choice Thorin. Elentári is one of my dearest friend, I wouldn’t leave her in the hands of fools. I know that those elves are her best chance.”

Thorin sighed but he had no other choice. He could see that his friends looked at him with questioning looks at why he cared so much for the elleth. They all cared but Thorin’s behavior was truly odd. There was a pathway at the end of the cave, leading away, to a place unknown. Dwalin wandered in the cave and brought Thorin out of his daze.

“I cannot see where the pathway leads. Do we follow it or no?” The warrior asked.

“Follow it, of course!” Bofur exclaimed before anyone could protest, even Thorin. The dwarves started to follow Dwalin and Bofur, Gandalf staying behind with Bilbo.

“I think that would be wise.” Gandalf mumbled, only Bilbo noticed the wizard comment.

The Company began to follow the path. It was quite narrow, and the path was actually a crack between two tall cliffs. At times, the dwarves had great difficulties going through the narrow pathway. Thorin couldn’t help but worry, Elen’s hurt face, her hands red from her own blood haunted his mind. He had to see her, he had to see her alive and well. His heart clenched and he felt sick, his throat tightened and a strong feeling of grief gripped his heart. Thorin knew at this instant that if he lost her, if he lost Elentári, he would never love again.  

The pathway eventually opened out into an open area; there was a valley below, and in that valley, was the city of Rivendell.

“The Valley of Imraldis. In the Common Tongue, it’s known by another name.” Gandalf said as the dwarves looked at the city in awe.

“Rivendell.” Bilbo breathed out, looking at the landscape with an admirative smile.

“Here lies the last Homely House east of the sea.” Gandalf said but Thorin’s anger boiled.

“This was your plan all along, to seek refuge with our enemy.” The dwarf king hissed.

“You have no enemies here, Thorin Oakenshield. The only ill­will to be found in this valley is that which you bring yourself.” Gandalf answered, making Bilbo look between the wizard and the dwarf feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“You think the Elves will give our quest their blessing? They will try to stop us.” Thorin asked Gandalf but in reality, that was more a statement than a question.

“Of course they will. But we have questions that need to be answered. If we are to be successful, this will need to be handled with tact and respect and no small degree of charm. Which is why you will leave the talking to me. Moreover, if you want to see Elentári again you will have to follow me.” Gandalf said and started to walk toward the elven city as Thorin looked down in resilience.

If this was the only way to see her again… Thorin would deal with the elves of Rivendell.

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A character analysis of Fíli, written in my blood, probably.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why Fíli is my favorite character, I would be rich enough to buy the rights to The Hobbit movies, re-write the ending and let the Durins live, as they deserved.

I made longer post back in September in which I tried to explain just why I love Fíli so much. But by popular demand, and because after The Battle of the Five Armies there’s just so much more to talk about, I decided to write an updated version of my “Fíli is the light of my life and must be protected at all costs” meta.

So, below the cut you can find the character analysis that I should attach to all my applications because it’s the fucking greatest thing I will ever write.

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Half of me wants to see the whole world and everything it has to offer.

…the other half wants to run off into the mountains and be a hermit cave wizard for the rest of my life